Tuesday, July 18, 2006

MIAMI INK Returns to TLC For Second Season Of Tattoo Madness

TLC′S MIAMI INK Returns With New Season As Kat Von D Joins The Cast Full-Time, Yoji Finally Gets To Tattoo -- New Season Of 26 Episodes Challenge The Artists′ Creativity, Patience And Success

This summer is about to get hotter and steamier as TLC brings back the boys (and girl) of South Beach in the series MIAMI INK, which kicks off its second season beginning this evening (Tuesday, July 18, 2006) at 10 PM (ET/PT). This season - which includes 26 brand-new episodes - has new adventures and stories in store for the inked icons of Miami. The guys will be tested on dealing with the enormity of managing a successful business, juggling their hectic lives and maintaining their credibility as artists.

"In the second season of MIAMI INK, the guys are enjoying unprecedented success as both artists and businessmen," noted David Abraham, executive vice president and general manager for TLC. "But with success comes an intense amount of personal reflection and lifestyle changes and choices. They learn that more is not always better, and we′ll see them struggle with decisions that involve not only their art, but personal ones, such as relationships, property, family and business."

Joining artists Ami James, Chris Nunez, Chris Garver and Darren Brass full-time this season is Kat Von D. The young, dynamic and sassy Kat temporarily replaced the injured Darren Brass last season and was instantly a fan favorite. Known for her beautiful portrait tattoos, Kat has worked with Chris Garver in Los Angeles and brings a femininity and female charm to the all-male shop.

Yoji Harada, the shop'′ loyal apprentice and young father, will now be seen tattooing and perfecting his craft on clients this season. Though not a full-fledged tattoo artist, he is now learning first-hand the skills to make it in the business. In addition, he is balancing life as a new father and husband.

This season of MIAMI INK also features the guys′ search for a shop manager to free up Yoji′s time. In a nationwide casting search conducted online at www.miamiink.com. TLC looked to resolve the human resources crunch. Five individuals were brought to South Beach to test their mettle (and patience) with the artists, including Joel from Needham, Mass.; Talia from Naples, Fla.; Josie from Chicago, III.; Lee from Miami, Fla.; and Anthony, from Garden Grove, Calif. In their time at the shop, these lucky individuals were sent on errands, the subject of pranks, dealt with customers and were tested their knowledge of tattooing. After the finalists′ trial periods working with the guys, shop co-owners Ami James and Chris Nunez will select who will win the job and land the role on the show.

MIAMI INK also undergoes a transformation off of the television screen via www.miamiink.com. The fan site will relaunch for the second season with a brand-new look that builds on the site′s tremendous user-generated content. In addition to exclusive video streaming, view and vote tattoos, additional interviews and more, many sections of the MIAMI INK online site are pod cast.