Friday, September 30, 2005

Fox Reality Announces New REALITY REMIX Reality TV Show

Fox Networks Group´s latest cable and satellite network Fox Reality has named Natural 9 Entertainment to produce their first original series REALITY REMIX it was announced by David Lyle, Chief Operating Officer and General Manager of Fox Reality and Carol Sherman, Chief Executive Officer and founder, Natural 9 Entertainment. REALITY REMIX premieres Monday, October 24 at 7:30pm and 11:30pm ET.

REALITY REMIX, a daily half-hour show, is the ultimate guide to all things reality. Featuring an irreverent host (to be announced), REALITY REMIX will cover each day´s news and events along with the latest action in the reality and unscripted programming world. As the central source, the show includes feature segments including popular reality stars past and present, reviews of top reality programs previous night´s events, upcoming highlights for the most popular reality programs and on-the-street interviews with viewers about their favorite reality programs. Also featured are behind-the-scenes footage and other material exclusive to REALITY REMIX.

"There is now so much exciting reality going on...both on screen and behind the scenes that each day we will bring you the latest, weird wonderful and ´I don´t believe it´ from all the world of reality," said Lyle in making the announcement.

"The series will focus on all reality shows across U.S broadcast and cable, and the international market. It´s a daily television celebration of all things reality", stated executive producer Carol Sherman.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

CBS Announces THE AMAZING RACE FANTASY GAME - Win $250.00 In Gas

Have recent gas prices put a pinch in your wallet?

Play along with THE AMAZING RACE FANTASY GAME for the next thirteen weeks and you could win a $250 BP Gas Card!

Each week, select the Team that you think will make it to the mat first in the next new episode of THE AMAZING RACE.

Those who correctly select the first place Team will be entered in a drawing for a chance to win a $250 BP Gas Card. If your Team doesn't finish first, just pick a new Team for next week's competition and before you know it you'll be filling up your gas tank for free courtesy of BP.

Contest details can be found at

REALITY RACING Offers A Chance Of Reality TV Stardom With NASCAR

Reality Racing, Inc. CEO and Executive Producer Patrick J. Schaefer today announced the first television taping associated with the company´s upcoming weekly reality television program. REALITY RACING - THE ROOKIE CHALLENGE, scheduled for United States network television airing in early 2006, offers amateur race car drivers the opportunity to compete against other amateur drivers for the chance to drive for a team in a race series sanctioned by NASCAR. The first taping will be held in Nashville, Tennessee on October 15, 2005 as a rookie driver competes for the first time in a major ASA series race.

According to Schaefer, "Our show gives people, who believe they have what it takes to be a professional race car driver, the chance to live their dream by not only competing against other drivers of similar experience, but knowing that the winner of REALITY RACING - THE ROOKIE CHALLENGE will be given the opportunity to actually drive professionally as a member of an established, NASCAR sanctioned series race team."

Information can be obtained by viewing the Reality Racing website at

Monday, September 26, 2005

The Winners Possibly Leaked In THE AMAZING RACE 8 Reality Show

For the second time in six months, has announced that wagering on reality television series THE AMAZING RACE has been halted because it suspects the winners have been leaked. The show is scheduled to begin on September 27 on CBS.

Odds makers at the world´s largest sportsbook and casino have witnessed irregular betting patterns on the Linz Family. A large number of wagers have recently come in on these contestants. What is suspicious is that all the bets have come from Ohio, the state the Linz Family is from, and all have been for the maximum allowable wagers.

On March 9, 2005, noticed almost identical betting trends on contestants Uchenna and Joyce, in what was the last installment of the popular reality television series. halted wagering immediately as it suspected the winning couple had been leaked and that those with inside information had been placing the bets. As it turned out, Uchenna and Joyce did indeed win THE AMAZING RACE, confirming´s suspicions.

"There´s always a risk with these shows that information will leak and certain people will try to take advantage of it," said Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, "We decided to offer odds again this year because that's what the majority of our customers wanted. Reality Television is a big part of our business, but in the spirit of fairness we can no longer accept any wagers on this particular show." will honor any bets already placed on this year´s series and continues to offer odds on other reality television programs, including SURVIVOR, THE APPRENTICE and THE APPRENTICE - MARTHA STEWART

Sunday, September 25, 2005

AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL Premiere Best Ever In Ratings

The two-hour, fifth cycle premiere of AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL lifted UPN to second place on Wednesday from 8-10PM among adults 18-34 (3.0/9), women 18-34 (4.7/13), women 18-49 (3.5/8), behind only ABC. UPN beat FOX and the WB from 8-10pm in adults 18-49 (2.3/6).

