Thursday, March 31, 2005

SURVIVOR PALAU Redneck Castoff Speaks His Mind With His Stripper Wife At His Side

SURVIVOR PALAU Redneck Castoff Speaks His Mind With His Stripper Wife At His Side

In an online interview for, Redneck SURVIVOR PALAU contestant James Miller made some very entertaining comments about his life and the show.

In his a recent interview with, James indicated that he is married to a "tough-talking stripper wife" named Brandi. (Editors note - Yes a stripper)

In a desperate plea for a job and money, James said "I take care of the kids and (Brandi) takes her clothes off for money. I´m tellin´ you, I need a job."

In his bio on the CBS´s official SURVIVOR PALAU Website, James´ occupation is listed as a steelworker

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Get a Glimpse of What It´s REALLY Like To Be A Supermodel With AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE ONE

AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL, UPN´s top rated series and one of the hottest reality shows on television, is now available on DVD.

Created and hosted by world-renowned supermodel Tyra Banks, AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE ONE, offers a 3-disc set with revealing featurettes including: AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL - Casting Call, AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL - Reliving the First Season and The Two Jays.

Disc 1: "The Girl Who Wants it so Bad," "The Girl is Here to Win, Not Make Friends," "The Girl Who Gets Rushed to the Emergency Room," "The Girl Who Drives Everyone Crazy"

Disc 2: "The Girl Who Everyone Thinks is Killing Herself," "The Girl Deals With a Pervert," "The Girls Who Get Really Naked," "How the Girls Got Here."

Disc 3: "The Girl Who Becomes AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL" plus the featurettes

UPN´s hit dramality series AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE ONE (2003) has 14 beautiful participants taking part in a series of tests over the course of the series to determine who has the sheer strength, will and attitude to make it as AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Tyra Banks leads the panel, which is comprised of leading fashion industry experts, including the world´s first supermodel Janice Dickinson; Marie Claire fashion editor Beau Quillian and Baby Phat creative director Kimora Lee Simmons, who judge the girls each week and decide who should pack their bags and go home and who becomes one step closer to being AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL.

AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL CYCLE ONE is currently available at

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

NBC Announces Casting Call For TREASURE HUNTERS

NBC is currently seeking unique groups of three to compete for thrills and riches in television´s first global treasure hunt.

The treasure hunters will face exciting challenges requiring brains, stamina, passion, and teamwork.

Who will you choose to bring with you on this life-changing journey? If you think you have what it takes to find the treasure, assemble your team and APPLY NOW!


Open Casting Calls Are Also Coming Soon

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CBS DVD and Paramount Home Entertainment present the entire season of TV´s smash hit series, SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK - THE COMPLETE SEASON, on DVD on April 26.

This is now the third complete season SURVIVOR DVD, joining SURVIVOR SEASON 1 and SURVIVOR ALL-STAR.

The most popular and the most viewed season of them all, SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK is a 6-disc box set that includes audio commentary by various castaways and host Jeff Probst, four featurettes ("Surviving the Australian Outback," "The Luxury Items," "Dining: Survivor Style" and "Keith Famie´s Paella"), plus the previously released "highlights" disc.

SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK, the first sequel of the incredibly popular "reality TV" show, follows 16 more castaways, ordinary people from a variety of backgrounds that are placed in the middle of the Australian Outback. Together, they must use wits, strength and teamwork to keep from starving, baking, drowning or a variety of other nasty possible fates. In each episode, the members vote to remove one person from the game until only one remains to claim the grand prize.

Castaways include winner Tina Wesson, runner-up Colby Donaldson, Nick Brown, Jerri Manthey, Alicia Calaway, Keith Famie, Jeff Varner, Elizabeth Filarski, Michael Skupin, Rodger Bingham, Kimmi Kappenberg, Amber Brkich, Mitchell Olson, Maralyn Hershey and Kel Gleason.

Pre-orders are now being accepted at Offering THE BACHELOR 7 Rose Contest

Think you can predict who will get a rose each week? You could win our grand prize - a trip for two to Aruba! Weekly prizes will also be awarded!

To play, Log In to each week BEFORE the episode airs (Mondays 8e/5p) and choose which bachelorettes will receive a rose. lets YOU have your own rose ceremony!

* Each week, decide which bachelorettes you think will get roses from Charlie.
* Score points for each of your bachelors that do receive roses.
* Create a private group with friends, or join a public group with other users.
* Play each week for your chance to be one of ten random players to win an exclusive weekly prize.
* The player who scores the most points over the season will win the Grand Prize!

The Grand Prize winner and guest will travel to Aruba, the same island that Charlie takes his three bachelorettes to for their overnight dates.

You´ll be able to walk the same beaches, bask in the same sun, and gaze at the same stars as Charlie and his three ladies did.

The trip includes airfare for two and hotel accommodations for four days and three nights on this beautiful Caribbean island. Plus, transportation to and from the airport.

Weekly Prizes are also being awarded: The Bachelor Bachelorette Goodie Bags

Get what the bachelorettes got! Seven winners will receive the actual goodie bags that each of the 25 bachelorettes received for being on the show.

For more info go to:

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Production Starts On THE SURREAL LIFE 5 - Cast Announced

Reports have indicated that production has started on THE SURREAL LIFE 5, the celebrity reality series for VH1.

The cast list has also been announced and they include a former reality TV star looking to extend her 15 minutes of fame and a controversial ex-steriod baseball player.

