Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Exclusive Interview With ROCKSTAR First Contestant To Get The Boot - Matt Hoffer

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Not to be cliché but... Timing is everything.

In any reality TV show, whether its SURVIVOR, THE APPRENTICE, BIG BROTHER OR ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.... It happens.

Someone goes home week-after-week-after-week until a winner is crowned with a record deal or a big wad of cash.

However, long before that prize is awarded, there is always a little dubious honor to the someone who ′goes home′ first.

Some consider it shameful to be the first contestant to get the boot.

I, however, consider it a dubious honor for two reasons. One, if you′re not a fit for the talent gig or social environment, you move on.

Two, life is short. Don′t waste it in front of 100 cameras watching you eat, drink, shit and fart.

Last week, Matt Hoffer from Chicago, Illinois, stepped out of the ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA gig as Jason, Tommy and Gilbey decided he just wasn′t a fit for the lead in their new band, Supernova.

I met up with Matt earlier today to learn more about him and what′s next on his plate.

ReX: Coke or Pepsi?

Matt Hoffer: Coke!

ReX: What was the last concert you went to? When? Where?

Matt Hoffer: Gosh, I′ve been so focused on the Rock Star thing, I haven′t really been hitting the live scene lately. Plus, I′m not a big theatre type anyways. I′d rather be in a more intimate setting.

But, I am going to see The Assassins on Saturday. You should check them out they are really amazing. There′s a link to them on my MySpace page.

ReX: When did you know that ′rock′ was your calling?

Matt Hoffer: I was at a Metallica show years ago. There were big screens, loud music, everything. After I saw that, I knew that′s what I wanted to be... In something big and rock-related.

There are times, when you′re playing a gig, when you get a feeling that reminds you of it.

I remember once I was playing at the House of Blues with an audience that really didn′t know us. At the end of the song, I closed my eyes to finish the last note. When I opened them up, the crowd was roaring.

ReX: So you are a solo artist or in a band?

Matt Hoffer: Well, I′m in a band that falls under my name, Matt Hoffer. In the past year, I′ve assembled a great group of ex-major label guys from Arista and Warner Bros. They′re vested in the band. Much more than show-up-play-the-gig types.

But, I am the one leading the band. I want the responsibility on my shoulders.

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