Monday, July 31, 2006

Kent Healy Voted Off On Second Episode From The Reality Series THE MESSENGERS

By Elaine James

A mere 7 hours after contestant Floyd Nolan was voted off of TLC′s THE MESSENGERS, the remaining 9 contestants were driven to a remote farm in Oxnard, CA, where they were introduced to Steve and Jason Tamai, the owners of Tamai Trucking Farm. The contestants are to spend a full day working alongside the migrant workers on this 15 acre, fourth generation family farm.

As the contestants toil away in the unforgiving sun, picking peas, broccoli and berries they gain prospective from the other workers in the field. The migrants there not only enjoy sharing their stories with their guests, but also enjoy knowing that they are masters are their work while THE MESSENGERS struggle to tell the difference between strawberries and weeds.

Throughout the day, they hear the Tamais′ moving story about how they family has struggled for generations to make the family farm a success, overcoming everything from Japanese internment camps to economic hardship in their pursuit of the American dream. After a backbreaking day′s work, the Tamai family welcomes everyone into their home and graciously prepares a hearty meal for the contestants. After bonding with their hosts, the contestants receive the topic for their next speech: Struggle.

Many of the contestants made it personal by relieving stories of personal struggle to the audience, then tying in their experiences on the Tamai farm to present several moving speeches. While Cornelious Flowers was told by panelists Richard Greene and Bobby Schuller that like Chinese food, he delivers and they were left wanting more, 22 year old author Kent Healy was told that he, himself was struggling and his speech was wandering and unsupported. Healy′s tale of moving New Zealand didn′t illustrate the message of struggle and wasn′t enough to move the studio audience. His lack of experience and thoughtfulness was cause enough for him to be the second Messenger voted off.

The foundation of each episode, airing Sundays at 10:00 pm EST, is a field trip designed to give the speakers a profound learning experience - the opportunity to live life by walking in someone else′s shoes. In subsequent episodes, field trips will range from the participants living as a blind or wheelchair-bound individual for a day, to sharing in a powerful moment of forgiveness between a man convicted of vehicular homicide and the deceased mother. At the end of each trip, the group is given the speaking topics and will appear before a studio audience. At the conclusion of the series, one speaker will be crowned "The Messenger" and will be awarded a publishing deal and the opportunity to host their own TLC special.

Mark Steines Named Host Of Reality Series GOLD RUSH on - Over Two Million Dollars In Prizes

Entertainment Tonight Co-Anchor Mark Steines Named Host of Mark Burnett′s Gold Rush on

Mark Steines, co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight, has been signed as the host of Gold Rush, the groundbreaking seven-week interactive reality event created by Mark Burnett Productions and beginning September 13th. Steines has been with Entertainment Tonight, the #1 magazine program in syndication, since 1995. As host, Steines will offer a preview of the game on the new Gold Rush teaser site at beginning today (July 31, 2006). Once the game begins, Steines will provide insider tips and blow-by-blow insights into each round′s on-location finale.

"Mark′s winning on-screen personality and entertainment savvy make him the ideal pick to host this game which revolves around pop culture and which represents the evolution of television online," said Burnett.

With over $2 million in gold hidden across the United States, Gold Rush will combine the excitement of online game play, with offline integrations and reality competitions, creating a hybrid broadband video experience.

The game will last seven weeks. Players will answer a series of pop culture challenges using clues scattered throughout the world of media and pop culture - on, CBS Television network programming and in popular magazines. The first three players in each round to complete the required challenges will be whisked away to a specially selected location to compete - reality-style - for $100,000 in gold. The victor of the 13th and final round will claim a $1 million grand prize.

"Gold Rush is all about pop culture and as the host of the #1 entertainment show, Mark is the ideal person to help players navigate their way through the pop culture maze of Gold Rush," added Kevin Conroy, executive vice president of AOL.

As co-anchor of Entertainment Tonight, Steines reports general entertainment news, conducts celebrity interviews, attends movie premieres and other industry events, as well as makes on-set visits to feature films and television series.

Born and raised in Dubuque, IA, Steines graduated from the University of Northern Iowa, which he attended on a full football scholarship, with a degree in radio and television. His first job was at a Dubuque television station, KWWL-TV, where he rose through the ranks as an intern, sports reporter, and then reporter. Steines segued to KSPR-TV in Springfield, MO, where he was a sports anchor from 1988 - 1991. That experience led him to a sports reporter position from 1992 - 95 at KCAL-TV in Los Angeles, garnering exposure which brought him assignments for ESPN and ultimately a post on Entertainment Tonight.

His awards include a 1994 Emmy(R) Award and 1994 Golden Mic Award for the KCAL-TV special "Beyond Endurance."

Steines has appeared in the feature film Nixon, HBO′s Weapons of Mass Distraction, and had a guest-starring roles on CBS′ CSI: NY and UPN's Half and Half.

Gold Rush will premiere on on September 13, 2006, with the first televised clue being broadcast September 14 on the CBS Television Network.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

SHARK WEEK Kicks Off Tonight On Discovery Channel With DIRTY JOBS: JOBS THAT BITE

If it′s summer it must be Discovery Channel′s Shark Week - returns tonight (July 30) with host Mike Rowe and seven all-new specials at 9:00 pm EST

Tagging great whites with satellite devices to track their migration patterns ... testing the strength of chain mail in the middle of a reef shark feeding frenzy ... preparing chum, a mixture of chopped fish parts and blood used to attract sharks - SHARK WEEK host Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) finds out that working with sharks can be extremely dirty work.

Cable television′s longest-running programming event, SHARK WEEK first premiered in 1988 and remains a viewer favorite. Last year, SHARK WEEK was watched by 20.6 million people with eight million people tuning in to the premiere special, MythBusters: Jaws Special.

SHARK WEEK kicks off on Discovery Channel Sunday, July 30 with Mike Rowe′s two-hour special Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite, and ends Friday, August 4 with the one-hour special Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite Harder. Mike shows viewers how these jobs help further our knowledge about sharks and shark behavior by, among other things, making and testing shark repellants and chain mail protective suits - and then diving amid a hungry group of sharks to test them.

SHARK WEEK is produced in conjunction with leading shark researchers around the world, and provides viewers with valuable knowledge about the behavior and characteristics of this diverse and majestic species.

The complete schedule of SHARK WEEK 2006 premieres includes:

Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite
Sunday, July 30, 9-11 PM (ET/PT)
To kick off SHARK WEEK, fearless host Mike Rowe climbs into a shark cage in South Africa and comes face-to-face with great whites, performs a shark necropsy, tags great whites for migratory observation, and creates and tests a shark repellant (on himself!) in the Bahamas.

Shark Attack Survivors
Monday, July 31, 9-10 PM (ET/PT)
This special exposes the truth about the world′s most efficient marine predator through an examination of shark attack case studies and first-hand accounts, delivers important information on how to avoid or survive a shark encounter, and joins forces with shark experts to reveal the science and psychology behind shark behavior patterns, explaining how sharks select their prey and why attacks occur.

Perfect Shark
Tuesday, August 1, 9-10 PM (ET/PT)
Is there such a thing as a perfect shark? Host Mike deGruy, who has filmed sharks for over 30 years, heads out into the world′s oceans, examining the most streamlined and extreme designs of sharks today. He also looks at sharks of the prehistoric past, via a CGI-enhanced "virtuarium" that allows him to conjure up and interact with images of any shark that ever lived.

Sharks: Are They Hunting Us?
Wednesday, August 2, 9-10 PM (ET/PT)
Animal behaviorist Dave Salmoni, a relative novice around sharks, meets with shark experts around the world to ask the questions that "everyman" might have about sharks, including: Are sharks really out to get humans? Are attacks really on the rise?

Shark Rebellion
Thursday, August 3, 9-10 PM (ET/PT)
The Brazilian port city of Recife recorded only one shark attack in 75 years. In the past decade, there have been an astonishing 45 attacks with 16 fatalities. An international team of scientists (including the University of South Florida′s Dan Huber) investigates what may have changed to cause this dramatic increase - is it the sharks or could it be human encroachment?

Dirty Jobs: Jobs That Bite Harder
Friday, August 4, 9-10 PM (ET/PT)
Mike Rowe is back to sink his teeth into another hour of dirty jobs with sharks. He helps make a fiberglass replica of sharks for fisherman who release their catch and, in his dirtiest job of SHARK WEEK, Mike heads to the Bahamas to test a chain mail shark suit - in the middle of a feeding frenzy of Caribbean reef sharks.

Science of Shark Sex
Friday, August 4, 10-11 PM (ET/PT)
In his special, viewers travel to the famed Tiputa pass in French Polynesia, to study one of the world′s greatest concentrations of grey reef sharks. Since understanding the reproduction of sharks is key to their preservation, a group of three international scientists set out to study the grey reef′s mating habits, which have never before been captured on film.

Viewers can learn more exciting facts about sharks online at

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Parties, Sex And Love On New Reality Series ONE OCEAN VIEW - Premieres Monday On ABC

The Summer Sizzles At One Ocean View, As 11 Single New Yorkers Descend On Fire Island To Laugh, Love And Search For Romance, When ONE OCEAN VIEW Premieres, Monday, July 31 On ABC

Fire Island sizzles at ONE OCEAN VIEW, the summer share beach house where eleven attractive, single, career-driven New Yorkers flee Manhattan each Friday to escape the soaring city temperatures for a different kind of heat, as ONE OCEAN VIEW debuts on Monday, July 31 (10:00-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network. This marks the first network summer reality series to be set on Fire Island.

ONE OCEAN VIEW is a show about people old enough to have real jobs, issues and baggage, but still young enough to leave all that behind and have a great time. Fun, flings and nights filled with romance heat up as the days grow shorter and the pressure builds to make this a summer to remember.

In the series premiere, Lauren, who has come to the summer share with on-and-off-again boyfriend Zack, is vying for the attention of KJ, a handsome and easygoing charmer who knows how to play the field. The game is on when Lauren finds she has a keen competitor in Mary, who also has her eyes fixed on KJ. Flirting and dirty dancing in a local nightclub are just the beginning of Lauren′s maneuvers to land KJ, who is demonstrating equal interest in both females. Meanwhile Zack is not only cast aside, but he′s in denial that Lauren has interest in other men because she continues to spend the nights with him.

The drama continues during the week in Manhattan as the love triangle heats up. In an attempt to help Zack move on, KJ reveals a text message Lauren sent to him, setting the stage for the house′s first major fight.

Will Lauren ultimately win KJ′s affections, and will her actions cause a rift in the house and drive Zack away forever? Will Zack continue his blind loyalty to Lauren, or will he find someone new? And will two new, sexy interlopers - a Playboy model and a sultry executive who craves attention - throw the house into even more romantic turmoil? The temperature is just beginning to rise at ONE OCEAN VIEW.