The list includes:

Former APPRENTICE Witch - Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth
Former Baseball Player - Jose Canseco
Actor - Bronson Pinchot
AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL Judge - Janice Dickinson
Hip Hop Star - Sandi Denton (Salt ´n Pepa)
Model - Carey Hart

THE SURREAL LIFE 5 is expected to premiere in the fall of 2005 on VH1.

Report Indicates Idea for PROJECT RUNWAY Possibly Stolen

THE NEW YORK POST is indicating that the concept for the hit reality TV series PROJECT RUNWAY may have been stolen.

The report indicates that designer Cynthia Rodriguez and fashion merchandiser Elizabeth Zwiebach says PROJECT RUNWAY about competing fashion designers is a copy of their proposed show AMERICAN RUNWAY.

The duo registered the idea with the Writers Guild in March 2003 and spent the next several months pitching it to production companies.

The report than went on to say that a few months later, they were flabbergasted to hear about Heidi Klum´s almost identical PROJECT RUNWAY

"Since we pitched the series idea prior to March 2003, we are confident this claim has no merit," said Miramax Television´s Sarah Levinson.

MTV And SEVENTEEN MAGAZINE Search for a Real-Life Cover Girl

MTV Music Television and SEVENTEEN, the number one magazine for teens, published by Hearst Magazines, announced a ten episode pick-up of a new series for the cable network. PROJECT SEVENTEEN (Working Title) will start production in April and is scheduled to premiere on MTV in the fall of 2005.

PROJECT SEVENTEEN will chronicle the magazine´s search for a girl who most deserves the title of AMERICA´ SWEETHEART.

Young women from across the country will compete to prove that they have all the well-rounded credentials to be a role model to SEVENTEEN´s 13 million readers. The winner of the show will receive a prize package that includes a college scholarship, a paid internship at SEVENTEEN and her face on the cover of America´s biggest selling teen magazine. Casting calls for the new series will take place this spring in cities across the country. Exact times, dates and locations will be announced shortly.

Since the majority of SEVENTEEN readers watch MTV more than any other network, PROJECT SEVENTEEN is a natural progression of MTV and SEVENTEEN´s already strong relationship. SEVENTEEN´s April 2005 issue, on newsstands now, carries an MTV theme throughout its pages. The issue features exclusive interviews with MTV celebrities, beauty secrets of today´s biggest stars and the scoop on the network´s hot new shows. An announcement of the SEVENTEEN reality show on MTV also appears in the April issue.

"MTV is the perfect partner for a reality show with Seventeen because both brands talk to today´s young audience with the same successful mix of real-life honesty," said Hearst Magazines President Cathleen P. Black. "Bringing the pages of SEVENTEEN to life with one of today´s most respected and popular television networks for young people is a very exciting project."

"Since our viewers look to MTV for access and a behind-the-scenes perspective to the real world, we can´t wait to capture the drama and excitement of what it takes to be a SEVENTEEN cover model," says Lois Curren, Executive Vice President, Series Entertainment, MTV. "We are confident that this will be a series that is completely entertaining - and empowering - to our joint audiences."

"Our readers have grown up watching reality TV and expect their favorite brands like SEVENTEEN to have a multimedia presence that makes them an even bigger part of their daily lives," said SEVENTEEN Editor-in-Chief Atoosa Rubenstein. "We need to speak to our readers online, in print and on television to stay relevant and top of mind in a world where they communicate in so many different ways."

Monday, March 28, 2005

New Reality TV Series With Tennis Pros Venus and Serena Williams Coming to ABC FAMILY

ABC Family is starting production on a new reality series Featuring Venus and Serena.

The series premiering July 2005 will take an in-depth and off-court look at the fascinating, successful lives of professional tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, focusing on their passions outside of tennis and time spent with family and friends.

"We are thrilled to be working with these dynamic, internationally renowned, talented stars," said Paul Lee, President, ABC Family. "This series will give viewers a window into their very exciting off-court lives."

"We´re very excited to branch out into a new medium," said Serena Williams. "The series will provide our fans with an up-close, inside look at our lives away from the tennis courts." Venus Williams added, "And since we are sisters, ABC Family is the perfect home for our new series."

Report Suggests Possible Drug Use For Contestant Of THE APPRENTICE 3

In today´s edition of THE NEW YORK POST, (their online edition section called PAGE SIX) has suggested that a contestant from the current edition of THE APPRENTICE 3 was using drugs on the show.

The report states this information in a question format:

"WHICH male contestant on the current season of THE APPRENTICE nearly "blew" his chance for a $250,000-a-year job with The Donald ? One of the show´s producers walked in on him midsnort in a Trump Tower bathroom"

THE BACHELOR 7 To Premiere Tonight With New Twists On ABC

There are No Rules when Charlie O´Connell Steps Out In Manhattan as THE BACHELOR, as Seventh Edition of ABC´s Popular Reality Series Gets Underway With a Two Hour Premiere, Tonight.

Less Formal Rose Ceremonies and More Real and Spontaneous Reality Makes New BACHELOR an Exciting Ride.

It´s THE BACHELOR unplugged, without rules: roses handed out randomly, a rapid dating session where five women are immediately eliminated, the once coveted individual dates with higher stakes than ever - get a rose or go home!

Rose ceremonies will never be the same, as the women speak their minds in a free for all discussion. All three exotic overnight dates take place in one location, with the first ever "on-the-road" rose ceremony occurring right there. It´ll be a season of constant surprises and unlike any other.

