Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Exclusive Interview With David Goffin, Executive Producer Of ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA

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In an Exclusive Interview, Rock Star Go Home sits down with David Goffin, Executive Producer Of ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA.

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Not to be cliché but... Timing is everything.

If anyone has been at the right place at the right time, it′s David Goffin.

From 2001-2004, Goffin was the supervising producer of AMERICAN IDOL. Then, in 2005, David Goffin shifted musical genres and became the executive producer of the summer phenomena ROCK STAR: INXS.

Needless to say, David Goffin′s recent career choices have been slam dunks.

Still, there is no Hollywood pretense in David Goffin′s demeanor. No ego. No bullshit. The tall, brown-hair, brown-eyed producer is very approachable. He also seems to maintain a humor-bent smirk at all times.

To learn more about David Goffin, we recently sat down with the ROCK STAR producer at the Hollywood mansion during the international press junket of ROCK STAR: SUPERNOVA. The second season of ROCK STAR launches on Wednesday, July 5, 2006 on CBS.

RSGH: Gotta ask... How did the whole ROCKSTAR: SUPERNOVA idea come together? It′s pretty different than all the ROCK STAR: VAN HALEN and ROCK STAR: QUEEN rumors that were circling the Internet.

David Goffin: [He smirks and nods his head up and down.] Yah, I even heard a rumor about ROCK STAR: FOGHAT.

RSGH: Foghat? Who the hell are they?

David Goffin: Exactly my point. [He chuckles.] But, seriously... We have been working on the Supernova idea for some time. We got the call from Tommy last year.

RSGH: So Tommy approached you?

David Goffin: Yes, the scenario was somewhat similar to what happened with INXS. After we talked to Tommy, the feelers went out. Then it became the process of making it happen.

RSGH: And, how did you make it happen?

David Goffin: We asked Tommy to give us a list of musicians he could create the ultimate rock band with. It′s no surprise that these guys [Goffin nods to Jason Newsted (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (Guns N′ Roses) who are eating lunch at the table next to us] were on that list.

RSGH: Interesting.

David Goffin: Well, you need to consider what we′re doing at Rock Star. It′s more than a tv show. Think about what we were able to achieve with the rebirth of INXS. Those guys are now going platinum all over the world. It′s amazing to be a part of this.

RSGH: Speaking of ROCK STAR: INXS, when you look back on the first season... What would you consider as your most memorable moment from that show?

David Goffin: [Goffin takes a deep breath, leans back in his chair and answers after three seconds of thought.] I would have to say it was watching Marty Casey perform ′Wish You Were Here′ by Pink Floyd. The white lights behind him, the orchestra, everything about that... Just a great, great memory.

RSGH: That was exceptional.

David Goffin: I′m in the control booth for most of the shoots. It′s loud in there. Lots of noise and action. But, when Marty got the encore I left the booth to watch him sing it again. That was the true moment for me. The only time i saw an actual performance with the crowd. He was magical.

RSGH: Marty went through quite a transformation on ROCK STAR: INXS, right?

David Goffin: When Marty started that show, he was manic. Arms waving all over the place. Screaming. Jumping. Totally manic. It was so great to see him anchor into one spot for the entirety of ′Wish You Were Here′.

RSGH: So was Marty your favorite or one of your favorites?

David Goffin: [A somewhat political smirk arises from Goffin′s lips.] He was one of my favorites. Marty was so open to coaching and improving himself, even at my weekly clinics.

RSGH: Huh? What do you mean your ′weekly′ clinics. You had weekly clinics with the ROCK STAR: INXS contestants?

David Goffin: [He nods his head and drinks some water.] Most people don′t know about this... But, each week I would hold an off-camera clinic with the contestants to help enhance their performances. I would often quiz the contestants about their songs. Specifically, the key question would be, "What′s the story of your song?" As a singer, you need to have a feel for what you′re singing and why. Otherwise, the audience just won′t buy it.

RSGH: Gotcha. Let′s shift gears and pretend that I have two VIP, back stage passes to any concert throughout the history of music. What concert would you go to and who would you take?

David Goffin: Can I say Woodstock?

RSGH: Yup.

David Goffin: Okay then... It″s gotta be Woodstock and I″d take my wife. Although I″d really like to have seen the Grateful Dead and Guns. Plus, I″d like to see Nirvana again.

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