Friday, August 25, 2006

MIDNIGHT MONEY MADNESS - A Late-Night Call-In Game Show Premieres Monday

TBS′s New Late-Night Call-In Game Show MIDNIGHT MONEY MADNESS To Premiere Monday, August 28

MIDNIGHT MONEY MADNESS, TBS′s new interactive game show that brings the spontaneity of radio call-in shows to television by featuring games that viewers can play by calling in, text-messaging or logging on to the internet live to compete for cash prizes.

Each Monday-Thursday at midnight (ET/PT), MIDNIGHT MONEY MADNESS will be presented in two separate live presentations, one for the East Coast and one for the West Coast. Each episode will feature six to eight games, with viewers invited to participate interactively by registering their phone numbers via premium SMS text-messaging, premium call-in, or the internet. Once registered, players may be called back for a chance to play live on the air. In addition, all text-message and premium call players will receive show-branded entertainment on their handsets throughout the course of the show. In addition to the money-making opportunities for viewers, MIDNIGHT MONEY MADNESS will be interspersed with celebrity drop-ins.

MIDNIGHT MONEY MADNESS is hosted by Danny Seckel and Jeri Lee Bonner.

Sample Games:
In addition to traditional picture games and word puzzles, games will include the following: Picture Cover-Up, in which a celebrity′s photo is uncovered piece-by-piece until a viewer can identify the celebrity; Say What You See, a rebus-type puzzle featuring a set of photos that represent a particular celebrity; If I Only Had a Baby With..., in which a morphed photo shows the child a celebrity might have with one of the two hosts; Five Famous..., in which the viewer is asked to name five items that fit a particular criteria; and Gargle-o-Kee, featuring one of the hosts gargling the tune to a popular song that the viewer has to guess.