UPDATE - Photos of the 25 Women of THE BACHELOR 7 have been released. Click for the details.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Cassie Graduates From Daytime Reality Series STARTING OVER

Cassie, the sweet, shy Alabama native who won the hearts of her housemates with her story of poverty, abuse and alcoholism has graduated in triumph from STARTING OVER (syndicated, check local listings for time and station), the acclaimed real-life daytime television drama.

Produced by the creators of THE REAL WORLD and THE SIMPLE LIFE, STARTING OVER has recently been nominated for two Daytime Emmy Awards.

Cassie (last names of cast withheld) came to the attention of TV producers during a casting call held in Birmingham. Twelve years sober, Cassie had overcome alcoholism and an impoverished, abusive childhood. She came into the STARTING OVER house with a desire to find the son she gave up for adoption years ago - something she had done before she became sober, and a source of deep shame ever since.

Under the guidance of the STARTING OVER Life Coaches Rhonda Britten and Lyanla Vanzant, and Consulting Psychologist Dr. Stan J. Katz, Cassie soon came to realize that she suffered from incredibly low self-esteem. While in the STARTING OVER house she learned to forgive herself and now Cassie graduates at peace with her past, full of hope for the future, and confident that she and her son will be re-united eventually.

With her graduation behind her, Cassie has returned to the Birmingham area, and has vowed to take and pass the GED exam. As her graduation gift from STARTING OVER, Cassie was serenaded by her hero, musician John Davidson, and she received a package of GED tutoring sessions, and a scholarship for a nursing degree, a career she decided to pursue while in the STARTING OVER house.

The "STARTING OVER IN AMERICAN TOUR" a personal appearance tour by the show´s Life Coaches Rhonda Britten and Iyanla Vanzant, arrives in Birmingham at the Century Plaza Mall on Saturday March 26th at 2:00pm. Recent graduate Cassie is expected to attend.

Additionally, a STARTING OVER casting call is planned for Wednesday, March 30th from 10:00am to 5:00pm at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel. More details on both of these events are at

STARTING OVER features a group of women living together in a Hollywood Hills home and striving to improve their lives. The daily one-hour, real-life drama follows a diverse and ever-changing group of women as they attempt to make extraordinary changes in their lives - all while living under the same roof.

Each woman in the STARTING OVER cast is expected to reside in the STARTING OVER house for six to twelve weeks, depending on the scope of her "project" and her rate of progress toward her goal. Those women who achieve their goals graduate in triumph. Those who falter can be asked to leave the house.

Friday, March 25, 2005

BIG BROTHER 6 Announces Open Casting Calls In Selected Cities

CBS and BIG BROTHER 6 has announced an Open Casting Calls in selected cities.

The open casting calls will start in Green Bay, WI on Monday, March 28 and continue throughout April.

Other cities that have been announced include New York, Boston, Denver, Philadelphia, Miami, plus many others

A current schedule and locations is available at

Thursday, March 24, 2005


VH1 is casting 18 guys and 18 girls for a proposed new weekly series by an Emmy Award winning filmmaker that will be the most uninhibited game ever broadcast on national television -- a game where ACTING IS THE REALITY!

Actors, actresses, models , dancers, singers, musicians, comedians -- all performers are invited. Must be 21 - 35, attractive, in shape, and uninhibited.

Some (blurred) nudity may occur in the show.

Cash prize(s) for the winner(s).

Call VH1´s casting hotline at (212) 969-8392 for audition information!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

With Very Little Promotion And Fanfare - ABC Premieres VACATION SWAP Tonight

In a very unusual marketing twist, ABC is premiering a new reality show, VACATION SWAP, with very little promotion and fanfare.

There have been no press releases indicating what the show is about and very little, if none, on-air promos by ABC.

The show, VACATION SWAP, is replacing the series WIFE SWAP in it´s time slot this evening.

The website is indicating that VACATION SWAP is premiering tonight and their description of the show is as follows:

Could your family survive a two-week vacation with a completely different family you´ve never met?

See what happens when a millionaire family accustomed to a luxurious lifestyle, complete with a butler and chef, goes on holiday with a blue-collar family whose idea of a vacation is roughing it in a trailer park!

For this special broadcast, two families who have never met both agree to take vacations together. In the first week, one family goes on vacation with the other at a location and in a style that´s completely foreign to them, while in the second week, the other family vacations the way the first traditionally does. It´ll be a vacation package neither will ever forget.

Chelle Hawn, 44, and her four sons, Mark (21), Brian (20), Joe (17) and Ben (13), live in the lap of luxury in their mansion in Georgia. Used to getting whatever they desire at home, family vacations tend to be over the top. Wherever they go, the Hawns travel in full style because money is no object. Their traditional vacation includes skiing in ritzy Aspen, Colorado, where they rent a house for 10K a night -- including a private chef and butler. But once there, the Hawns spend so much time doing their own things that their vacations aren´t the bonding experience they should be.

On the other side of the country, Jackie Orlando, 50, also nicknamed "Big Mama," her 51-year-old husband, Joe, and their three children, Joe (20), Stephanie (20) and Matthew (14), are a close knit family from southern California. This down-to-earth family is so animated that neighbors call the clan "the loud Orlandos." Their traditional vacation includes fitting the family of five into their tiny trailer and traveling to a low-budget RV park outside a dairy farm in Southern California. But the Orlandos go camping every single vacation, and wonder if they shouldn´t broaden their horizons.

By the end of the two-week vacation swap, will the families have learned that, as far as family vacations go, hell is other people? Or will they this year bring home something more valuable from vacation than just a souvenir?