Wednesday´s two-hour TOP MODEL scored its best premiere ever in adults 18-34 (3.0/9), women 18-34 (4.7/13), women 18-49 (3.5/8), and matches its best premiere ratings ever in adults 18-49 (2.3/6).

The TOP MODEL premiere gave UPN its best Wednesday night (8-10pm) ever among women 18-34 (4.7/13).

The first hour of TOP MODEL beat the debut of MARTHA STEWART on NBC head-to-head (8-9pm) in adults 18-34 (2.7/9 v. 2.0/7) and women 18-34 (4.3/12 v. 2.8/8).

The TOP MODEL premiere also scored double digit increases vs. premiere night a year ago in all key demos, including +52% in viewers (4.8mil), +67% in adults 18-34, +64% in adults 18-49, +68% in women 18-34 and +75% women 18-49.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

ROCK STAR: INXS Props Up For Auction On eBay

Concert halls and stadiums around the world get ready for a "New Sensation" as the winner of the hit CBS show ROCK STAR: INXS takes his place as the new lead singer for the superstar band. On September 20, the world learned that J.D. Fortune will take the reins as the new front man for rock band INXS. While J.D. will lead the band on their upcoming world tour - fans can also be a part of the action. ROCK STAR: INXS has partnered with the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation to offer exclusive musical instruments and memorabilia from the show on eBay, The World´s Online Marketplace®. The charity listings are already up on eBay and will remain through September 30. All proceeds will benefit the Foundation to help create a healthier future for children worldwide.

"We are so pleased that we are able to offer the instruments and other items from ROCK STAR: INXS to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation," said ROCK STAR: INXS executive producer and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation board member Mark Burnett. "I am proud that we have been able to continue to help raise awareness of the foundation´s critical efforts and provide vital funding. I am excited to add to the contributions that our shows have been able to raise to date."

Outbid Other Rock Star: INXS Fans

ROCK STAR: INXS began with the 15 contestants walking onstage and giving it their all for renowned rock guitarist Dave Navarro and all the members of INXS, just the opening chapter of a season that, week after week, featured emotional and amazing live performances. Now, there´s just one last chance to perform: Compete to own more than 125 one-of-a-kind items from the hit show. Just a few of the prized items available for auction include:

* Signed Roland keyboard
* Signed Gibson electric and acoustic guitars
* Wardrobe pieces worn by the cast
* Signed and pre-loaded Dell Media Players
* And much more

Log onto eBay Rock Stars Auctions to make the winning bid and become the lucky owner of priceless items from ROCK STAR: INXS. The charity auctions will run on eBay until Friday, September 30, with new items added daily. All proceeds will benefit the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Daytime Reality Show STARTING OVER Announces Season Three Cast

STARTING OVER, the real-life daytime drama from NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution and Bunim-Murray Productions (THE REAL WORLD, THE SIMPLE LIFE), will launch its traditional all-female format on October 6, which it will maintain for the rest of the 2005-2006 season.

"Once again the STARTING OVER cast of women has goals and challenges that the daytime audience can relate to and learn from," said Jon Murray, Chairman of Bunim-Murray Productions and Executive Producer STARTING OVER. "The result will be compelling shows that entertain and also inform."

The women entering the STARTING OVER house will include:

ALLISON (38) Charlotte, NC: A favorite from the second season of STARTING OVER, Allison is a breast cancer survivor who educated and inspired the daytime audience with her courageous decision to share the emotional and physical effects of her illness and its treatment. She returns for season three for support in dealing with the emotional choices she was forced to make after taking a controversial genetic test as part of her treatment. However, upon her arrival in the house she is faced with a whole new set of challenges she did not expect.

CHRISTINA (20) Greensboro, NC: Married at the age of 16, Christina soon found she needed a quick way to support her family. With no high school diploma, she headed down a dangerous road which she now knows was a mistake. Separated from her husband, Christina wants STARTING OVER to show her how to attain a more honorable life for herself and for her son.

JESSICA (26) Hoboken, NJ: Jessica hopes STARTING OVER will help her to come to terms with everything that has happened since her tragic loss on 9/11, especially a decision by her father that feels like a betrayal.

JILL (40) Miami, FL: A popular former radio talk show host, Jill´s world has fallen apart. Her fall from grace was public and spectacular. Now, with no job, no man, and a mouth she can not keep shut, she has turned to STARTING OVER for help in making sense out of the chaos of her life.

