Tuesday, July 04, 2006

GoFish Announces Casting Call For AMERICA′S DREAM DATE

Online Reality Show Comes to Life with AMERICA′S DREAM DATE

GoFish Changes the Face of Reality TV with User-Generated Interactive Entertainment on the Web

GoFish, a leader in the online video space, today announced the kick-off of the open casting call for AMERICA′S DREAM DATE, a first-of-its kind online interactive reality show that will launch later this month.

GoFish is leading the charge in a new generation of interactive entertainment that combines the most compelling features of prime-time reality TV programming with the immersive and rich on-demand features of an online user-generated video community. AMERICA′S DREAM DATE will allow users to fully immerse themselves in an ongoing reality dating show that promises to be first-of-its kind in the space.

On July 4th, GoFish kicks off the first phase of the show with an open casting call and pre-registration process that allows millions of people nationwide to submit their videos and join the show. In late July, the show will begin and will run for eight weeks. Dream Date will allow participants online to play matchmaker and over an eight week period decide who will ultimately be the Dream Date couple. Viewers will be able to participate in Dream Date by submitting short creative video entries essentially pitching themselves to the community. Viewers and participants will be able to vote, collaborate, share opinions and track their favorite contenders over the eight week period. In AMERICA'′S DREAM DATE, the community determines the outcome of the show.

"AMERICA′S DREAM DATE is a totally new vehicle that taps into the explosive popularity of user-generated video online and blends in characteristics of popular reality TV models, creating a completely immersive online entertainment experience," said Michael Downing, CEO of GoFish. "Dream Date takes the common reality show concept we are familiar with, typically a small number of people actually participating in a show while millions view and sometimes vote, and turns this model on its head, allowing millions to both participate and decide the outcome of a show 100 percent created and driven by the consumer base."

Much like broadcast reality TV shows, AMERICA′S DREAM DATE(TM) is being sponsored by consumer brands. In Season One of Dream Date, starting in July, Jetset Beverage Inc., owners of the new Jetset energy drink, will be the primary sponsors. Jeff Silver, President and CEO of Jetset said, "We are really excited to join with GoFish in launching AMERICA′S DREAM DATE. Our companies target the same consumers, the young, hip ′iPod(TM) generation′ who are participating in the user generated content revolution. We think our involvement in Dream Date will afford us a great way to reach this market and we are looking forward to a variety of great promotions throughout the show."

After the initial online casting call, the show will run for eight weeks and is divided into two distinct phases. The first phase will include cast members battling it out for six weeks during which time the viewers and other cast members in the show can vote on individual videos and establish an overall ranking of the cast members. After six weeks, there is an elimination round where only the top 10 ranked men and women, as selected by the community, will remain. For the final two weeks, those final 20 contestants battle it out to become the AMERICA′S DREAM DATE couple and win the grand prize. In the end, the top three women and top three men will win fantastic dream date vacation packages. The grand prize winning couple will be sent on a first class, all expense paid trip to Paris, France. The second and third place winners will win Dream Date vacations in Las Vegas.

About GoFish

GoFish is leading the online community for original user-generated video programming. The GoFish Interactive Reality Platform is a first-of-its kind technology for developing and deploying original user-generated reality programming within the context of a show. The Interactive Reality Platform enables GoFish to bridge the gap between major brand advertisers/sponsors and the emerging world of user-generated video creation.