AMERICAN IDOL Has Major Screw-up On Vote Count

Fox has announced this morning that due to an error with the graphics shown on-screen (incorrect voting numbers were displayed) during the performance recap at the end of last night´s AMERICAN IDOL, a live, one-hour show will air tonight, Wednesday, March 23 9/8c on FOX, to enable a re-vote. This new show will combine new live elements with encores of Tuesday´s performances from the remaining 11 contestants.

Phone lines will open at the conclusion of tonight´s show and will remain open for two hours to give viewers the chance to vote for their favorite contestants and keep them in the competition. Only the voting results from tonight´s show will determine who received the lowest number of votes and will be sent home this week.

Tune in to see who America has chosen to stay and who is sent home on the live results show tomorrow, Thursday, March 24 9/8c live on FOX.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

ABC Announces The 25 Women On The Next Version Of BACHELOR

Anything can happen as Charlie O´Connell, 29, a self-described fun-loving, "good guy," begins his search for love on the seventh edition of ABC´s popular romance reality series, THE BACHELOR premiering with a two-hour special, MONDAY, MARCH 28 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on ABC.

Surprises galore await Charlie and the 25 beautiful bachelorettes in a spontaneous, less formal and "unplugged" version of THE BACHELOR where there are no limos, no gowns and no rules. In this series, the roses can come at any time. Charlie and the women take on Manhattan and each other in a series of fun and exciting dates with roses at stake on every date.

Kara, 26, a nanny from Woodland Hills, California, is the first single mom in BACHELOR history and just one of the 25 feisty, competitive women - ranging from a labor and delivery nurse and a swimsuit model to a flight attendant and a pro basketball cheerleader - trying to capture Charlie´s heart.

In the premiere episode, things begin with a rapid-dating session that ends with an unexpected elimination in which Charlie needs to immediately say goodbye to five women. By the end of the evening, 12 women will be left to vie for Charlie´s attention.

The 25 women are:

Anitra, 29, makeup artist, who currently resides in Manhattan Beach, CA
Brenda, 26, sales coordinator, who currently resides in New York, NY
Carrie, 27, computer specialist, who currently resides in Minneapolis, MN
Danuska, 30, runway model, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA
Debby, 25, flight attendant, who currently resides in Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Emilie, 27, in technology sales, who currently resides in Chicago, IL
Geitan, 30, realtor, who currently resides in Newport Beach, CA
Gina Marie, 28, bartender, who currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Heather, 24, contractor, who currently resides in Orlando, FL
Jenny, 23, marketing coordinator, who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Kara, 26, nanny, who currently resides in Woodland Hills, CA
Katie, 25, resort accountant, who currently resides in Tempe, AZ
Kerry, 32, director of mergers & acquisitions, who currently resides in Chicago, IL
Kimberly, 25, swimsuit model, who currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Kindle, 23, pro basketball cheerleader, who currently resides in Rockwell, TX
Krisily, 25, salon coordinator, who currently resides in Warwick, RI
Kristen, 30, teacher, who currently resides in Boston, MA
Kristina, 27, writer, who currently resides in Brooklyn, NY
Kristine, 23, bikini model, who currently resides in Fairfax Station, VA
Kyshawn, 30, bartender, who currently resides in Nashville, TN
Megan, 23, in retail marketing, who currently resides in Tallahassee, FL
Sarah B, 24, labor & delivery nurse, who currently resides in McKinney, TX
Sarah W, 24, in fashion design, who currently resides in Los Angeles, CA
Siomara, 25, loan officer, who currently resides in Chicago, IL
Valerie, 28, executive assistant, who currently resides in Wayne, NJ

Monday, March 21, 2005

Millions Spent By Auto Manufacturers For Product Placements On Reality TV Shows

In an article that was published in the DETROIT NEWS, millions of dollars are being spent by the automotive industry for product placement in reality TV shows.

According to the DETROIT NEWS, General Motors reportedly spends more than 12.5 million dollars a season for product placement on the reality TV series SURVIVOR.

Toyota reportedly has spent sixteen million dollars to be the sole automotive sponsor of the reality boxing show, THE CONTENDER.

And Ford has also spent millions with their placement in shows such as AMERICAN IDOL.

DISCOVERY KIDS Announces ENDURANCE 4 Casting Calls

Do you think you have the strength, brains and personality to make it on Endurance? Then get ready, because if you´re between the ages of 12 and 15 here´s how you can get your chance to be on ENDURANCE 4.

1. Make a five-minute video telling us all about yourself, and why you should be on the next Endurance. The video can be on VHS, Hi-8 or DV, but should not have any music on it. It should include your full name, age and date of birth, grade in school, your parent´s or guardian´s names, your home address, phone number and e-mail address.

2. Print and fill out the Audition Release Form on the PDF application and The Audition Application

Applications and more information is available at:

PROJECT RUNWAY, The Reality TV Fashion Show Is Coming Back For Second Season

On the heels of the overwhelming success of the first season of PROJECT RUNAWAY, Bravo and Miramax Television will begin production on the second season of the premier reality series set in the glamorous and rigorous world of the fashion industry, it was announced jointly today by Lauren Zalaznick, President of Bravo, and Harvey Weinstein, Co-Chairman of Miramax.

"It's been great discovering new talent and giving viewers the chance to have an inside look into the exciting world of fashion," said Harvey Weinstein. "We´re looking forward to another successful season of PROJECT RUNWAY with Bravo and Heidi Klum."