LISA (40) Miami, FL: Vivacious and spoiled, Lisa has been a party girl, living the high life on several continents courtesy of other people´s money. With her fortieth birthday, it became clear that her party is just about over. She wants to rely on her inner resources to change her life, but she is not sure that she has any. She hopes STARTING OVER will help her to make major changes; starting with redefining her symbiotic relationship with her over-indulgent parents.

TJ (38) Denver, CO: TJ seems to rub everyone the wrong way except her loving and supportive husband. She has no friends, no social life, and is filled with loneliness. She believes that the STARTING OVER house may be her last chance to learn how to control her impulses and connect with another human being. The question is: Can she meet her goal before she drives the other women in the house crazy?

A revolutionary program, STARTING OVER shows the natural drama of women changing their lives for the better. Because its cast stays in the house for weeks or months at a time, STARTING OVER covers issues with a depth that no other program can match. Life coaches Rhonda Britten and Iyanla Vanzant are joined by Psychologist Dr. Stan J. Katz in their efforts to guide and support the cast of women throughout their inspiring journeys of change.

These all-female episodes will follow "Relationship Boot Camp," a special series of episodes which launched the third season of the critically-acclaimed series on September 19th. Boot Camp features the STARTING OVER Life Coaches counseling four couples in crisis. At the conclusion of Boot Camp, the six diverse women enter the STARTING OVER house ready to make exceptional changes in their lives.

Thousands of women auditioned for the third season of STARTING OVER at casting calls held nationwide and via videotaped submissions. The show´s website regularly receives over one million unique visits per month from fans and from women seeking a chance to start their lives over. After numerous auditions, five women (in addition to Allison) were selected as the season three initial cast. Each woman is expected to reside in the STARTING OVER house for between six and twelve weeks, depending on the scope of her "project" and her rate of progress toward her goal.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

THE SURREAL LIFE Cast Announced For Sixth Season

Here´s the story of seven celebrities who are moving on up to a de-luxe mansion in the Hollywood hills into television´s most incredibly ´surreal´ viewing experience. The mammoth sixth season cast of VH1´s ratings juggernaut THE SURREAL LIFE includes the man who´s band made Shrek rock, Steve Harwell of Smashmouth; the actor who made George Jefferson more famous than that other Jefferson, Sherman Hemsley; the original video vixen, Tawny Kitaen; the wildest rock and roll axeman ever, C.C. Deville from Poison; Playboy TV´s covergirl, Andrea Lowell; and the XX and XY of the Arquette family, Alexis Arquette.

And this season, special guest star Florence Henderson joins the show as the cast´s full time and on-call therapist/advisor. Yes, America´s number one television mom will take this wild bunch under her wing and help them through the strains of reality television.

Slated to air on VH1 in January 2006, the sixth season of THE SURREAL LIFE, will see this brand new cast move through a maze of outrageous events including taking over a small market TV newscast, a music video shoot, transforming into a hair metal band, sex therapy with "Dr. Flo," and choosing an extra cast member from a pool of reality hunks.

The third season of the THE SURREAL LIFE made its series premiere on VH1 with the now legendary cast of Dave Coulier, Flavor Flav, Jordan Knight, Brigitte Nielsen, Ryan Starr and Charo. The infamous fourth season cast featured Christopher Knight, Adrianne Curry, Verne Troyer, Marcus Schenkenburg, Chyna Doll, Jane Wiedlen and Da Brat. The fifth installment continued the classic Surreal tradition with a mix of celebrity personalities including: Janice Dickinson; Jose Canseco; Sandi Denton (Pepa of Salt-n-Pepa); Bronson Pinchot; Omarosa; Caprice; and Carey Hart.

Mr. T To Star In New Reality Series I PITY THE FOOL

TV Land announced a deal with Lions Gate Television to produce a reality TV pilot starring the one and only Mr. T, entitled I PITY THE FOOL (working title). The pilot is expected to begin production in October and features Mr. T in the unlikely role of social scientist as he dishes out advice in classic "T" style to fans in need.

I PITY THE FOOL blends the conventions of a makeover show with fish-out-of-water conflict, resulting in a humorous twist on the format. Starring Mr. T in the role of motivational guru, the program focuses on specific concepts associated with personal or professional success, such as teamwork or determination. Those themes will be illustrated by hilarious anecdotes from Mr. T´s own life, followed by real world situations in which he becomes the catalyst for change.