VH1 Scores Big Ratings With Final Of MY FAIR BRADY: WE′RE GETTING MARRIED!

VH1 Scores Big Ratings With Final Of MY FAIR BRADY: WE′RE GETTING MARRIED!

And they said it wouldn′t last... Sunday night′s season finale of MY FAIR BRADY: WE′RE GETTING MARRIED! was the highest rated episode of the series ever. The season finale scored an impressive 1.5 rating in the key 18-49 demo as more than 2 million total (P2+) viewers and 1.6 million P18-49 viewers watched sweethearts Chris Knight and Adrianne Curry say their"I Dos."

The season finale was 25 percent higher than last season′s finale in which Christopher and Adrianne got engaged.

The 90-minute special tied with TNT for the highest-rated program in its time period of 9:00 -10:30 PM on all of basic cable television among viewers18-49. MY FAIR BRADY: THE WEDDING SPECIAL was also the top-rated regularly scheduled program on all of basic cable for the day, Sunday, July 23.

America′s reality sweethearts and stars of VH1′s MY FAIR BRADY caught each others eyes on VH1′s THE SURREAL LIFE 4 two years ago. Following their time in the SURREAL LIFE house Chris and Adrianne moved in together, which was captured during season 1 of MY FAIR BRADY. Season two, MY FAIR BRADY: WE′RE GETTING MARRIED! captured all the challenges of planning a traditional wedding with the most untraditional couple.

Getting past their differences wasn′t easy but they finally said their "I Dos" in front of 250 friends and family during a traditional ceremony held in Curry′s hometown of Joliet, IL. The bride wore a cream-colored custom-made Alvina Valenta gown, while the bridesmaids wore blood-red evening dresses. The groom and the groomsmen wore matching tuxedos. Curry and her bridesmaids carried black-magic roses. In attendance were former BRADY BUNCH stars Barry Williams (Greg Brady), Susan Olsen (Cindy Brady) and Mike Lookinland (Bobby Brady), as well as their THE SURREAL LIFE 4 co-star Joannie "Chyna" Laurer.

From the rehearsal BBQ to the steamy ceremony to the "Phantom of the Opera" reception theme, Curry & Knight′s wedding was a reality fairy tale come true. Barry Williams even serenaded the happy couple as a special surprise!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Phil Ritchie - Fourth Person Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Following Phil Ritchie′s epic performance of "White Rabbit" last week with Jason Newsted, Phil appeared to be rejuvenated with the "Rawwwwck".

Then, this week, Phil Ritchie covered The Wallflower′s "One Headlight". The song lacked energy. But, it didn′t lack Phil′s signature head bobble. Tommy Lee questioned, "I don′t know if that would entertain me for an hour and a half." Jason Newsted stated, "I′m concerned."

As fate would have it, Phil Ritchie ended up in the Bottom Three alongside Patrice Pike and Zayra Alvarez. When the Hatchet Man (aka Tommy Lee) spoke in his devil-hooded jacket, Phil Ritchie′s time was up. Phil was the fourth Rock Star Supernova Contestant sent home.

We talked with Phil earlier yesterday to catch his thoughts on his unexpected departure from Rock Star Supernova.

ReX: Let′s get right to it, shall we?

Phil Ritchie: We shall.

ReX: What the HELL happened last night?

Phil Ritchie: Hmmm. Welllll. Ummmm. I can′t go into the details. All I can say is I made some stupid comments.

ReX: Huh? What the f*ck does that mean?

Phil Ritchie: Seriously man. I think I said some stuff that I can′t get into right now. But, I don′t regret anything. As you saw last night, Tommy, Jason, Gilby questioned my commitment.

I think they were sending a message to the others. Maybe they felt that Zayra wanted it more. Maybe I said somethings that gave them a bad vibe when I was having an off day.

ReX: That's cool. We don′t have to get into that if you want to keep it on the down-low.

Phil Ritchie: Thanks man. But, I did want to win the gig.

ReX: But, it does sound pretty hypocritical. Gilby tells Zayra he wants more rock. She performs a rock-less "I′m Not An Addict" while you bring it. However, Zayra stays and you go? What′s that about?

Phil Ritchie: Hey, you know, everybody has their opinion. That′s cool.

ReX: Ummmmm... Like Jason′s opinion about your head bobble?

Phil Ritchie: Yah. I didn′t like that opinion. Really, I′m just glad I have my own personal style. It′s a judgement thing I guess. But, there are plenty of other head bobblers out there. What about the dude from Radiohead. He bobbles like nuts.

ReX: On that note... Tommy dug the bobble. Jason didn′t. Did you expect Tommy to have a little more say considering this is the "Tommy Lee Project"? Or, is Jason really the guy running the show?

Phil Ritchie: Nah, man. I really think that Jason is just a much more intense person than Tommy Lee. You know, Jason wants to have his say too.

ReX: By the way, looking back, what′s your best memory of Rock Star Supernova?

Phil Ritchie: Let me tell you... Playing "White Rabbit" with Jason Newsted on my birthday... It does not get much better than that. I dug when he head-butted me [laughing].

To read more of′s Exclusive Interview with Phil Ritchie, you can visit their website by Clicking Here

In a partnership with Rock Star Go Home, is offering Exclusive Content including interviews and more from for the new Hit Reality TV Show ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA. is the home for The FREE Fantasy Game For ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA!

Allison Holker And Ryan Voted Off On SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE - Down To Six Dancers

Allison Holker And Ryan Rankine Are Eliminated On SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE - New Record Set With Almost 10 Million Votes Cast

Top 6 Dancers Will Compete on the Next Performance Show Wednesday, August 2, on FOX Omarion to Perform on the Results Show Thursday, August 3

Another record was set after Wednesday′s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE performance show, when viewers cast nearly 10 million votes for their favorite dancers. The hit series, newly picked up for a third season, hustled past the competition this week as the Top 8 finalists performed two routines with a partner on Wednesday, and last night Busta Rhymes performed "I Love My Chick" and "In the Ghetto" from his CD "The Big Bang."

Wednesday′s episode was the highest-rated program of the night among Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and other key demos. Compared to its average last summer, the Wed/Thu average of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE shows impressive gains: +19% among Adults 18-49, +18% among Adults 18-34, +13% among Teens and +18% in Total Viewers.

Based on voting totals after Wednesday′s performance show, the bottom two guys were Ryan Rankine and Travis Wall, and the bottom two girls were Allison Holker and Natalie Fotopoulos. It was revealed last night that the guy and the girl who received the fewest votes were Rankine and Holker. Rankine, 20, a contemporary specialist from Brooklyn, NY, and Holker, 18, a modern lyrical specialist from Orem, UT, were eliminated from the competition.

The Top 6 dancers - Top 3 guys Ivan Koumaev, Benji Schwimmer and Travis Wall; and Top 3 girls Natalie Fotopoulos, Heidi Groskreutz and Donyelle Jones - will compete on the performance show Wednesday, Aug. 2 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). They will perform new routines with a partner chosen at random. The following night, after a special performance by Omarion, two more dancers will go home on the live results show Thursday, Aug. 3 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

R&B/Pop sensation and actor Omarion was raised in Inglewood, CA, and comes from a family of singers, including his brother, O′Ryan. Omarion released a solo platinum LP titled "O" in February 2005 through Epic Records, a year after playing a lead role in the blockbuster "You Got Served." His sophomore album, "21" (Sony Urban Music/Epic Records), in stores Oct. 31, features contributions from super-producers The Neptunes, The Underdogs and Bryan Michael Cox, as well as Eric Hudson.

The first single, "Entourage," produced by Hudson, blends Omarion′s memorable yet danceable chorus with catchy lyrics. Billboard Magazine writes, "Entourage ... is a seemingly effortless R&B record, acing every element from inspired vocal to clever production and exceptional chorus after a single spin. It′s a ballpark cross-format smash that has the potential to be a summer 2006 star player."

Starting September 12, SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE goes on the road for the first time ever. Fans in cities around the country will have a chance to see their favorite dancers in person. Tickets go on sale August 12. Check for additional information and updates.

Jase Evicted From BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS House - Janelle Wins Head Of Household

Jase Wirey Becomes the Third Houseguest Evicted From the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS House

Janelle Pierzina Wins Head Of Household

After being nominated for eviction by Head of Household James Rhine (BB6), Jase Wirey (BB5) was evicted last night from the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS House by a unanimous vote of 9-0 by his fellow Houseguests (the two nominees do not vote and the Head of Household only votes in the event of a tie). ÊOn Tuesday, "Chicken" George (BB1) won the Power of Veto and took himself off the chopping block. Dr. Will Kirby (BB2) was left up for eviction and James nominated Jase to join the doctor.

During last night′s live broadcast, Jase Wirey, the 30-year-old Safety Director originally from Taylorville, Ill. and currently residing in Decatur, Ill., learned his fate, said his good-byes and left the House. After leaving BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS, Jase was interviewed by Julie Chen about his experience, as well as on "The Early Show" on Friday morning.

The Houseguests compete each Thursday to become Head of Household. The perks of the position include having a luxurious private bedroom and bathroom, as well as a plasma screen spy cam to monitor other Houseguests' activities. However, it also includes the responsibility of having to nominate two fellow Housemates for eviction. On the weeks when there are veto challenges, one of the nominees can be saved from the chopping block if they or another Housemate wins the Power of Veto competition and chooses to save one of the nominees, while giving themselves immunity from nomination. If they choose to use the veto power, the Head of Household must immediately choose another nominee.

After last night′s eviction, the houseguests competed in a competition called "The Writing′s On the Wall" to see who would become the next Head of Household. Janelle Pierzina, the 26-year-old VIP Cocktail Waitress originally from Grand Rapids, Minn. and currently residing in Miami Beach, Fla. won the coveted position.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Third Season Of HELMETS OFF Back on FSN - Fantasy Football And More

The Reality TV Series HELMETS OFF Created and Produced by PLAYERS INC Kicks Off Its Third Season With Two New Episodes to Air Throughout the Month of August on FSN

PLAYERS INC, the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association, is kicking off the third season of the HELMETS OFF TV series, sponsored by Electronic Arts and Reebok. HELMETS OFF: THE REALITY OF FANTASY and HELMETS OFF: THE YEAR OF THE RUNNING BACK: MADDEN NFL ′07, the first and second of six monthly television specials created and produced by PLAYERS INC, feature some of the most recognized players in the NFL, both past and present. The half-hour shows will air on FSN throughout the month of August.