"PROJECT RUNWAY is in the cross hairs of Bravo´s programming mandate--to give viewers a unique, behind the scenes perspective into the creative process of an integral part of pop culture," said Zalaznick. "Miramax is the absolute best television partner on this series that we could hope to have for this second season, and many more to come."

Supermodel Heidi Klum will return as host of the series, which gives aspiring designers a chance to break into the notoriously difficult-to-crack fashion world. Along with the critical praise the series received, the first season garnered record ratings for Bravo. With 500% growth over its total-viewer and key demographic premiere numbers in December, the series finale on February 23 of cable´s hottest show delivered the highest numbers for any Bravo telecast for the 2004-05 season to date.

Sunday, March 20, 2005 Announces Five Former APPRENTICE Cast Members for THE APPRENTICE CRUISE Announces Five Former APPRENTICE Cast Members for THE APPRENTICE CRUISE

Join former cast members of the hit series THE APPRENTICE, and sail from New York City aboard Carnival´s Trump World Legend September 26 - October 4, 2005! After a VIP bon voyage party featuring "The Chairman" himself, Donald Trump, you´ll leave the Manhattan skyline in the distance, sailing for exotic Caribbean ports-of-call. You´ll be entertained in Trump World style with gala events, luxurious receptions and over-the-top parties. Rub elbows with past cast members and get to know thousands of other fans while you test your competitive edge at our "APPRENTICE-type" activities and contests - come ready to win!

You´ve seen them on TV. Now, be there in person to see what it takes to become The Apprentice. Donald Trump chose these achievers out of 1 million applicants. Now they´re sailing on The Apprentice Legend Cruise, and you have the opportunity to get up close and personal. Get the behind-the-scenes scoop, learn about their career strategies, and sign up for a chance to compete in the onboard Apprentice Legend Cruise Competition. They are the judges, and the Grand Prize is big! Up to 10 cast members from THE APPRENTICE will be onboard for 8 days, participating and mingling with APPRENTICE fans. Will your favorite cast member be there? has released the names of five former APPRENTICE contestants who are scheduled to participate.

Stacie J.
Age: 29
Residence: New York, NY
Marital Status: Single
Education: B.A., Emory University; M.B.A., Mercer University

Stacie J. is the multi-talented wildcard from Season 2. It is no wonder Stacie J. made a lasting impression on fans. She is a tough businesswoman and her female competitors were quick to put her to the test. With a diverse career in modeling, acting, and owning her own restaurant franchise, Stacie J. fits perfectly in New York´s playground. Her career started at 16 and by the end of grad school, she had opened her first restaurant. Stacie now owns a Subway Sandwich Shop franchise in Harlem and continues her professional modeling career with Ford Model Management.

Age: 28
Residence: Philadelphia, PA
Marital Status: Single
Education: B.S., Economics and B.A., History, Boston College

Fans of Season 2 will not likely forget Raj. With a very impressive list of qualifications, Raj showed his competitors his strengths stretch beyond the Boardroom. Most notable for his out-of-the-box fashion and keen eye for the ladies, Raj was able to bring humor to the most serious of tasks. With humor on his side, Raj has already proven himself as a business success. At age 23, he founded Automovia Technology Partners, which developed cutting-edge technology for automobiles. He later created Vanquish Enterprises, a real estate company, which acquired a hotel, retail and condo development in Vail, CO.

Jennifer C.
Age: 31
Residence: New York, NY
Marital Status: Single
Education: B.F.A., Syracuse University

Jenn C. is a competitor, to say the least. With beauty and brains, she showed fans of Season 2 that she is determined to have her share of success. Mr. Trump must have agreed when he chose her as part of the elite group. Mr. Trump himself stated, "She is very tough and she is very smart!" Jennifer has been a competitor since the age of nine. At 21, she launched her successful career as a magazine photo editor. Jennifer continued her career in true New York fashion by moving into the highly competitive real estate game and landing a position with one of the most prestigious firms in NY.

Age: 31
Residence: Fort Lauderdale, FL
Marital Status: Single
Education: J.D., Nova Southeastern Law School

It´s obvious why Bradford was an immediate standout in Season 2. He exudes leadership and confidence, and those qualities coupled with his successful dual career as a defense attorney and a real estate investor quickly put him on the favorites list, especially with his female competitors and teammates. However, taking one for the team in Episode 2 didn´t sit well with Mr. Trump, and his career as THE APPRENTICE was cut short. Bradford continues to grow his law practice, Bradford Cohen Law, and increase his real estate investments in Florida.

Age: 29
Residence: Los Angeles, CA
Marital Status: Single
Education: B.A., English, University of San Diego

Nick Warnock left a lasting impression as one of the "final four" from the original APPRENTICE. Good old-fashioned hard work put Nick´s career on the map, and his determination and natural selling skills secured him a golden opportunity in THE APPRENTICE. He was a hard worker, a tough boardroom competitor, and a charmer. Nick continues to diversify himself in his business and personal life. His experience on the hit show has led to many opportunities, including TV and film roles, speaking engagements across the country, and endorsements deals. On top of all this, he is currently filming a pilot for his own business show.

More information about THE APPRENTICE CRUISE is available at

Friday, March 18, 2005

Casting Call Announced for THREE WISHES on NBC


NBC is granting wishes for DESERVING individuals and communities for a new primetime television project. We will spotlight people who have inspiring or touching stories to tell. No story is too big and money is no object when it comes to making dreams come true.