"We are very excited to work with Mr. T and Lions Gate on I PITY THE FOOL," states Sal Maniaci, Vice President of Development and Production, TV Land and Nick at Nite. "By putting Mr. T in an unfamiliar environment, viewers will have the experience of seeing him back up his famous words and attitude with concrete actions. Exposing our viewers to celebrated personalities that they love in formats that are new and unique is exactly the kind of original programming that TV Land is creating."

"We believe Mr. T´s larger-than-life personality, disarming style and unique perspective on life will be a breath of fresh air in reality television," said Kevin Beggs, president, programming and production, Lions Gate Television. "TV Land has shared our enthusiasm about this project from the beginning and we´re delighted to be in business with the network."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Emmy Award-Winning Seventh Edition of THE AMAZING RACE Set to Re-Air September 29

THE AMAZING RACE, which airs nightly on GSN, won its third Emmy Award last night for best reality competition show on television for its seventh edition. On Thursday, September 29 (9:00 PM -11:00 PM) GSN begins its run of the seventh edition with a two-hour premiere featuring the infamous SURVIVOR couple Rob and Amber.

On Wednesday, September 28 (9:00 -11:00 PM) GSN features the two-hour finale of the sixth edition of THE AMAZING RACE. The finale of the sixth edition ends with the final four teams racing for the one million dollar grand prize in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The next night, the exciting and most-watched season of THE AMAZING RACE begins on GSN. The Emmy Award-winning season features the teams trying to eliminate the "much beloved" or "much hated" Rob and Amber team. AMAZING RACE fans continue to enjoy the earlier editions on GSN and the show has improved the season-to-date time period ratings averages among adults 18-49 by 77 percent and, among adults 25-54 by 80 percent. THE AMAZING RACE averages over 325,000 total viewers per episode on GSN. The eighth edition of THE AMAZING RACE featuring all family teams premieres on CBS on Tuesday, September 27.

Sunday, September 18, 2005


Paramount Home Video has announced that THE AMAZING RACE - THE COMPLETE SEVENTH SEASON will be release on December 20.

Season Seven is where Uchenna and Joyce went on and won the million dollars and also featured Rob and Amber from SURVIVOR

The four disc DVD package will feature:
* "All Access Pass" - 90 minutes of additional scenes not shown on television
* A special "Look Back" recap of the season
* In-depth interviews with host Phil Keoghan and executive producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Bertram van Munster
* Audio commentaries on 4 episodes is currently accepting preorders for

Also, THE AMAZING RACE - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON is scheduled to be released next week on September 27th. is also accepting orders for THE AMAZING RACE - THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON

Friday, September 16, 2005

CBS Announces Casting Call For Big Brother 7

Are you an outgoing, intriguing, competitive person who would make the perfect BIG BROTHER HouseGuest?

Are you up for anything and everything?

Are you ready to live inside the BIG BROTHER House with a group of strangers while multiple cameras record your every move and sound 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Are you willing to compete for half a million dollars against other participants as aggressive and ambitious as you are?

If you can answer yes to these questions, you just might qualify as a contestant on BIG BROTHER 7.

CBS is currently accepting applications for contestants at BIG BROTHER 7.

Check out BIG BROTHER 7 Casting for more information.

A First - A Product Endorsement

If there is ever a new product that has to be seen to be appreciated this is it.

And still then - it does not do it justice.

Something so simple - yet so revolutionary.

Everyone who has sat in it, pretty well thinks the same thing that we thought of when we previewed the item - "Why in the heck did we not think of this?"

Believe it or not folks - the item is called The Relaaaxer and it is an outdoor chair that "Rocks", "Reclines" and "Folds".

The Relaaaxer debuted Wednesday at the International Casual Furniture & Accessories Show in Chicago and is as has stated is "bound to become a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, boaters and those who are looking for the most comfortable chair they can fit into the smallest space."

We were fortunate enough to have seen and experience this product before the official debut.

In a press release issued by the Relexaaar Company on Tuesday, it said "The unique rocker´s ingenious design actually helps you stand by rocking forward with the body´s natural upright motion. Anyone who has ever struggled out of a deep recliner or awkwardly straddled a lounge chair will appreciate how easy it is to gracefully exit The Relaaaxer. To recline, slightly lift the armrests and lean back. When fully recumbent, The Relaaaxer is as satisfying as an island hammock, only portable."

Yea, we had to read that a couple of times as well to understand what it meant.

But now think about this for a minute. After a couple of beers and the remote to the TV is nowhere to be found - how is slop like us going to get up and turn the darn channel. Yes, and the wife says, you got two darn feet, so get up and do it yourself!!