In the series′ first episode, Helmets Off takes an in-depth look at the phenomena of Fantasy Football and its enormous social, cultural, and financial impact on the world of sports. They explore the history and evolution of the game, while asking some of the NFL′s most talented players about their thoughts on Fantasy Football. Players include Steve Smith (Carolina), Larry Johnson (Kansas City), Shaun Alexander (Seattle), Antonio Gates (San Diego), Tiki Barber (New York) and many more. Gil Brandt, an expert in Fantasy Football, shares his insights on the game as well. The show will also take a look at how Fantasy Football has changed the way fans watch the NFL and how the broadcast and internet industries have evolved in order to integrate Fantasy Football. They also visit with "The Memphis Chicks" -- an all women′s Fantasy league in Tennessee -- and travel to the Pro Bowl to see how a fan of one Fantasy league won the opportunity to meet Pro Bowl football players and have lunch with his "fantasy team"" -- Tiki Barber (New York), Trent Green (Kansas City), Steve Smith (Carolina), Jake Delhomme (Carolina) and others.

LOOKING FOR STARS Has Two Finalist From Orlando - Now Off To Kansas City

STARZ Announces LOOKING FOR STARS Finalists From The Orlando Auditions

Next Round of Competition to Find Kansas City Finalists - Premieres on Starz Monday, July 31 at 8:50 p.m. (ET/PT)

The third pair of finalists from the Starz original reality micro-series LOOKING FOR STARS were announced on Starz Monday, July 24. Savanna D′Amico and Kirk White caught the attention of the judges and will be the lucky contestants to move on from the Las Vegas auditions to the final competition in Los Angeles where they will compete for a speaking role in Revolution Studios′ action-adventure film Next starring Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore.

Savanna D′Amico (birthdate: August 6, 1986) - Born in Manchester, N.H., 19 year-old Savanna D′Amico relocated to Summerville, S.C. before her junior year in high school and was crowned Miss Summerville High School in 2004. She has always had a flair for the dramatic and begin performing on-stage in high school and continued at Brevard College in Brevard, N.C. Family problems forced her to leave Brevard College after only two years, but despite her own personal struggles D′Amico has always done what she can to brighten others lives. Her philanthropic efforts began early, in the fourth grade she created the organization "Special Delivery," in which elementary school children made cards for the holidays to be delivered to nursing homes and hospitals. She continues to donate her time to numerous organizations including the Red Cross, Special Olympics and a variety of hospitals and nursing homes. Above all, D′Amico strives to make acting a full-time career.

Kirk White (birthdate: October 2, 1971) - Born in Waycross, Ga., 34 year-old Kirk White has been living in Jacksonville, Fla. for the past year. He received his MFA in acting from the University of North Carolina and has acted throughout the region and in New York for the last fifteen years. While in New York City he starred in the first E-bay television commercial and appeared on and won VH1′s show "Name that Video." Other notable credits include founding the New York Comedy Sensation "House of the Dead," as well as performing in "The Miracle Worker" in the historic Ryman Auditorium in Nashville, Tenn. White is also an accomplished screenwriter, producer and is the lead guitarist of DANG!, a southern rock band based Fla.

LOOKING FOR STARS, a Starz original micro-series, chronicles the nationwide search for a star. Thousands of aspiring actors responded to Starz′ national casting call in January and vied for the 300 audition spots for LOOKING FOR STARS. Every week, wannabe actors are featured in their quest to be selected for a speaking role in Revolution Studios′ action-adventure film NEXT starring Nicolas Cage and Julianne Moore. Former MTV VJ Alan Hunter is the host of the show and is joined by two regional industry pros to do the judging in each city. In the finals, Hunter is joined by actor/director Melanie Mayron ("thirtysomething" and The Baby-Sitters Club) and a Revolution Studios executive Brad Sexton.

LOOKING FOR STARS is SEG′s first foray into original serialized short-form programming and is sponsored by SEG in association with Revolution Studios. The 14-episode micro-series airs on Starz every Monday at 8:50 p.m. (ET/PT) and continues through September. Encore episodes will air on Starz on the Sunday following each original episode and on Starz Edge on the Saturday following each original episode at 8:50 p.m. (ET/PT), plus it will be available to view on Starz On Demand and available for download on the new Vongo service. The LOOKING FOR STARS website,, provides weekly updates with exclusive pictures, outtakes, a behind-the-scenes blog by host Alan Hunter and more.

E! Entertainment Announces Programs Now Available On iTunes - Includes THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR And THE SIMPLE LIFE

E! Entertainment Television & Apple Announce the Debut of Hit Programs on the iTunes Music Store


E! Entertainment and Apple(R) today announced that hit programs from E! Entertainment Television are now available for purchase and download on the iTunes(R) Music Store ( ). New weekly episodes of the second season of hit series THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR, which debuts July 30 on E!, THE SOUP, E!′s irreverent look at the week′s biggest, best and most bizarre moments and events in the world of pop culture, the new season of DR. 90210, as well as all new episodes of THE SIMPLE LIFE: ′TIL DEATH DO US PART starring Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie will be available the day after broadcast for customers to purchase and download for just $1.99 per episode.

"This new partnership underscores our commitment to our E! Everywhere initiative, making E! content available to viewers on multiple platforms and on demand," said Ted Harbert, president and CEO, E! Entertainment. "We′re delighted to pursue this new programming opportunity with iTunes, allowing us to further expand the E! brand and reach even more entertainment fans."

"We′re thrilled to expand our growing video catalog with this original content from E! Entertainment Television," said Eddy Cue, Apple′s vice president of iTunes. "With over 35 million videos sold, iTunes provides the best way for fans to discover, purchase and download video online."

Season two of THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR debuts on E! on July 30, taking viewers beyond the gates and behind closed doors to reveal the world of Hugh Hefner and his three girlfriends Holly, Bridget and Kendra, as it has never been seen before. The premiere episode will also be available to purchase and download on iTunes on July 31. THE SIMPLE LIFE: ′TIL DEATH DO US PART follows the lives of Paris and Nicole as they undergo a crash course in marriage and motherhood, while DR. 90210 takes viewers inside the offices and homes of high profile Beverly Hills plastic surgeons. Past season episodes of THE SIMPLE LIFE, THE GIRLS NEXT DOOR and DR. 90210 are also immediately available for purchase and download.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING - The World Of Hollywood Real Estate Agents Coming To Bravo

From Open Houses To Final Offers, Top Real Estate Agents In Hollywood And Malibu Work To Sell The Next Hot Listing

Bravo will pull back the curtain on yet another familiar world to watch what happens when ten top agents in California′s tough real estate market stop at nothing to close the deal on the next MILLION DOLLAR LISTING. The six-episode, one-hour series will look at the high-stakes, cutthroat world of real estate in the high-priced fantasy lands of Malibu and Hollywood and introduce an array of colorful personalities including high-powered agents, sellers and buyers as their riveting lives intersect. MILLION DOLLAR LISTING premieres on Tuesday, August 29, 2006 from 9-10 PM, ET/PT.

There is an abundance of intense emotions when agents, homeowners and potential buyers lose their patience and their minds, as they all attempt to get the most out of their MILLION DOLLAR LISTING. The players range from a rookie agent just learning the ropes, to an agent who calls herself the "condo queen," as well as a violinist selling his multi-million dollar estate and a seller in Hollywood whose wife is urging him to unload his beloved dream house complete with a stripper pole.

"Whether you own property, aspire to own it or aspire to trade it, it′s part of our culture and it′s what everyone′s talking about," said Frances Berwick, Executive Vice President of Production and Programming for Bravo. "Everyone who has ever bought or sold a home knows that it is the ultimate in real drama and in MILLION DOLLAR LISTING, we get to watch the drama unfold through the eyes of a handful of charismatic realtors in Hollywood and Malibu."

MILLION DOLLAR LISTING will follow the trials and tribulations of two real estate companies, one in Hollywood and one in Malibu, to expose the intense work and competition that it takes to move the hot listing of the week. Each episode will showcase a real estate listing from Hollywood and a listing from Malibu, starting from the beginning of the selling process and hopefully to the coveted close. Over the course of the series, viewers will see the ups and downs as a dozen of California′s biggest and best homes go up for sale. The storylines range from a woman who is a hysterical divorcee forced to sell her multi-million dollar home, to an agent whose personal ties to the seller (her ex-fiance) get in the way of a potential sale. Each and every dramatic moment that unfolds will be revealed during these testing, high dollar negotiations.

* THE SCHMOOZER - Scotty Brown, Malibu agent, is a smooth talking former club promoter and rock and roll manager. He got into real estate because he likes people and he has a knack for getting people to like him. Scotty will attempt to sell a southern socialite′s mountaintop abode and a beautifully renovated home in an exclusive community, although the seller′s wife would rather stay behind the gates.

* TOP AGENT - Carol Bird is one of Malibu′s top producing agents. She sells millions of dollars worth of homes, but stays grounded by finding time each day to focus on herself. Carol attempts to sell a multi-acre, multi-million dollar horse estate of a quirky world-renowned violinist.

* THE CONDO QUEEN - Lydia Simon says she′s known as the "Condo Queen of Malibu." She does sell some homes, but her bread and butter are in beachfront condominiums. Lydia will try to set a new record high for a beachfront multi-million dollar condo, all while planning and hosting her wedding.

* THE ROOKIE - Madison Hildebrand is new on the real estate scene, but he′s quickly finding his footing on the sandy shores of Malibu. In his first six months, Madison has earned more than $200,000 in commissions. Madison discovers office politics as he tries to sell his first multi-million dollar listing.

* THE MOGUL - Chris Cortazzo has been selling real estate in Malibu for eleven years and is the third highest grossing Coldwell Banker agent in the world, with sales over $100 million each year for the past five years. Chris Cortazzo is asking top dollar for an exclusive beachfront bungalow.

* THE DIVA" AND "MR. NICE GUY" - Dia and Ray Schuldenfrei are in the top 1% of ReMax agents nationwide and have more than thirty years of experience selling homes in the Hollywood Hills. They′ve just come off one of their biggest years ever, selling millions of dollars in property. In the series, they will deal with a desperate divorcee forced to sell the home she loves.

* MR. HOLLYWOOD - Chase Campen, a new Hollywood agent, is married to Ray and Dia′s only daughter. After his wife gave birth to twins, he decided ramp up his real estate business in order to have a more flexible schedule. During the series, he′ll have to navigate the tough line between a seller who refuses to negotiate and a hard-line buyer.

* MR. MOM - Michael Wegmann, Hollywood agent, made his fortune in the dot-com industry, now he sells real estate as a hobby. During the series, he will try to sell the ultra modern home of a former record producer. He and his partner try to have a child during the series.

* THE BOMBSHELL - Shannon McLeod is brand new agent in the Hollywood ReMax office. In the series, she′ll attempt to sell her ex-fiancee′s $2.3 million house.