Maybe you have been amazed at an individual who has suffered several personal or medical setbacks, but has risked everything to help someone else in need. Do you know of a program that is currently at risk? Is there a young person in your town that has touched your community and is in need of being granted wishes?

If you or your organization would like to nominate someone that needs to be the focus of a network television show, please e-mail

Include a picture, personal biography of your nominee and tell us in detail why they deserve their dreams to come true. Please be specific in telling us what WISH should be granted. Don't forget to include all of your contact information.

Casting Call Announced for THREE WISHES on NBC


NBC is granting wishes for DESERVING individuals and communities for a new primetime television project. We will spotlight people who have inspiring or touching stories to tell. No story is too big and money is no object when it comes to making dreams come true.

Maybe you have been amazed at an individual who has suffered several personal or medical setbacks, but has risked everything to help someone else in need. Do you know of a program that is currently at risk? Is there a young person in your town that has touched your community and is in need of being granted wishes?

If you or your organization would like to nominate someone that needs to be the focus of a network television show, please e-mail

Include a picture, personal biography of your nominee and tell us in detail why they deserve their dreams to come true. Please be specific in telling us what WISH should be granted. DonÕt forget to include all of your contact information.

NBC Announces TREASURE HUNTERS, An Unscripted Quest Series

NBC has announced TREASURE HUNTERS, an unscripted "quest" series that will feature teams of treasure-hunting competitors who will use folklore, fantasy and actual history as clues to solve a complex puzzle.

The announcement was made by Jeff Gaspin, President, NBC Universal Cable Entertainment & Cross Network Strategy.

TREASURE HUNTERS will offer multi-player teams who will be sent on a global quest to solve the puzzle and the first team to uncover all the clues will be given the location of a hidden treasure. The show will focus on the solving of the puzzle instead of the race.

In addition, there will be an online component allowing web-savvy viewers to get more involved in the show.

NBC ordered 10 episodes of the series and contestant selection will begin soon. The broadcast date of the series will be announced at a later date.

Thursday, March 17, 2005

TRAVEL CHANNEL Announces Casting Call For New Reality TV Show

THE TRAVEL CHANNEL wants to send YOU on an exotic lost weekend!

THE TRAVEL CHANNEL is searching for same-sex groups of close friends (no more than five people per group) to appear in our new reality TV show. Each group will be sent on an adventurous, major expenses-paid, five-day journey to an exotic destination.

Ideal candidates are in their late 20s to 30s, full of energy and thirsty for adventure. Participants must be available to travel April 27, 2005 through May 2, 2005 and May 5, 2005 through May 10, 2005.

We want to hear why this trip would be so meaningful to you. Is a girlfriend getting married and would like to have a one-of-a-kind bachelorette party? Is a member of your group starting over after a divorce? Are you and your Army buddies celebrating your return home? Would you like to reunite with old school friends?

Please send an audition tape explaining why we should choose your group of friends to the address below. Be sure to include your phone number so that we may contact you. You must act fast. The departure date is quickly approaching. (You can also call and share your story with the producers at the telephone number listed below.) Good luck!

1438 North Gower Street
Box 16
Hollywood, CA 90028

CNN Cancels Former APPRENTICE Stars TV Show

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS is indicating that a CNN show starring APPRENTICE runnerup Kwame Jackson has been canceled even before it got off the ground.

According to the DAILY NEWS, CNN´s new boss, Jonathan Klein, canned the biz show that would have featured Jackson interviewing executive bigwigs and pop stars about their careers.

The show was supposed to be a business take on cable net Bravo´s interview program, INSIDE THE ACTOR´S.

"Jon Klein decided not to pursue it," CNN spokeswoman Christa Robinson told the NEWS. "While there was a deal in place, ultimately it did not work out," Jackson said in a statement.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Trust Fund Setup For Daughter of THE CONTENDER Boxer Who Killed Himself Last Month

NBC and THE CONTENDER have setup a trust fund for the daughter of Najai "Nitro" Turpin, THE CONTENDER boxer who killed himself last month before the series´ debut.

According to the NEW YORK POST, at the end of next Sunday´s telecast of THE CONTENDER, co-host Sugar Ray Leonard will appear in a tribute to the 23-year-old fighter from Philadelphia.

Police have said the 23 year old boxer shot himself in the head last month, while sitting with his girlfriend in a parked car outside the West Philadelphia gym where he trained.

If you wish to donate to a fund for Najai´s daughter, make all checks payable to the Anyae Chapple Trust:

J.P. Morgan Trust Company, N.A.
1999 Avenue of the Stars, 26th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90067
Attn: Fiduciary Services Dept.


USA NETWORK and Reality TV Series NASHVILLE STAR is offering viewers a chance to WIN A TRIP TO MUSIC CITY Sweepstakes.

One Grand Prize winner will receive a trip for two that includes:
* Two tickets to the 2005 Country Music Association Music Festival (June 9-12, 2005)
* Roundtrip coach air transportation to Nashville on Southwest Airlines
* Five nights accommodations at the Gaylord Opryland Resort
* Two tickets to a performance at the Grand Ole Opry
* A private guided tour of Nashville
* Admission to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
* Tickets to ride on the Delta River Flatboat inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort
* Tickets to ride on the General Jackson Showboat inside the Gaylord Opryland Resort
* Dinner for two at the Wildhorse Saloon
* An Epiphone AJ-100 guitar
* And more!