The Relaaaxer pushes our poor drunken soul back up to our feet and now we make it to the TV, turn the channel and then head back to our new best friend.

We chug down a couple more beers, recline back and there we have it - our bed for the night.

Could life get any better?

This one of a kind outdoor chair and now become a permanent fixture in our living room (or until the wife takes outside for herself).

This is the first time our editors here have ever reviewed and endorsed a product like this. But in our world of watching Reality TV, we have now found a product worthy of what we do all day here - sit on our big old fat butt, watch TV all day and now we also get to relaaax into the night!!

Check out for more information.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

NBC Announces New Twist On APPRENTICE

For the first time in NBC´s APPRENTICE history, Donald Trump greets his 18 young entrepreneurs outside of Manhattan and tees up a big twist in the first 10 minutes that will give the candidates a serious run for their money (Sept. 22, 9-10 p.m. ET/PT). After dividing the teams, Trump announces a second twist -- the winning project managers will only be exempt the following week if their team members grant them that privilege.

For the first task, Trump instructs the candidates to jump into the $13 billion fitness industry and create a new fitness plus class for Bally Total Fitness. Teams choose between two gyms in demographically diverse areas, where they create and market their class. The winning team is treated to a lavish lunch with Trump at The Friar´s Club and the losing team is sent to the boardroom where the first candidate is "fired."

Trump´s loyal lieutenants George Ross and Carolyn Kepcher return for a fourth season and the original APPRENTICE, Bill Rancic, returns for several episodes filling in for Ross while he is away on business.

As previously announced, a Rhodes Scholar, NFL player and an inventor are among Trump´s "hand-picked" cast of young entrepreneurs on the fourth season of NBC´s THE APPRENTICE. "For the first time, I hand-picked an APPRENTICE cast and I´m thrilled with the results," said Trump, executive producer. "This is the most talented group we´ve ever assembled. They have it all: beauty, brains, and big bucks." Ranging in age from 22-41, these candidates boast degrees from Oxford, Wharton, MIT, and Georgetown and several of the candidates are already millionaires.

Yahoo! and mtvU Announce New Reality TV Series

Yahoo! and mtvU Announce New Reality TV Series

Yahoo! and mtvU, MTV´s 24hour college network, have teamed up to present the new reality series, IMU: I MISS YOU. Premiering on mtvU and this month, IMU follows three college couples as they work to make their long distance relationships last. For one month, mtvU will document each couple as they stay in touch and communicate using only Yahoo! communication devices including Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Mobile, Yahoo! Messenger with Voice, the new Yahoo! 360° community service with blogging and photo sharing tools and more. Witnessing every interaction, communication and conversation, viewers can see everything the couples write, send and say to each other, and then vote on their favorite couple by visiting or The wining couple will receive a two week trip to Europe. IMU is currently airing through the end of September.

mtvU and Yahoo! are also teaming up to present the IMU REUNITED GETAWAY CONTEST where viewers too can find some rest and relaxation. Fans are invited to enter by visiting or where they can win a two week trip to Europe for themselves and a friend.

"College students will always face the challenges of long distance relationships," said Stephen Friedman, GM of mtvU. "Relying solely on the latest technology from Yahoo!, we´re testing to see if couples can survive -- even thrive -- without the old school forms of connecting. IMU is a great example of mtvU teaming up with a partner to harness their technology to enhance compelling programming which viscerally connects with the college audience."

"Yahoo! is excited to work with mtvU to create IMU and show how college students today use the Internet and mobile communications as tools in their long distance relationships," said Sandra Micek, director of marketing, Yahoo! Mobile. "It´s interesting to watch these college students multi-task and use so many of Yahoo!´s services from e-mail to instant messenger to photos on both the computer and their phone to keep their relationships strong."

The three IMU couples are:
* Jonathan from Keller, TX who is attending Baylor University in Waco, TX and Christine from Colleyville, TX who is attending Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, NC
* Jackson from Westerville, OH who is attending Tiffin University in Tiffin, OH and Marianna from Westerville, OH who is attending Kent State University in Kent, OH.
* Bernard from Monrovia, CA who is attending Pasadena City College while living at home and Stephanie from San Marino, CA who is attending University of Colorado Boulder in Boulder, CO

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Casting Call For Reality TV Sports Show - PROS VS. JOES

Are you a rabid sports fan who thinks he´s got what it takes to take on Hall of Fame professional athletes in a no-mercy, no-holds-barred competition bonanza?

PROS VS. JOES is an action-packed new sports series from Spike TV pitting teams of everyday JOES against super teams of the world´s greatest PROS from Professional Football, Baseball, Basketball and other top shelf sports leagues in a never before seen fantasy camp-style games competition.