Bravo Announces TOP DESIGNER - Casting Call Underway For Creative Professions

Bravo announces series pick-up of TOP DESIGNER (working title), which was previously announced as a series in development under the TOP DECORATOR title. Bravo has partnered with Stone & Company Entertainment to bring viewers this new one-hour ten episode competition series searching for America'′s next great interior designer. Through a series of weekly pressure-filled challenges testing creativity, ingenuity and interpersonal skills, contestants will be competing for cash to start their own design firm and a spot in one of New York′s finest designer showcases. Contestants will be drawn together from all walks of life and will possess a range of skills and training. The announcement was made today by Frances Berwick, EVP, Programming & Production, Bravo.

"Bravo′s critically acclaimed reality competition shows that go inside creative professions have paved the way for the competitive spirit to thrive in an even more universal setting - the home," said Berwick. "This creative new series combines the fast-paced and upscale world of interior design with high pressure and entertaining competition."

With casting currently underway, trained professional interior designers, self-taught aspiring designers, and non-professional artists with a passion for interior design are invited to meet with TOP DESIGNER casting producers. For application information and submission guidelines, interested candidates may contact MysticArt Pictures, 818.563.4121 or, and visit

AMERICAN IDOL Finalist Katharine Mcphee To Co-Host THE VIEW, July 27 On ABC

AMERICAN IDOL finalist Katharine McPhee, 22, who hails from Sherman Oaks, CA is the scheduled celebrity guest co-host on ABC′s THE VIEW, live, Thursday, July 27 (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET). Ms. McPhee, who will be seated alongside co-hosts Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, will also perform the classic song "Somewhere over the Rainbow."

Show guests include comedian Kathy Griffin ("My Life on the D-List") and Brittany Snow ("John Tucker Must Die"). Co-host Joy Behar also hosts her "Month in ReVIEW" segment that features show highlights from July.

Since its launch, THE VIEW has received 20 Daytime Emmy(r) Awards, including Outstanding Talk Show. The show has received numerous nominations, including nine consecutive nominations for Outstanding Daytime Talk Show and Outstanding Talk Show Host. Now in its ninth season, THE VIEW is seen live Monday-Friday (11:00 a.m.-12:00 noon, ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck are the dynamic team of women who share their daily, no-holds-barred opinions and lively, colorful conversations. Their unmatched chemistry is the original forum where real women discuss relevant, everyday issues.

Travel Channel Announces MOMS ON THE ROAD: AFRICA - Cast Is Also Announced

Eight Moms Venture From Their Everyday Lives In America To A Life-Changing Experience For MOMS ON THE ROAD: AFRICA

Travel Channel is sending eight moms away from the comfort of their homes in the United States on a life-changing journey in MOMS ON THE ROAD: AFRICA. Premiering Thursday, September 28 at 9:00 PM (ET/PT) and Thursdays thereafter at 10:00 PM (ET/PT), the women set out across four countries in southern Africa - from Cape Town to Victoria Falls - for six weeks.

Despite the commonality of motherhood, the wide range of ages, ethnicities and personalities spark both friendship and tension through their experiences abroad and their lives back home; including race, poverty, their relationships with their spouses and for one, her sexuality. The eight women who embarked on this journey include:

* Tammy Wellnizt, Chadron, NE, a rancher who must leave the safety of her Nebraska farm to welcome the challenge of this trip.

* Pat Gay, Los Angeles, CA, a retired psychologist who spent many years counseling AIDS patients and has a strong interest in learning more about the impact of the epidemic in Africa.

* Adrienne Brawley, Vienna, VA, a housewife longing for her own adventure.

* Mary Beth Leland, Richmond, CA, a special ed teacher and violence prevention coordinator who believes the trip is an opportunity for enlightenment that she can bring back to her community in the United States.

* Camisha Williams, Chicago, IL, a part-time student and cook will use this trip as a catalyst for a monumental life decision.

* Jackie Nova, Tarzana, CA, an actress will experience a different culture for the first time.

* Amy Wimberger, Fort Collins, CO, a housewife and student who has embarked upon a courageous path of self-discovery. Amy O′Sullivan, South Haven, MI, a realtor ready to explore Africa and get away from the cold Michigan winter.

Traveling by overland truck, the women must learn how to cope with the complexities of modern Africa: from five-star luxury hotels to township hostels, nights under the stars among the wildlife to visiting AIDS orphanages and taking bush walks with the Masai. During this trip of self-discovery, each traveler takes the opportunity to re-evaluate her everyday life and return home with fresh perspectives on what really matters the most.

WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? Premieres Tomorrow Night - Cast Announced

SCI FI Channel, teamed with Bruce Nash′s Nash Entertainment (Meet My Folks, For Love or Money, Who Wants to Marry My Dad?) and legendary comic book creator Stan Lee (Spider-Man, Hulk, The Fantastic Four, X-Men), will produce a six-episode, one-hour weekly competition reality series that will challenge a lucky few to create their very own superhero and reward the winner with the best reality competition prize yet: immortality! All you′ll need is an original idea, a killer costume and some real superhero mojo. The winner of this six-week competition will walk away with their superhero immortalized in a new comic book created by Stan Lee himself!

In nationwide open casting calls, potential heroes will arrive in costume to prove their mettle - revealing the true nature of their superhuman abilities and invoking the noble credos by which they live. From these thousands of hopefuls, Stan Lee choose 11 lucky finalists to move into a secret lair and compete for the opportunity to become a real-life Superhero!

Finalists will leave their former lives behind and live as their brainchild heroes 24/7, all under Stan Lee′s watchful eye. Each week, our aspiring heroes will be challenged with competitions designed to test their true superhero abilities. It′s not all just leaping tall buildings in a single bound, a true Superhero will be tested for courage, integrity, self-sacrifice, compassion and resourcefulness. In the end, only one aspiring Superhero will have the strength and nobility to open the gates to comic book immortality.

The contestants have been announced and are Pictured above: (not in order) Mary Votava as Monkey Woman, E. Quincy Sloan as Ty′veculus, Nell Wilson as Fat Momma, Darren Passarello as Nitro, Tobias Trost as Levity, Matthew Atherton as Feedback, Chelsea Weld as Cell Phone Girl, Chris Watters as Major Victory, Tonatzin Mondragon as Lemuria, Tonya Kay as Creature, Steel Chambers as The Enforcer

WHO WANTS TO BE A SUPERHERO? premieres tomorrow night (Thursday, July 27th) at 9:00 pm EST on the SCI FI Channel.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Fox Orders Additional Seasons Of Summer′s Hottest Series, SO YOU THINK CAN DANCE AND HELL′S KITCHEN

FOX has picked up third seasons of the hit summer series SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE and HELL′S KITCHEN, it was announced by Peter Liguori, President, Fox Broadcasting Company. The two series have propelled the network to rank No. 1 for the summer among the key demo Adults 18-49.

"These shows have been integral to our summer success, and we are excited to be bringing them back next season," said Peter Liguori, President, Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Co.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE, last week′s No. 1 and No. 2 programs in Adults 18-49, has leaped over the competition this summer and ranks as the overall No. 1 show in the demo. Compared to its performance last summer, the Wednesday/Thursday average of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE demonstrates impressive gains, increasing +19% among Adults 18-49, +21% among Adults 18-34, +13% among Teens and +19% in Total Viewers.

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE has America moving to a different beat, as dancers skilled in every style from "street" to ballroom compete to be named America′s favorite dancer and win amazing prizes. This season′s winner will not only receive $100,000, but also a new car and a year′s contract to appear in Celine Dion′s "A New Day" production at The Colosseum, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

HELL′S KITCHEN starves off the competition on Monday nights as it ranks No. 1 in its time period among the key demos of Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34 and Teens. Compared to its debut last summer, HELL′S KITCHEN showed impressive gains, increasing +16% among Adults 18-49, +26% among Adults 18-34 and +10% in Total viewers.

The wannabe chefs of HELL′S KITCHEN are trying to withstand the heat, as fiery, world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay puts one by one on his chopping block in his quest to discover - or create - America′s next culinary star. The "steaks" are high as the contestants vie for the ultimate mouth-watering prize - the coveted title of Executive Chef of a luxurious fine-dining restaurant at the brand-new Red Rock Casino Resort and Spa in Las Vegas.

STRICTLY DR. DREW Premieres Tonight On Discovery Health Channel

STRICTLY DR. DREW is a unique mixture of celebrity interviews, audience feedback, discussions with experts and man-on-the-street interviews. Drawing from over 20 years of medical experience, Dr. Drew delves into a wide range of health topics, providing valuable knowledge to those seeking to improve their lives.

Dr. Drew partners with leading medical and health experts to uncover the truth about addiction, unlock the differences between the sexes, and reveal what your children are really up to. Viewers will hear from television star Danny Bonaduce about his battle with drugs and alcohol, and share stories of survival with Katie Couric, Sharon Osbourne and Lance Armstrong. From common health issues to surprising disorders, STRICTLY DR. DREW covers it all.

STRICTLY DR. DREW airs every Tuesday night at 10:00 pm on Discovery Health Channel.

Lifetime Confirms Premiere Date Of THE FANTASIA BARRINO STORY - AMERICAN IDOL Winner


Scheduled to air Saturday, August 19, 9:00 PM-11:00 PM ET/PT; Sunday, August 20, 8:00 PM-10:00 PM ET/PT; Monday, August 21, 9:00 PM-11:00 PM ET/PT

The true story of 2004 AMERICAN IDOL winner, Fantasia Barrino (playing herself) and directed by Debbie Allen.Ê A teenage single mother, Fantasia overcame sexual abuse, poverty, and illiteracy, by using her incredible voice to rise to national prominence as the winner of the third installment of the hit television show, AMERICAN IDOL.

THE FANTASIA BARRINO STORY: LIFE IS NOT A FAIRY TALE stars Fantasia Barrino, Loretta Devine, Viola Davis, Kadeem Hardison and Jamia Simone Nash.

Fox Announces CELEBRITY DUETS - Famous Celebrities Team Up In Singing Contest

Cyndi Lauper, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, Randy Travis, Brian Mcknight, Macy Gray, Patti Labelle, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Khan, Richard Marx, Michael Bolton, Clint Black And Aaron Neville Among Grammy-Winning And No. 1 Artists Scheduled To Perform On CELEBRITY DUETS On FOX

David Foster Set to Judge Celebrity Performers

CELEBRITY DUETS pairs recording superstars with celebrities not famous for singing in hopes of their making beautiful music together. Grammy Award-winning and No. 1 artists Cyndi Lauper, Smokey Robinson, Dionne Warwick, Randy Travis, Brian McKnight, Macy Gray, Patti LaBelle, Kenny Loggins, Chaka Khan, Richard Marx, Michael Bolton, Clint Black and Aaron Neville, among others, are scheduled to perform alongside celebrity partners on CELEBRITY DUETS. In addition, legendary composer, arranger and producer David Foster will serve as a judge for the weekly singing competition. Celebrity competitors, additional recording superstars and other show participants will be announced.