The Sweepstakes ends Tuesday, April 26, 2005

For more information go to

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

IMPOSSIBLE HEISTS Reality Show Premieres Tonight On COURT TV

It´s like OCEAN 11 meets SURVIVOR

Two teams of skilled professionals are challenged to execute a complex and physically demanding heist while trying to elude the highest-tech security - and they have only a few hours to do it.

Each show is a re-creation of a famous, audacious and sometimes unsolved heist. Over the course of five weeks, you´ll get know each team member inside out.

Who´s the smartest, who´s the funniest and which team can turn a Can´t Win Situation into a Big Win Payoff?

It´s impossibly exciting.

For more information go to

FEAR FACTOR Announces Open Casting Calls In Selected Cities

FEAR FACTOR has announced that they will be offering open casting calls for their hit show in selected cities

The cities where the open casting calls will be held at are:

Pangaea Lounge and Gryphon Night Club at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino
5711 Seminole Way, Hollywood, FL
Hollywood, FL
March 19th, 2005 (12pm-5pm)

Calypso Joe´s Vestavia Hills
700 Montgomery Highway
Vestavia Hills, AL 35216
March 19th, 2005 (12pm-5pm)

Molly Malone´s
933 Baxter Avenue
Louisville, KY 40202
March 26th, 2005 (12:00-5:00pm)

Time Lounge
514 North College Street
Charlotte, NC 28202
March 26th, 2005 (12pm-5pm)

For more information go to

Monday, March 14, 2005


COVERGIRL is currently offering a sweepstakes where you and a friend could find yourselves getting fab makeovers, hitting New York City hot spots and meeting the winner of AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL.

Enter THE NEW MODEL AND THE NEW YOU SWEEPSTAKES and you could win great prizes like:

* An up-close and personal meeting with AMERICA´S NEXT TOP MODEL
* Airline tickets and standard accommodations for two in New York City
* A VIP makeover for you and your guest, plus much more

For more information go to

FOOD NETWORK Is Searching For The Next FOOD NETWORK Star

Starting in June, 2005, watch as 8 finalists compete for their own FOOD NETWORK series.

Tune in to meet the finalists, see how they are progressing, and watch as we challenge their culinary know-how. Who will be eliminated along the way?

Watch as the 8 finalists are narrowed down to 2 - and then join other viewers as they decide who will be the next FOOD NETWORK star!

Plus, catch behind the scenes footage from various FOOD NETWORK shows and see see how we produce our shows each and every day. You´ll hear from our staff and top talent themselves about what it really takes to work with food on TV!

For more information go to

OUTDOOR CHANNEL Searching Country To Host Their Own Fishing Show

THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL is currently searching the country looking for people who want to host their own fishing show.

If you´d like to see yourself on THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL, you can step in front of our cameras and tell us why you deserve your own show.

Auditions are being conducted at select locations throughout the year. A semi-finalist will be chosen from each audition site. The semi-finalists will be featured on our website this summer.

Five finalists will then be selected from the semi-finalists. They will be featured on the website during January 2006 so the public can vote for their favorite entry. The finalist with the most votes wins, and the winner will be announced in February of 2006. That lucky person will film their show sometime next summer and see it on THE OUTDOOR CHANNEL.

The 2004 winner, Rachel Phelps of Monmouth, Oregon, will go on location with an OUTDOOR CHANNEL camera crew to film the episode of her show. Rachel´s show will then be aired to a national audience of 24 million next summer.

For more information, you can go to

AMERICAN IDOL finalist Mario Vazquez Quits, Replaced By Nikko Smith

USA TODAY is reporting that AMERICAN IDOL finalist Mario Vazquez, considered by some a leading contender to win the hit TV talent show, unexpectedly quit the competition on Sunday, citing personal reasons. He was replaced by Nikko Smith, who was ousted last Wednesday.

Vazquez, 27, cited "personal reasons" for his withdrawal and no other details were available, Fox announced in a statement.

Smith, the son of baseball´s Ozzie Smith, was chosen to return because he had more votes than Travis Tucker, will perform this Tuesday on Fox.

Friday, March 11, 2005

PLAYBOY Announces AMAZING RACE Contestant Victoria Fuller To Re-appear In May Pictorial

The electrifying relationship of AMAZING RACE husband-and-wife team Jonathan Baker and Playmate Victoria Fuller has become nationwide watercooler talk.

What you didn't see on the show? Victoria nude.

The former Playboy Centerfold will re-appear in the MAY 2005 edition of PLAYBOY

Currently, Victoria is also being featured in ads for the store

Shop Now - 10

TV LAND Announces Premiere Date of CHASING FARRAH

CHASING FARRAH, a new reality TV series from TV LAND will premiere on Wednesday, March 23.

TV LAND is playing up that Farrah is "No Angel" theme in this show

Superstar. Mother. Daughter. Lover. Artist. Cook. She´s many things that will surprise you - but she´s definitely no Angel.

Everyday with Farrah is extraordinary, and now you can now take a peek into her intriguing adventures.

The six-episode series will give viewers a rare glimpse into what her life is like in and out of the spotlight.

Thursday, March 10, 2005

THE BIGGEST LOSER Is Still Casting Families And Engage Couples

THE BIGGEST LOSER is looking for family units who want to lose weight together as a team.

You´ll learn how to change your eating habits and ultimately change your life with your own exclusive trainer and nutritionist. And they will continue your progress in your hometown!

Please send a ten minute videotape (DV or VHS only accepted) showing why your family deserve this opportunity
of a lifetime. We want to know what makes your story unique and what this opportunity means to you.