If you are a male, super outgoing and competitive diehard sports fan aged 25-40, in decent physical condition who is ready for anything, send a photo with your name, age, contact info and a brief paragraph about why you should be selected to appear on this show.

Contact Info:
Casting Director - Chad Hillman
Or call

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Reality Series MADE IN THE USA To Debut September 14

USA Network presents a new, groundbreaking reality show, MADE IN THE USA, where America´s undiscovered inventors and entrepreneurs will compete for an unparalleled chance of a lifetime to sell their invention on Home Shopping Network (HSN). MADE IN THE USA, a six-episode, hour-long reality/competition series, premieres on Wednesday, September 14 at 10pm ET/PT on USA Network.

Contestants will participate in competitions, facing real-life challenges that inventors deal with in getting their product out to the public. Contestants and viewers alike will also get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the HSN empire and the creative and talented HSN employees that facilitate this dream. Each week, products and inventors will be eliminated until the ultimate payoff when one lucky inventor team wins a contract with HSN.

MADE IN THE USA is hosted by Todd Newton (E!´S COMING ATTRACTIONS, TALK SOUP, E! NEWSLIVE). Newton is joined by a cast of eclectic characters who will preside over the competition and judge what invention the viewers will ultimately choose for the opportunity to sell on HSN.

The judges for MADE IN THE USA offer vastly different aspects to evaluating each invention for specific selling points. Joy Mangano, multimillionaire inventor of "The Miracle Mop," epitomizes what this show is about: she is the American dream-come-true after having started with nothing but an insatiable entrepreneurial appetite and an inventive spirit that led to her successful inventions. Nolan Bushnell, otherwise known as the "Father of the Video Game Industry," is best known for inventing "Pong" as well as founding two billion-dollar franchises, the Atari Corporation and the Chuck E. Cheese restaurant chain. Karim Rashid is an industrial design expert and trendsetter who, having designed for Umbro, Prada and Artemide, offers a perspective on consumers´ obsession with aesthetic value - style, design, packaging, color and logos.

MADE IN THE USA also will feature guest experts rocket scientist Lonnie Johnson (inventor of the Supersoaker), the flamboyant and opinionated Robert Verdi (host of E! television's FASHION POLICE), PR guru Rachel McCallister and music legend Patti LaBelle. The experts are on hand to lend insight into what it takes to launch a successful product, offer style critiques to contestants and explain the role it plays in creating a lasting first impression, teach the importance of "image making" in pushing a brand and how to infuse personality into the selling equation.

Model Contestants Announces For AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL 5

AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL returns for a fifth cycle with a whole new group of girls vying to become AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL.

UPN has announced that AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE FIVE will Premiere September 21, 2005.

The Model Contestants For CYCLE FIVE have been announced:

Monday, September 12, 2005

Bravo Announce New Reality Series GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING...

Bravo´s GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... is a fun, facetious, satiric and sometimes edgy look at what pop culture tells us are the GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... blond, queer, fat, 30, and from a red-state. The people who know best, those who are representative of the genre being uncovered, will take viewers through each of the five one-hour countdowns. The strand launches on Monday, October 3 at 10 p.m. ET/PT with GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... FAT.

"GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... is a provocative and often dead-on look at stereotypes created by popular culture, and provides a tongue-in-cheek and satirical perspective that most anyone can relate to," said Andrew Cohen, Vice President of Production and Programming, Bravo´s pop culture pundit.

There are several GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... that viewers might discover after watching the humorous series. GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... 30 include, being able to run for office and knowing who you are. Some GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... Fat are you have great cleavage and you´re everybody's best friend. And what are a couple of GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... Queer? Well, there are the parades and the show tunes. Some GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... A Red State are Elvis and the waffle house. Lastly, there are a few things named as GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... Blonde, like you´re the perfect homemaker and you always have more fun!

GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... Week premieres as follows at 10 pm ET/PT:

GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... - Fat -- Monday, October 3

GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... - Queer -- Tuesday, October 4

GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... - 30 -- Wednesday, October 5

GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... - Blonde -- Thursday, October 6

GREAT THINGS ABOUT BEING... - Red State -- Friday, October 7

Thursday, September 08, 2005

THE BIGGER LOSER Is Throwing A National House Party

NBC´s weight-loss series THE BIGGER LOSER is throwing a national "House Party™" this Saturday across 1,000 homes in cities around the country to pump up its special 90-minute second-season premiere on September 13 (8-9:30 p.m. ET).