The show will premiere on a one-time-only special night with a two-hour episode Tuesday, Aug. 29 (8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX (encoring Thursday, Aug. 31 8:00-10:00 PM ET/PT on FOX). Beginning Thursday, Sept. 7 (9:00-10:00 PM ET Live/PT Tape-delayed), CELEBRITY DUETS will air LIVE in its regular Thursday night time slot.

Each week, celebrity participants - as long as they remain in the competition - will be paired with a different recording superstar. The show will follow the celebrities as they are mentored by their weekly recording artist partners, choose songs and perform popular duets live in front of a panel of judges, a studio audience and television viewers.

After each performance episode, viewers will vote for their favorite celebrity performers, with the results announced live on the weekly results show beginning Friday, Sept. 8 (9:00-10:00 PM) on FOX. The celebrity with the fewest votes each week will be eliminated from the competition. The winning celebrity will emerge from the competition in perfect harmony, and a substantial cash prize will be donated to the charity of his or her choice.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Floyd Nolan First Contestant Voted Off From New Reality Series THE MESSENGER

By Elaine James

Premiering Sunday night, THE MESSENGERS sent 10 contestants to face the harsh reality of being homeless for 24 hours on the downtown streets of Los Angeles′ Skid Row. Dropping them off in the poorest section of the city, their bus driver, once homeless himself, gives the contestants tips on how to seek out shelter and find food before leaving them to fend for themselves.

Now at the mercy of the streets and its inhabitants, the contestants face their fears of the raw city. Many have emotional breakdowns as they are exposed to the stories of the homeless. The residents of Skid Row make it very obvious to the contestants that though they would be going home to their normal lives after 24 hours; this is the normal life for the thousands of homeless that live on Skid Row. This simple truth helped the contestants realize the despair, heartbreak, and determination from the people who call these streets home. The next morning, their "bus driver" returns to reveal that is actually the director of operations for the Midnight Mission homeless shelter who, despite being a Stanford graduate, hit rock bottom and found himself living on these streets for 17 years.

The contestants were given the topic of "Charity" and the advice from panelists Richard Greene and Bobby Schuller to "make it authentic." The contestants took this advice to heart to pull from their experiences and present 10 very unique speeches to a studio audience. Told to vote for the contestant who moved them the most, the audience makes the decision of who will stay to continue on the next round.

With the least amount of votes, Floyd Nolan, self-described "truth seeker" was sent home. His laid-back style and way too beyond the norm speech that opened with the phrase, "I′m gonna make this quick because I gotta pee," lost him credibility with the audience and therefore sent him back to his California home.

The foundation of each episode, airing Sundays at 10:00 pm EST on TLC, is a field trip designed to give the speakers a profound learning experience - the opportunity to live life by walking in someone else′s shoes. In subsequent episodes, field trips will range from the participants living as a blind or wheelchair-bound individual for a day, to sharing in a powerful moment of forgiveness between a man convicted of vehicular homicide and the deceased mother. At the end of each trip, the group is given the speaking topics and will appear before a studio audience. At the conclusion of the series, one speaker will be crowned THE MESSENGER and will be awarded a publishing deal and the opportunity to host their own TLC special.

FOX Announce Two Part Seaon Finale For SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

Contestants Prepare For Victory Dance On SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE Two-Part Finale

Top Four Compete in Finale Showdown on Wednesday, August 9; America′s Vote Revealed As Winner is Crowned Live Wednesday, August 16, on FOX

It′s "Wednesday Night Fever" as SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE gets closer to naming America′s favorite dancer. Only four contestants will make it to the final showdown in the two-part season finale airing on two consecutive Wednesdays, Wednesday, Aug. 9 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) and Wednesday, Aug. 16 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

In part one of the season finale on Aug. 9, the Final 4 will perform in hopes of winning America′s votes. After the show, viewers will have two hours to cast their votes for their favorite dancers.

On the night everyone has been waiting for, part two of the season finale on Aug. 16, the voting results will be revealed and America′s favorite dancer will be crowned. The winner will dance away with a $100,000 cash prize, along with a new car and a one-year contract with Celine Dion′s Las Vegas show, "A New Day."

Compared to its performance last summer, the Wed/Thu average of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE shows impressive gains, increasing +19% among Adults 18-49 (3.8/12 vs. 3.2/10), +21% among Adults 18-34 (4.0/13 vs. 3.3/11), +13% among Teens (2.7/11 vs. 2.4/9) and +19% in Total Viewers (9.5 vs. 8.0 Mil).

Saturday, July 22, 2006

USA Network Searching For Interesting Folks For CHARACTER ROAD TRIP

At its heart, Character Road Trip is a celebration of what makes our country great. Each week they′ll join their hosts as they travel the country in search of great characters that have unique qualities, hidden talents and unforgettable personalities. Help them find the characters that make us USA.

What They Are Looking For:

Whether it′s someone who has the world′s largest banana collection, Superman collection, writes symphonies for tugboats, or is The Thai Elvis impersonator; they want to know who you are!

If you think you have what it takes, or know someone that is ready to have their chance in the spotlight APPLY NOW by going to

DEAL OR NO DEAL Week To Offer Over 20 Million Dollars This Fall

Interactive "Play at Home Lucky Case Game" Will Give Away Total of $1 Million Live Over the Course of the Week

NBC′s hit game show DEAL OR NO DEAL, starring Howie Mandel, will return to the Fall schedule with an exhilarating premiere week featuring four nights of fun and big prize money, giving away over $20 million to lucky contestants -- with another $1 million live over the course of the week to viewers at home with the interactive "Play at Home Lucky Case Game." The series will kick off with a special two-hour premiere on Monday, September 18 (8-10 p.m. ET) and will air on Tuesday, September 19 (8-9 p.m. ET), Thursday, September 21 (9-10 p.m. ET) and Friday, September 22 (8-9 p.m. ET).

Beginning on Monday, the top prize in the first game will be $1 million and will escalate by an additional $1 million as each game progresses throughout the week, culminating with a record $6 million -- the highest ever top prize offered on the show. The total prize money up for grabs during premiere week comes to a staggering $22 million.

In addition, lucky viewers at home will have a chance to win big money with the "Play at Home Lucky Case Game," a live interactive game where viewers can text on their cell phones or by logging onto the DEAL OR NO DEAL website at An unprecedented total of $1 million will be given away on the four telecasts during premiere week.

At various points in the show, viewers will be alerted on how to play the "Play at Home Lucky Case Game" and all of the viewers who correctly selected the lucky case will be pooled together with the winner chosen at random. The "Lucky Case" will be revealed and the winner will be announced live at the end of the each show.

Following the premiere week, DEAL OR NO DEAL will air Mondays (8-9 p.m. ET) and Thursdays (9-10 p.m. ET) on a weekly basis in its regular time periods beginning Monday, September 25.

Hosted by Howie Mandel, DEAL OR NO DEAL is an international hit game show from Endemol USA. Contestants on the show play for a top prize of $1 million in a high-energy match of nerves, instincts and raw intuition. Each night, the game of odds and chance unfolds when a contestant faces 26 sealed briefcases containing anything from a measly penny to $1 million. Without knowing the amount in each briefcase, the contestant picks one -- his to keep, if he chooses, until its unsealing at game′s end. The game kicks into high gear when the amount of cash in each case is revealed to the contestant round-by-round - and is tempted after each round by a mysterious entity known only as "the Banker" to accept an offer of cash in exchange for what might be contained in the contestant′s chosen briefcase -- prompting Mandel to ask the all-important question -- DEAL OR NO DEAL?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Jenny Glat - Third Person Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Jenny Galt had a look and sound that appealed to the casting crew and producers of the reality TV, rockumentary ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

The look of Jenny Galt? Blonde hair, tight body, a Barbie-doll rocker if you will.

The sound of Jenny Galt? Soft, kind, a tad twangy and yes... Lilith Fair girlie.

Ultimately, that look / sound combo did not fit what Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clark were looking for. The lack of horsepower in the throat may have been the clincher.

Wednesday night, Jenny Galt became the third ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA Contestant eliminated from David Goffin′s rock odyssey. (Fyi, Jenny was the first contestant with a vagina to exit the competition.)

We were lucky to meet up with Jenny Galt earlier yesterday. It was great to connect with the Canadian singer. Especially considering that Jenny Galt got such little airplay (AKA DRRRAAAHHHH-MAAH) on ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

ReX: So let′s start with a really, really tough question!!!!!

Jenny Galt: Okay.

ReX: Peanut or Chocolate M&Ms?

Jenny Galt: Hmmm. It really depends. But, I'd say chocolate. Yah. Chocolate.

ReX: Gotcha.

Jenny Galt: I also like Reese′s Peanut Butter Cups and Nutella.

ReX: Let me guess you eat Nutella on a spoon with no bread or anything right?

Jenny Galt: You know it!

ReX: Ha-hahhhhh. I don′t know anyone who eats Nutella via the spread method.

Jenny Galt: Yah, me neither.

ReX: Oh yah, back to the interview... Where are you right now?

Jenny Galt: I′m sequestered for the press in a Hollywood Hotel. It′s kinda weird. I′m in limbo actually. I′m off ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA but they won′t give me back me wallet, phone and stuff.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Well.... Today is a good day too. I get some added exposure to the press and I get to say what I really want to say!

ReX: Okay. What do you want to say?

Jenny Galt: [3 seconds of silence] I want to say that this experience has made me into a new person. I learned a shitload over the past few weeks - about music, about me. I′ve got lots to share.

I′m a free agent now, a solo artist and it′s time to take the world by storm.

ReX: Huh. Quite the transformation, right?

Jenny Galt: Yah. I never knew how much fear controls me. I′ve been so scared for so long - with my work, my music. Shit. I′ve even held off on getting a tattoo because of things like work.

ReX: When did all this hit you?

Jenny Galt: It was during the last performance. I could see the others rockin′ it. I knew I was gonna get burned with my track. Gilby was right. It was a step in the wrong direction.

I played it way to safe. Now, I′m like "Screw It!"

I have a new motto. It goes ′Living in fear makes the world small′. I′m stoked!

ReX: Right on momma. Hey. Gotta ask. Did you ever go swimming in that pool at the mansion? It looks soooooooo delicious?

Jenny Galt: Yah man. The pool was right outside my room. We went in it all the time! It was great for the parties and stuff.

ReX: Parties? Hmmmmmm. Tell me about those? Lots of drinking, yah?

Jenny Galt: Ummmm. Yah, I′d say it depended on the night. But, if we didn′t have an early shoot, you could bet that someone was partying at the Mansion.

One night, we had a great party with the press, Tommy, Jason... It was beyond fun. And, really nice to talk with other people.

As for the booze, it never hurts to have a little drink to ease the stress. I mean this is a pretty crazy experience.

