Thursday, August 24, 2006

Robert The Barbie Doll Designer Is Sent Home On PROJECT RUNWAY

By Elaine James

After last week′s recycling center challenge, the remaining contestants were ready to using fabric instead of trash for their fashions. Little did they know that they would be using a lot more fabric than usual this week.

Heidi announced to the designers that for their next challenge, they would be designing for the "everyday women." As the models came onto the runway, the contestants didn′t see their size 2 catwalkers, instead they saw their mothers and sisters walk out. They would be designing for their family. Their bubbles were popped when they found out that they wouldn′t be designing for their own family, but would have to choose their models.

The choosing of models went as follows:

Laura - Jeffrey′s mom
Uli - Kayne′s mom
Vincent - Uli′s mom
Kayne - Michael′s mom
Angela - Vincent′s mom
Robert - Patricia′s sister
Michael - Robert′s sister
Jeffery - Angela′s mom

After getting to know their models, and concepting ideas, the contestants along with their family were invited to a garden party with their surprise guest judge for the week. When they arrived, they found regular judge Michael Kors, standing next to his mother, Joan Kors, who was this week′s guest judge.

During the party we found out that contestant Laura has discovered this week that she was pregnant. The 42-year-old mother of 5 regretted telling her mother on national television that she was working on number 6, stating that she still hadn′t told her husband yet.

Back in the design studio, the designers were struggling with the problems of not knowing how to design for the larger woman. While the designers tried to come up with fashionable looks for the moms, they had a hard time trying to depart from the traditional Muumuu dress and colorful jacket.

While Jeffrey had a certain look in mind for Angela′s mom, she had other ideas. She expressed her disappointment to Time Gunn while Jeffrey wasn′t around. Jeffrey got defensive as he felt that she was going out of her way to make him look bad. With feelings hurt, Angela′s mom left crying, upset with the whole experience.

Most of the designers were unable to hit the mark with making their everyday woman look fashionable with flattering outfits. In the end, Robert once again disappointed the judges with a boring outfit that wasn′t fashion forward. Robert Best, the Barbie doll designer from Hollywood was sent home for his lack of effort towards his designs.