"THE BIGGEST LOSER House Party" campaign has recruited 1,000 of the most qualified hosts across the country to welcome a suggested number of 10 guests each to an exclusive celebration at their home on Saturday, September 10 armed with promotional materials from NBC. House Party, Inc. (, a Web-based media company, is the people-powered media channel for launching new entertainment releases at home and on the Internet. House Parties ´eventize´ a program´s premiere before it airs, putting the show into the hands of thousands of its most influential consumers, feeding enthusiasm for the show and equipping the fans to spread waves of online excitement to millions of others. House Party has designed and will execute the effort for NBC. For its part, NBC provided marketing databases and used on-air and online promotion throughout to recruit the 1,000 hosts.

"As we approach the second season debut, we want to create a ground-swell of excitement and anticipation among the core fans who have been inspired and helped by this special series," said Sharon Merle-Lieberman, Director of Strategic Partnerships, The NBC Agency. "Combined with our partners, House Party, Inc., we are creating a truly "people powered" event that can draw thousands of participants and develop new fans as we reach out to a larger grassroots audience. We hope these multiple get-togethers will generate many more fans by word-of-mouth."

For the parties, NBC will furnish a customized copy of the first episode in advance -- one that does not compromise the ending elimination -- but will compensate with a special opening and closing message by Jillian Michaels and Bob Harper, the respective hosts and trainers of the rival Red and Blue teams. New contestants profiles and remarks from Kelly Minner and Ryan C. Benson from the first season will also be included in the special first episode.

In addition, a tutorial from House Party provided online at - will offer suggestions to ambitious hosts on how to throw a great screening party. "THE BIGGEST LOSER House Party" site will supply all the tools necessary to send out printable and electronic invitations, post and share photos and video, set up a blog and send reminder e-mails. NBC will also send the hosts accompanying "party kits" that include such "swag" as a show-branded yoga mat, towel and dry erase board, a jump rope and a set of yoga straps. Attendees will receive copies of Prevention, Men´s Health and Women´s Health magazines plus trial memberships for 24 Hour Fitness gyms (where applicable).

To add to the excitement, trainers Bob and Jillian, and former contestants will make special appearances at some of the parties.

Some of the cities currently scheduled to hold "BIGGEST LOSER HOUSE Parties" include:

Los Angeles, CA, San Diego, CA, San Jose, CA, Boston, MA, Dallas, TX, Philadelphia, PA, Columbus, OH, Providence, RI, Chicago, IL, New York, NY, Raleigh, NC, Washington, DC, Las Vegas, NV, Hartford, CT, Birmingham, AL and Nashville, TN.

The first reality series in which everybody "loses," THE BIGGEST LOSER offers severely overweight participants the opportunity to undergo a radical physical makeover without any kind of surgery. Caroline Rhea returns to host the second season of the series that challenges and encourages overweight contestants as they compete for a grand prize of $250,000 in a safe and recommended manner through comprehensive diet and exercise.

THE BIGGEST LOSER provides the 14 strong-willed yet hopeful contestants with challenges, temptations, weigh-ins and eliminations until the final contestant remains to claim the title of "the biggest loser." Each team works out under the supervision of professional trainers Michaels and Harper.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Casting Search On For Host Of A New TLC Reality Television Program

Are you the funniest person in your group of friends?

Can you start conversations with strangers?

When you are at a friend´s house, do you find it hard to resist taking a quick peek in the medicine cabinet?

Hoggard Films is searching for a dynamic, charismatic and sweet-talking entertainer to host a new TLC series. This new series will take the viewer to some of the most lavish homes in America as our energetic host asks "How’d you get this place?!"

Applicants should be telegenic and engaging, with a unique and memorable personality. They are looking for someone with the desire and charisma to become a national TV celebrity. It is essential that applicants think on their feet and deliver witty one-liners. Can you walk up to a home and convince someone to let you in their door? Can you snoop around a house and jokingly speak to the camera? If you can, then we want you!

If interested, you should prepare a 3-5 minute audition tape explaining the following:
1. Who are you?
2. Why are you interested in participating in this series?
3. Why should they choose you? (relevant experience, what you would bring to the table) Any experience with real estate or antiques sales is a plus.
4. How do you interact with other people? If possible, show yourself speaking with others on the tape. (We are looking for funny, natural conversations.)

This tape should give us a real sense of your personality... Are you funny? Crazy? Spontaneous? Charming? They want to see all of these qualities come through on the tape.