To read more of′s Exclusive Interview with Jenny Galt, you can visit their website by Clicking Here

In a partnership with Rock Star Go Home, is offering Exclusive Content including interviews and more from for the new Hit Reality TV Show ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA. is the home for The FREE Fantasy Game For ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA!

Emmy Nominated DOG WHISPERER Week Coming To The National Geographic Channel

He′s everyone′s favorite dog behavior expert. And starting Sunday, July 30, fans can watch Cesar Millan demonstrate his calm, assertive guidance - all week! Join NGC for three world premiere episodes plus favorite moments as Cesar rehabilitates dogs and trains their owners in NGC′s DOG WHISPERER Week.


Sunday, July 30 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Ray and Linda Forman adopted Sugar, a three month old beagle. Sugar has proved to be anything but sweet - chewing on anything and pulling things off tables and counters. How will Cesar take Sugar off her own sugar high? Next, Cesar meets Brigitte Englahner, who has three German shepherds - Dax, Pete and Nixa. For six years, Brigitte has been trying to keep the peace by alternating the three competitive dogs between rooms due to the power struggle to become "top" dog. How will Cesar stop this ridiculous rotation? Next, meet Malcolm and Judi Sitkoff, who were enjoying a quiet life until Snowflake, a fluffy Bichon Frise, arrived. Snowflake has warmed up to Malcolm but still gives Judi the cold shoulder. Judi is so afraid Snowflake might bite her in the middle of night that she now sleeps in the living room recliner. How will Cesar take the bite out of this Bichon?


Monday, July 31 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Winston, a two-year old Yorkie, may look sweet but when he is taken on walks he attacks his leash, plants and one-year old fellow Yorkie, Oliver. Owners Tom and Valerie are worried Winston is getting more and more neurotic. How will Cesar be able to temper Winston′s destructive nature? Then, Cesar meets the Burtons, who have three Championship bull terriers. One of them, Bikini, has a dangerous habit of attacking bigger dogs - seeming to turn from a mild-mannered puppy into the "Incredible Hulk." How will Cesar put this bully Bull Terrier in her place? Finally, Cesar meets single mom Cindy and her adopted Jack Russell/Italian greyhound named Fella. Cindy faces possible eviction from her apartment because Fella constantly barks while she is at work. How will Cesar soothe this frantic Fella?

10:00 PM ET/PT
A rescued dog that likes to munch on other animals, a poodle that spins uncontrollably and a bulldog that goes crazy for skateboard wheels are tonight′s troubled canines. Buddy is a Labrador/Staffordshire mix found abandoned on the street. While very friendly to people, Buddy is vicious towards small animals. Can Cesar teach Buddy to respect all creatures, great and small? Teddy the spinning poodle turns into a Tasmanian Devil every time a car passes by. Cesar works to calm Teddy′s twirling - something previous trainers have not been able to accomplish. And Matilda′s an English bulldog who also loves to munch - on skateboard wheels! Can Cesar help curb her appetite for rubber?


Tuesday, August 1 at 9:00 PM ET/PT (World Premiere)
Cesar Millan′s Dog Psychology Center in Los Angeles is both home and refuge to nearly 50 dogs, boasting canines from celebrity clients to those deemed "unfixable," to dogs belonging to the Millan family itself. In fact, many of the canine rescues at the center were about to be put down until Cesar came to the rescue. Now the pack lives in harmony, and is a vital tool for Cesar and his rehabilitation of other problem dogs. In one of the most intimate and revealing episodes, witness some of Cesar′s most memorable pack moments and experience for yourself the Power of the Pack.

10:00 PM ET/PT
JonBee, a once-stray Korean Jindo dog, loves affection from his owners - but only when they walk him outdoors. Inside the house, JonBee turns into a vicious attack dog if anyone comes near him. His owners fear that, without Cesar′s help, they may have to give JonBee to a shelter. Next, Cesar meets Hudson, an insane Dane. His family had two great Danes they adored, one of whom died. Hudson was brought home as the newest member of the family, but he has completely taken over the house, even forcing his owners out of their own bed! Finally Cesar becomes matchmaker to Buford, a "spoiled rotten" boxer who won′t accept a new mate since his former companion, Daisy Mae, passed away. Can Cesar help find the perfect bride for Buford?


9:00 PM ET/PT
A German shepherd terrified of people, two dachshunds with sibling rivalry and an escape artist pug that runs away are the problem pooches in tonight′s episode. Sonny is a rescued German shepherd terrified of all people except his owner. Sonny routinely joins his owner at a center for special needs patients, but stays under the desk crippled with fear. With Cesar′s help, Sonny learns to bring joy to the lives of his owner′s mentally disabled clients. Next, Cesar meets a dachshund named Cinnamon who is an unrelenting bully to her dachshund housemate, Chocolate. Finally, Cesar must teach Boo, a pug that never listens, that an open door is not an invitation to run away. Can Cesar teach Boo′s owner how to take control?

10:00 PM ET/PT
The Browns have tried everything from obedience classes to spray bottles, but nothing seems to help their min pin siblings named Vicky and Taz. Vicky has bitten four people, Taz is becoming more aggressive and a vet has recommended that the dogs be put down. The Browns turn to Cesar as their last hope. Next, Cesar meets Amanda Yates, who throws rocks for her pit pull mix, Punkin, to chase. The behavior was cute at first, but now Punkin acts like the rocks are valuable and will attack other dogs if he suspects they are coming after his rock. Amanda calls on Cesar to help Punkin let go of his "rocky" past. Then, meet Molly Schiot, who lured a white terrier mix named Maddy from a skittish pack of dogs. After an initial period of shyness, Maddy turned out to be the sweetest dog ever. But somewhere in her past, Maddy had developed an intense fear of men. This fear has now put a huge crimp on Molly′s social life. How will Cesar be able to turn this terrified terrier into an equal-opportunity sweetie?


9:00 PM ET/PT
Two-year old Duke, a Doberman mix, has been banned from several dog parks because he instigates fights between dogs. Can Cesar work with Duke and his owner to calm his assertive tendencies? Next, Cesar meets Lulu, an eight month old Pomeranian, who thinks she is the queen of the dog park. She charges the other dogs ordering them around, but when they turn on her, she doesn′t know what to do. The bossy Pomeranian may finally have met her match with Cesar. Finally, Cesar meets Sparky, a terrier mix, who acts uncontrollably aggressive towards other animals causing his owner to fear he may not pass the final test to become a service dog. But the real challenge is Sparky's owner, AJ, who suffers from panic attacks. Will a trip to Cesar′s Dog Psychology Center calm AJ and Sparky's anxiety? And will Sparky be able to pass the service test?

10:00 PM ET/PT
DOG WHISPERER comes to the rescue of former James Bond girl Denise Richards. Wild Things actress turns to renowned dog behavior expert Cesar Millan to learn how to be the "Pack Leader." At home, Denise finds herself battling daily with a different pack of wild things... her three dogs, Lucy, Hank and Betty. Denise has owned her dogs since they were puppies, but they seem to be running the household now! Lucy the Boston terrier, Hank the French bulldog and Betty the pug all have one thing in common: they do whatever they want, whenever they want. Can Cesar help Denise regain control of her pack? Viewers will also meet the Pack family and their miniature pinscher Chip. Chip has a nasty habit of nipping at visitors and after a failed attempt with a dog trainer, the Packs are at a complete loss. Chip′s nips have now turned into bites that have drawn blood and even required stitches. Can Cesar show the Packs how to become pack leaders and remove the mean streak in the mini pin? And finally, meet lazy Leo, a 10-month-old basset hound that sometimes refuses to walk, forcing his owner Linda to literally drag him home. To help out on this unusual case, Cesar enlists two members of his pack: Coco the Chihuahua and Luigi, a 7-year-old Lhasa Apso belonging to Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith. Can Cesar teach Linda to master the walk? And how will Leo react to Cesar′s pack?


8:00 PM ET/PT
First, meet Boomer, a Chesapeake Bay retriever, who barks incessantly and refuses to come out of the pool and constantly needs to be the center of household attention. The barking has the neighbors furious and owners Jody and Cristy′s relationship under severe strain. Cesar steps in to save the day. Then, we meet Josh, a lively Maltese-poodle mix, who will not let anyone with a brush or pair of scissors near him. He would much rather chase the vacuum cleaner or run in circles around the house. Try to keep him still and you might get bitten. Then, meet Sueki, the Shih Tzu, who won′t walk on a leash no matter what the owners, Eula and Anthon Manocchi, do. Finally, we meet Coach, the second boxer adopted by the Alberts family. Unfortunately, Coach was nothing like their first boxer - Mocha. Coach′s behavior gets out of control when he gets reported to Animal Control after attacking a neighbor.

9:00 PM ET/PT
Lori Lober rescued Greta, a pregnant Akita, from the side of a freeway and helped her deliver puppies. She gave away all the puppies but one, Hoss. As Hoss grew, his dog-aggression grew with him. Just seeing a dog outside caused him to go nuts, once even breaking a window. Can Cesar help Hoss control his aggression and save Lori′s house from being destroyed? Then, the Blatti family′s Newfoundland, Storm, won′t eat. After numerous trips to the vet and no solid answers, the family is calling in Cesar - in hopes of beefing up Storm′s appetite. Also, Jack and Rita Stroud′s two-year old Shiba Inu, Chula, has a knack for bolting out open doors. With the help of a new GPS-based tool and some good old calm-assertive energy, Cesar sets out to make Chula more of a homebody.

10:00 PM ET/PT
First, Cesar meets Pasha, a lab/beagle mix, who is so vicious and uncontrollable she can′t be around other dogs. Owner Bradley Minkoff walks her three times a day but she still tries to bite joggers and growls at children. Pasha has been to a private trainer and dog training classes but neither had helped. How will Cesar help socialize this canine misfit? Next, Victoria McMinimy and Armin Rahm had been blissfully married just six weeks... until they put their dogs together! The biggest problem was Armin′s aggressive shepherd mix, Cosmo, whose belligerent behavior has escalated to biting. Victoria is expecting a child and she is concerned about Cosmo being too dangerous. Can Cesar help turn around him in time? Finally, Cesar meets Contessa, a 2-year old shar-pei who has a very unusual problem - she is aggressive toward the television set! In fact, the show she'′st obsessive about is DOG WHISPERER! Will Linda and Nichols have to forgo DOG WHISPERER forever? How will Cesar turn Contessa into a more polite television viewer?

Nakomis Voted Out On The BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS

The BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS Houseguests Give Nakomis The Boot

James Rhine Wins Head Of Household

After being nominated for eviction by Head of Household Kaysar Ridha (BB6), Jennifer "Nakomis" Dedmon (BB5) was evicted last night from the BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS House by a vote of 8-2 by her fellow Houseguests (the two nominees do not vote and the Head of Household only votes in the event of a tie). On Tuesday, Erika won the Power of Veto, but chose to leave the nominations as they stood, leaving Nakomis and Diane Henry (BB5) on the chopping block.

During last night′s live broadcast, the 23-year-old hostess from San Antonio, Tex., learned her fate and left the House. After leaving BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS, Nakomis was interviewed by Julie Chen about her experience.

With Big Brother 6 players dominating the game thus far and retaining power this past week with another Head of Household victory, the anti-BB6 sentiment is growing stronger.

The Houseguests compete each Thursday to become Head of Household. The perks of the position include having a luxurious private bedroom and bathroom, as well as a plasma screen spy cam to monitor other Houseguests′ activities. However, it also includes the responsibility of having to nominate two fellow Housemates for eviction. On the weeks when there are veto challenges, one of the nominees can be saved from the chopping block if they or another Housemate wins the Power of Veto competition and chooses to save one of the nominees, while giving themselves immunity from nomination. If they choose to use the veto power, the Head of Household must immediately choose another nominee.

After last night′s eviction, the houseguests competed in a competition called "Pay Attention" to see who would become the next Head of Household. James Rhine, the 30-year-old Loss Prevention Manager originally from Miami, Fla. and currently residing in Chicago, Ill., won the coveted position.

For more information about the aftermath of Nakomis′ eviction from BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS, log on to

BIG BROTHER: ALL-STARS follows the relationships and conflicts of players who live together in a house outfitted with dozens of cameras and microphones recording their every move 24 hours a day. One by one, the houseguests will vote each other out of the house. At the end of three months, the last remaining houseguest will receive the grand prize of $500,000. While living together in a confined space won′t be anything new to the Houseguests, choosing between any pre-existing relationships and building new alliances could be a challenge.


AMERICA′S GOT TALENT to Return at Mid-season While LAST COMIC STANDING Will Return Next Summer

NBC has picked up an additional season each of its popular summer alternative series AMERICA′S GOT TALENT and LAST COMIC STANDING. AMERICA′S GOT TALENT (Wednesdays, 8-10 p.m. ET and Thursdays, 9-10 p.m. ET) will return to the NBC schedule at mid-season while LAST COMIC STANDING (Tuesdays, 9-10 p.m. ET) will resume next summer with all-new episodes. The announcement was made today by Kevin Reilly, President, NBC Entertainment.

"Both of these series have been bright spots on the summer television landscape," said Reilly. "We think they′ll be around for a long time."

As of July 19, AMERICA′S GOT TALENT the new break-out series of the summer, is averaging a 3.8 rating, 12 share in adults 18-49 and 11.3 million viewers overall this summer, making it the #1 original summer series in total viewers. AMERICA′S GOT TALENT has improved the Wednesday 9-10 p.m. (ET) slot over NBC′s 18-49 average for the same nights last summer by 74 percent.

LAST COMIC STANDING has ranked among the week′s top-10 programs with each of its original telecasts this summer. Averaging a 3.7 rating, 10 share in adults 18-49 and 8.2 million viewers overall, "Last Comic Standing" has increased the Tuesday 9-10 p.m. (ET) hour by 95 percent versus NBC′s average in the time period last summer.

Hosted by Anthony Clark ("Yes, Dear"), LAST COMIC STANDING is the Emmy Award-nominated series that takes viewers on a nationwide talent search for the funniest comedians in America. Outrageous contests, surprise guests and unexpected twists and turns make for a lively competition with America ultimately choosing the winner who gets an exclusive talent contract with NBC and their own comedy special on Bravo.

AMERICA′S GOT TALENT is from Simon Cowell and FremantleMedia, the producers of AMERICAN IDOL, and is hosted by television legend Regis Philbin ("Live with Regis & Kelly"). The talent competition series brings the variety format back to the forefront of American culture showcasing the hottest performers from across the country, all vying for a $1 million grand prize, with the winner being chosen by the television viewing audience.

Each week, the show features a colorful array of hopeful future stars -- singers, dancers, comedic performers and unique acts of all ages who have a chance to strut and perform in front of a panel of celebrity judges, including actor, singer and executive producer David Hasselhoff ("Baywatch"), Grammy Award-winning singer and actress Brandy ("Moesha"), and United Kingdom television-media personality Piers Morgan.

AMERICAN IDOL Los Angeles Auditions Move To The Rose Bowl Tuesday, August 8

Due to a scheduling conflict, AMERICAN IDOL′s Los Angeles auditions have moved to the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, on Tuesday, August 8th. Audition dates for the sixth edition of AMERICAN IDOL will continue in six additional cities, including San Antonio, East Rutherford, Birmingham, Memphis, Minneapolis and Seattle. One lucky auditioner will join the prestigious group of singers who have been crowned AMERICAN IDOL - Kelly Clarkson, Ruben Studdard, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood and newest "Idol" Taylor Hicks.

Audition dates for the additional cities are as follows:

San Antonio, TX Friday, August 11 - Alamodome
East Rutherford, NJ Monday, August 14 - Continental Airlines Arena
Birmingham, AL Monday, August 21 - BJCC
Memphis, TN Sunday, September 3 - FedExForum
Minneapolis, MN Friday, September 8 - Target Center
Seattle, WA Tuesday, September 19 - Key Arena

Audition information for these cities will be announced shortly. Season six of AMERICAN IDOL will premiere in January 2007 on FOX.

WHO: Men and women 16 to 28 years old on August 6, 2006, and eligible to work in the United States. Restrictions apply - please go to for specifics.

WHEN: Tuesday, August 8, 2006
LINEUP: Wristbands will be given out from Sunday, August 6 (starting time TBA), until 8:00 AM on Tuesday, August 8. Auditioners will not be permitted to camp out; therefore, once they obtain their wristbands, they will be asked to return to the Rose Bowl on Tuesday, August 8. Additional information is available at

WHERE: Rose Bowl
1001 Rose Bowl Dr.,
Pasadena, CA 91103

Additional audition information, including forms and requirements, is available at:

Martha Nichols And Dmitry Chaplin Are Eliminated On SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE

New Record Set With Almost 8 Million Votes Cast Top 8 Dancers Will Compete On The Next Performance Show Wednesday, July 26, On FOX

A new record was set after Wednesday′s SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE performance show when viewers cast nearly 8 million votes for their favorite dancers. The hit series shimmied past the competition this week as the Top 10 finalists performed two routines with a partner and one solo on Wednesday, and singer/dancer Chris Brown performed his hit single "Give Me That."

Compared to its average last summer, the Wed/Thu average of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE shows impressive gains including +19% among Adults 18-49, +21% among Adults 18-34, +13% among Teens and +19% in Total Viewers.

Based on voting totals after Wednesday′s performance show, the bottom two guys were Ryan Rankine and Dmitry Chaplin, and the bottom two girls were Martha Nichols and Natalie Fotopoulos. It was revealed last night that the guy and the girl who received the fewest votes were Nichols and Chaplin. Nichols, 19, is a contemporary/hip-hop specialist from Raleigh, NC; and Chaplin, 24, is a ballroom dancer from New York, NY.

The Top 8 dancers - top four guys Ivan Koumaev, Ryan Rankine, Benji Schwimmer and Travis Wall; and top four girls Natalie Fotopoulos, Heidi Groskreutz, Allison Holker and Donyelle Jones - will compete on the performance show Wednesday, July 26 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT). They will again perform three times - two routines with a partner and one solo dance. The following night, two more dancers will go home on the live results show Thursday, July 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET live/PT tape-delayed) on FOX.

NBC Now Casting For Second Season Of AMERICA′S GOT TALENT

Do you want to show America that you have Talent?

Audition on videotape today!

NBC is accepting video submissions for the next season of AMERICA′S GOT TALENT. Please download and complete the two forms below and send them in with a VHS or DVD showcasing your talent.

Please try to keep your tape′s length to no more than 2 minutes.

Download the Casting Information Sheet and release form by going to:

3412 1/2 West Magnolia Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91505

Also keep checking back for information about possible auditions in a city near you.

COVER SHOT Starring Supermodel Frederique To Premiere August 18 on TLC

TLC And Supermodel Frederique Unleash The Inner And Outer Beauty Of Women In New Series COVER SHOT -- Renowned Photographer Richard Dean′s Lens Show That Everyone Has the Beauty to be a Magazine Cover Model

The models from distinguished fashion magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Elle, W and Glamour are the envy of women from across the globe - young, beautiful, seductive, skinny, perfect. TLC dispels common myths about beauty, proving that anyone can look and feel like a cover model, if only given the right ingredients - hair, makeup, clothing - and a creative team of experts to support and transform them.

In a new series slated to debut on Friday, August 18, 2006 at 10 PM (ETIPT) with back-to-back half-hour episodes, TLC′s COVER SHOT takes one every day woman in their 30s or 40s and fulfills their dream of going from "super mom to super model." During each half-hour episode of COVER SHOT, host and model Frederique van der Wal leads a creative team headed by photographer Richard Dean. Together, they take one everyday woman and show her (and the audience) that they belong on the cover of a magazine if given the best resources in the business. Viewers see the inner workings of a fashion shoot, and at the end of each episode, the dramatic reveal of the "supermodel." Not only will the fruits of the creative team′s labor be realized in the transformation, but COVER SHOT brings the "cover model" to New York City for an even bigger reveal - her glamorous photo spread on a giant billboard for millions to see in the Big Apple!

"In COVER SHOT, viewers see intriguing personal stories of growth and the struggles with inner beauty," noted David Abraham, executive vice president and general manager of TLC. "And with the talented Frederique to guide them through an amazing transformation, COVER SHOT will deliver a fantasy many women only dream of fulfilling."

Filmed on location from a custom-built studio in Brooklyn, TLC and Frederique assemble a special team of wardrobe stylists, makeup professionals and hair experts suited to each woman who will be the subject of Richard Dean′s keen photographic eye. Filmed over two and a half days, each woman is given the star treatment from Frederique picking them up from their homes in a limousine, to being outfitted in elegant, designer clothing, to undergoing the latest in facial and skin regimens, among other exclusive luxuries. What hard-working mother or singleton wouldn′t bask in the glow of COVER SHOT?

The online experience for COVER SHOT will be as vibrant as the television component. The official Web site for the series, located at will feature Webisode diaries from all of the women to capture their innermost feelings about the experience. The site will also include a Budget Beauty Streaming Video that gives tips to visitors so they can put together designer looks at bargain prices and Tips from Richard Dean on how to take fabulous passport and driver license photos!

Frederique van der Wal, one of the most recognized faces in the modeling world, has taken the phenomenal global success she enjoys in the worlds of fashion & beauty, and translated them into a diverse career in fashion, television and numerous entrepreneurial ventures. She has graced the covers of all the top beauty and fashion magazines worldwide, including Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and has been involved in prestigious campaigns including Revlon, Guess?, MCI and Victoria′s Secret. She has also appeared in numerous film and television projects.