Tape formats: VHS or mini-DV preferred, CD or DVD ok, no Hi-8 or S-VHS accepted

Tape label: Please include your full contact information (name, address, phone) on the tape label!

Please send tapes to the following address:
Hoggard Films
Attn: Talent Search
7008 Westmoreland Avenue
Suite A
Takoma Park, MD 20912

Deadline: is October 15, 2005

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New Reality Series THREE WISHES Tour Starts Next Week For NBC

To promote its new fall series THREE WISHES, NBC will be granting three wishes in 15 markets the week of September 12 - including a "big wish" at a local charity in each city, where they´ll present a check for $2,500 to purchase an item (or items) on the charity´s own wish list. As part of the grassroots marketing campaign, they will also grant two smaller wishes at local retailers by picking up the tabs for several lucky customers.

On Monday, September 12, NBC will visit New York City, Las Vegas, Chicago, Atlanta and Denver, moving on to Philadelphia, Sacramento, Milwaukee, Nashville and Salt Lake City on Wednesday, September 14. They´ll continue granting wishes on Friday, September 16 in Buffalo, Los Angeles, Des Moines, Baltimore and Spokane.

The two "little wishes" in each city will be granted at various retailers, including grocery stores and restaurants, where NBC will surprise shoppers and restaurant patrons by purchasing their groceries or their meals. They´ll pay the retailers with specially-stickered one dollar bills, which will go into cash registers and then be distributed to subsequent customers with their change. The sticker will lead recipients to a "Three Wishes" section on the website, where they´ll be encouraged to use the specially-marked dollars to fulfill the wish of someone else - in the spirit of NBC´s show THREE WISHES.

THREE WISHES, which premieres Friday, September 23 (9-10 p.m. ET), features five-time Grammy Award winning recording artist Amy Grant to communities all over the country to grant wishes of all kinds to deserving people.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Bravo and Kathy Griffin To Host Largest Reality TV Star Reunion

Bravo will unite TV´s most talked-about reality stars to bring viewers BRAVO´S ALL-STAR REALITY REUNION. Host Kathy Griffin will talk with today´s biggest stars of reality television as raw emotions run rampant in a tell-all studio-based reunion. This one-hour special will air on Wednesday, September 21 at 11:00 p.m. ET/PT immediately following the finale of Bravo´s original series BATTLE OF THE NETWORK REALITY STARS at 10:00 PM ET/PT.

More than 50 outspoken reality stars will dish out all the dirt from 20 popular reality TV shows, including Charla Faddoul from THE AMAZING RACE, Ryan Starr and Nikki McGibbin from AMERICAN IDOL, Omarosa Manigault Stallworth from THE APPRENTICE, Adam Mesh from AVERAGE JOE, Tina ´Fabulous´ Panas from THE BACHELOR, Will Kirby from BIG BROTHER, Erin Brodie from FOR LOVE OR MONEY, Matt Kennedy Gould from THE JOE SCHMO SHOW, Dat Phan and Jay London from LAST COMIC STANDING, Austin Scarlett from PROJECT RUNWAY, Mike "The Miz" Mizanin and Coral Smith from THE REAL WORLD, Duncan Nutter from SHOWBIZ MOMS & DADS, Richard Hatch and Sue Hawk from SURVIVOR, and Darva Conger from WHO WANTS TO MARRY A MILLIONAIRE, among others.

"America´s top reality star villains, vixens, players and haters who have made their mark on pop culture will use Bravo as their tell-all platform in this unprecedented reunion special," said Andy Cohen, Vice President of Programming & Production for Bravo.

Fans of reality TV will learn the real reason why their favorite stars got voted off their respective shows, the reasoning for their alliances, and the scoop behind the hookups, drama and tears.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

VH1 Announces Reality TV Casting Cast For Hip-Hop Star Looking For Love

Are you a single hot lady looking for love?

Ever had a desire to be on TV?

Ready to find fame and love at the same time?

Well, a new reality TV show on VH1 is featuring a major hip-hop recording artist star is lookin’ for love.

Are you the one?

Then if you´re perfect for this new series!

VH1 is currently casting a REALITY TV show starring a major Hip-Hop star who is seeking the woman of his dreams. Spend time in the luxurious mansion and the lap of luxury with this multi-million dollar artist on National Television!

The winner will receive the ultimate prize, the heart of our bachelor as well as an exotic all expense paid vacation and more!

They are currently auditioning in the Atlanta area.

To be considered for the show, you MUST send a photo along with your contact information to:

They are looking for competitive women of ALL AGES and ALL TYPES (21 and up)