FOX Announces Open Casting Call For New Game Show SHOW ME THE MONEY

Do you think you should be one of America′s newest multi-millionaires? If you are over 21 and you think America would love to see you potentially win millions of dollars, they are looking for you!

You could win potentially one of the biggest prizes in game show history!

Endemol USA, the producer of the hit reality series DEAL OR NO DEAL, has a new game show where you can potentially win millions of dollars with very little skill involved! They are casting contestants with great stories and tons of energy!

SHOW ME THE MONEY is holding open casting calls in the following cities.

Open Casting Calls

Saturday, July 22, 2006
12:00pm - 5:00pm
2008 Greenville Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
Phone: 214-828-1144

Palms Hotel (Rain Nightclub)
Friday, July 21, 2006
2:00pm - 7:00pm
4321 W. Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: 702-942-7777

One Source Talent
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
3:00pm - 8:00pm
500 8th Ave. Suite 1210
Manhattan, NY 10018
Phone: 212-910-9455

Wildhorse Saloon
Wednesday, July 26, 2006
3:00pm - 8:00pm
120 2nd Ave. North
Nashville , TN 37201
Phone: 615-902-8200

Saturday, July 29, 2006
12:00pm - 5:00pm
1000 Universal Studios Blvd.
Suite G101
Universal City, CA 91608
Phone: 818-985-8234

If you can′t make it to one of the OPEN CALLS please Email them:

Include your city and state in the subject line.

Phone Number:
Why you would be a good contestant:
Why you need to win millions of dollars and what you might spend it on:

Please Email:

OR you can submit a video tape. Follow the instructions below to find out how.

1. Make a 5-minute personal videotape telling us who you are and what you would do with the money.

2. Fill out an application by going to

3. Send it to our contestant department.

1. Making Your Videotape
Making a videotape audition for the program is very easy. Using a video camera, make us a 5-minute tape that tells us a little about yourself and what you would do with millions of dollars. Be sure to include people you would like to join you on the show. Be creative, show us your personality - tell us what makes you unique. Please start with your name and hometown. There is no "right" or "wrong" thing to say on your tape, we just want to get to know you.

Make sure we can see and hear you clearly.
- Label the tape with your name address and phone number.
- They can only accept VHS tapes (The ones that fit in your VCR). Transferring your camcorder tape to VHS can be accomplished easily. Use the Red, White, and Yellow cables that come with your camera to connect it to your VCR. Push play on your camera, and Record on your VCR. Please run a test and make sure your transfer worked properly.
- Be Kind, Rewind. Rewinding your tape to the beginning greatly increases our fondness for you.

2. Filling out the Application:
Adobe Reader is required to view the application.

Please take your time and answer the questions honestly. They will only accept completed and signed applications if they are accompanied by your videotape.

Include a recent photo:
Please enclose a recent personal photo with the application. Make sure your photo(s) are clearly labeled with your name and phone number on the back. It is best, though not mandatory to send 2 clear photos-one close up and one full body.

3. Sending Your Package
Please label your package and send it to:
1149 N. Gower St., Suite 241
Los Angeles, CA 90038

To review, here is your "To Do" List:
1. Make one (1) 5 minute videotape
2. Label the tape with your name, address and phone number
3. Complete and sign an application
4. Include a few recent photos of yourself.
Please note: Application materials will not be returned. Limit one application package per person.

USA Network Announces Casting Call For CHARACTER FANTASY - Transform Into A Celebrity

Have you ever wanted to be a celebrity or just look like one? Do you want to unleash your inner character or alter ego? USA Network can help!

USA Network makes your dreams come true with its newest hosted makeover franchise - CHARACTER FANTASY. They want to find and meet ordinary people with character fantasies and bring their fantasies to life. You can be transformed into a celebrity from your favorite movie, a Superhero, a cheerleader, a chef, a wrestler, a conductor, a rapper, a punk rocker, a tv reporter, a club dj, an equestrian, a cowboy, or a private name it...and they′ll help make your character fantasy a reality!

If you think you have what it takes, or know someone that would like to be transformed APPLY NOW going to

Thursday, July 20, 2006

CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK Is Renewed For Third Season

A&E Network′s Hit Series CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK Returns For A Third Season In ′07

Network Also Greenlights New Original Real-Life Series CONFRONTING JUSTICE (working title)

A&E Network announced that the hit series CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK, will be picked up for a third season, after record-breaking ratings in its sophomore season. Additionally, the network will be picking up a powerful new Real-Life series CONFRONTING JUSTICE (working title), where victims of crimes confront their offenders. This slate of upcoming programming was announced by Bob DeBitetto, Executive Vice President and General Manager, A&E Networks.

"Our unique brand of real-life series consistently offers viewers compelling characters and an opportunity to explore their lives with unflinching honesty, and a flair for great storytelling," said DeBitetto. CONFRONTING JUSTICE joins Criss Angel in creating a powerful and lasting emotional bond with our audience."

Three-time Magician of the Year recipient, Criss Angel, returns for a third season of A&E Network′s immensely mystical series CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK; the youngest skewing series in network history. Each week, viewers revel in witnessing Criss as he captivates live audiences with mind-boggling demonstrations of his skills, goes behind-the-scenes to research and execute his demonstrations with his crew, and meets celebrity friends who drop by to eagerly participate in his awe-inspiring antics. New episodes will magically appear in 2007.

Nancy Dubuc, Robert Sharenow and Elaine Frontain Bryant are the A&E executive producers for CRISS ANGEL MINDFREAK. The series was created, directed and produced by Criss Angel, and produced by Angel Productions Inc. and The Firm. Criss Angel, Dave Baram and Michael Blum serve as the executive producers. For more information on Criss Angel, please visit his website located at

CONFRONTING JUSTICE (working title) the series is an intimate and dramatic real-life exploration into the lives of the people most affected by a serious crime: the victims, their families and the offender. The story of that painful event and its consequences are told first-hand by those directly involved as they prepare for their emotionally charged, face-to-face meeting. Offenders who go through the programs are significantly less likely to commit future crimes. The victims and their family members hope to find answers to agonizing questions and the offenders may reach some resolution, too - learning the true consequences of their actions. In the end, everyone′s lives are changed forever.

Nancy Dubuc and Laura Fleury serve as the A&E Network executive producers; and Jon Kroll and Caroline R. Maria are the executive producers for CONFRONTING JUSTICE. The program was created by Caroline R. Maria. The co-executive producer is Sydney Levin, and the Producer is Mark Costa. CONFRONTING JUSTICE is produced by New Line Television in association with Cinemaria for A&E Network.

ROCK STAR Contestant Storm Large Featured In Almost Nude Photo Session

On Tuesday night′s episode OF ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, Tommy Lee told rocker contestant Storm Large that he would like to see more of her. Storm immediately indicated that she has a six letter word for Tommy - "Google".

Oh and the boys sure found a nice surprise when they did Google her.

Storm Large is featured in her own pictorial book from photographer Laura Domela. And when we mean featured, we mean with very little clothing to say the least.

As sample of these sexy photos can be seen at:

On her website, photographer Laura Domela provided some details about working with Storm.

"This monograph is a selection of photos from a session with Storm Large in July 2005. My motivation for photographing Storm came from watching her perform onstage. Beyond her incredible vocal talent, her musicality, and her obvious physical beauty, she is a passionate artist who visually exudes an enormous power and range of emotion. I was inspired to capture this emotion and passion photographically. Storm delivered the same emotional energy and professionalism as a model that I had seen when she performed with her band. We developed a great rapport in the studio, speeding through some of the most productive sessions I′ve ever experienced as a photographer. Storm was creative, dynamic, and playful in front of the camera, and I was thrilled with our results."

Casting Call For High School Students Interest In The Environment

Seeking American High School Students (Aged 16-18) With an Interest in the Environment

Show Of Force, a New York-based television production company, in association with The Earthwatch Institute, is seeking American high-school students interested in the environment for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

They are casting three kids, aged 16-18, to travel the world to investigate the state of the environment, from rainforests to glaciers to deserts to coral reefs. Their global expedition will be documented in a television series and on the Web.

Participants MUST be able to go on the expedition between January and July 2007 -- meaning they will have to take off a semester from school.

For more information, including application instructions, go to

Casting Call Has Been Extended For Reality Series SABOTAGE

SABOTAGE Producer L. M. Beasley Announces Casting Call Schedule Will Continue

SABOTAGE producer L. M. Beasley will continue the process of finding Americans interested in being secret agents on the new reality game show of espionage. Reality show fans (of such shows as Survivor, The Amazing Race, Treasure Hunters and The Mole or mystery adventure television/theatre such as Lost, Mission Impossible or the James Bond series) will have the chance to apply for the adventure of a lifetime during the completion of a nationwide casting tour to choose finalists for the new unscripted series by the production company BERGS, LLC. The mail-in submission deadline has been extended to September 8, 2006 to accommodate the live audition schedule. Shooting will begin this winter and a 2007 airdate is planned.

"There has been a tremendous response from mail-in applications across the country! The time involved in reviewing the high volume of applications and to allow time to complete the live audition tour in the remaining cities as planned provides the need for extending the deadline for applicants... we are also adding new locations based on popular demand of the show!" says Beasley.

In SABOTAGE, potential agents from all walks of life will endure a rigorous selection process as they are tested for their skills, intelligence, and deceptive abilities. If selected as finalists, they will face the challenges of living together on teams with strangers in undisclosed locations, required to complete difficult mission assignments and need to muster all of their deceptive forces to overcome the team of unknown saboteur in their midst known as ′Operation Dark.′

Prospective applicants should be in excellent mental and physical health, able to cope with extreme environments, adapt to unusual living conditions, display complex problem solving skills, lead interesting personal or professional lives, and prominently possess one or more of the following traits: perceptiveness, guile, cunning, adventurous, outgoing, adaptability, willpower, stamina, charisma, persuasiveness, excitability, and self-awareness.

Cities hosting the remaining open casting calls include:

- New York
- St. Louis
- Las Vegas

Check SABOTAGE News for live audition locations and times. Other casting call cities may be soon added to the schedule through September to accommodate the popularity of the show in other areas around the country.

Interested candidates should mail completed applications by the deadline of September 8, or attend one of the open calls listed above. If attending the live audition, candidates should bring a photo I.D. and a completed application form available at the SABOTAGE Official Website .

Once finalists have been selected for the show, they will be divided into ten teams of agents. Each team will have an unknown double agent whose objective is to sabotage their team′s success. Teams that perform the weakest during each mission will be ejected from the game. The double agent responsible for their team′s demise will remain in the game as an exposed member of ′Operation Dark.′ In the season′s final episode, the last remaining team of agents will compete against Operation Dark for the grand prize of up to $1 Million.