Only families and engaged couples will be considered at this time. Children must be at least 14 years old.

Sent the tape to:

The tape deadline is March 23, 2005

Casting For THE AMAZING RACE 8 Ends Soon - Age Limit Lowered To 8

Casting for mail-in applications is scheduled to end tomorrow, Friday, March 11 for the family edition THE AMAZING RACE 8

The age requirements for family members have also recently dropped for kids from the age 12 to the age 8.

Contrary to recent reports, the requirement that one of the team member must be at least the age 21 is still valid.

Filming for THE AMAZING RACE 8 is scheduled to begin sometime in June 2005, which allows families with kids not to miss school, if they are selected.

More information on the casting call for THE AMAZING RACE 8 can be found at

Wednesday, March 09, 2005 Halts Wagering On THE AMAZING RACE 7 Because Of Possible Leak Of Winners is indicating that has announced that wagering on the reality television series THE AMAZING RACE 7 has been halted due to irregular betting patterns on two contestants.

Over a 12-hour period last week, from the evening of Thursday, March 3 through the morning of Friday, March 4, a significant increase in betting on these contestants alerted odds makers of a possible leak into the show´s outcome. All the bets under suspicion were placed from accounts in California and Massachusetts and were for the maximum allowable wagers. also indicated that Alex Czajkowski, Marketing Director, said that "In fairness to our customers they will honor all wagers that have already been placed on this event".

"We try to offer users betting options on every possible event. From time to time we understand, unfortunately, that situations such as this will arise and will have to be dealt with accordingly," said Czajkowski.


Spoiler Information

To help protect our readers of whom the identity of the two contestants are - REALITYTVWEBSITE.COM has placed those names on a separate page.

If you would like to see who the contestants are that had the irregualar betting issues with, you can got to for more details.

Find The Next Fabio On MR. ROMANCE - Set To Premiere March 14

Nobody said being a male fantasy figure was easy -- and 12 men are finding out firsthand just how hard it can be in this six week "romance academy" reality series, culminating in America´s first annual "Man Pageant".

MR. ROMANCE is an over-the-top contest/reality show culminating in America´s first Man-Pageant to find the next Fabio.

Over the course of six one-hour episodes, international romance icon Fabio will oversee the education of the twelve contestants who live together in preparation for the MR. ROMANCE pageant.

Fabio will be assisted by co-host Cindy Guyer- known in the business as "The Bodice Godess". They will get lessons in seduction, tips from experts in fitness and male grooming, and special training to perfect their moves on the catwalk and most romantic poses.

Their romantic repertoire will be stretched to the limit as they compete in a weekly "Romance Test".

The swashbuckling winner will be awarded a $50,000 cash prize, gym memberships and a contract to appear on the cover of HARLEQUIN romance novels.

MR. ROMANCE is scheduled to premiere Monday, March 14 at 10PM ET/PT on OXYGEN Network.

THE CONTENDER And STARLET Premiered to Disappointing Ratings

Two highly anticipated reality TV shows debut to disappointing ratings this past week.

THE CONTENDER, one of the most expensive television series ever created, debuted on NBC this past Monday to dismal results.

The boxing reality TV series garnered a disappointing 8 million viewers, though it did manage to win its time period among men 18 to 34.

Tomorrow, NBC will premiere the second episode of THE CONTENDER on a special night at 10:00pm ET/PT, then will settle in to it´s regular time slot on Sundays at 8:00pm ET/PT.

STARLET, Faye Dunaway´s acting reality TV series on THE WB, became the least-watched TV series premiere of the TV season on any network, with only 1.6 million viewers tuning in.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

COLD TURKEY II Premieres March 15 on PAX TV

PAX TV has announced that COLD TURKEY II will premiere on Tuesday, March 15 (10:00 PM EST/9:00 PM CST) on PAX TV.

Looks like PAX TV has done it again! COLD TURKEY II revolves around unsuspecting smokers, duped into thinking they were joining the cast of SURVIVOR- style reality show, only to discover that they have been brought together to quite smoking.

COLD TURKEY II will take place this time in San Diego, where it explores what it takes to kick the habit and what the participants experience as they endeavor to compete this incredible challenge.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Casting Call for MARRIAGE 911

Is Your Husband or Wife Driving You CRAZY?

Are You Tired of Fighting Over EVERYTHING?

Do You Remember Why You Married Your Spouse in the First Place?

From the Producer´s of Fox´s Hit Reality Show NANNY 911

Casting Office: 323-769-6600

Downlaod the application and fax to: 323.769.6605 or EMAIL to:

We need one application per person (Mom and Dad)

For more detail go to

Participants Names Announced For THE NEVADA PASSAGE Adventure Competition

Twenty athletes from 11 states are confirmed to participate in THE NEVADA PASSAGE, a made-for-television, multi-sport adventure competition that will start in Las Vegas and loop around the state, concluding in Reno, Lt. Governor Lorraine Hunt announced today.

Ten male-female teams, all amateur athletes and paired by profession, will compete in the six-day six-adventure series May 19-24. Each team will compete in all six sports, and the team with the most points at the end wins. Their Nevada adventure will be filmed and edited into a one-hour reality television program, syndicated and broadcast in more than 80 U.S. markets beginning in August. The Nevada Commission on Tourism (NCOT), which initiated the event, expects the program to reach at least 2 million television viewers, Hunt, NCOT chair, said.

"TV viewers watching THE NEVADA PASSAGE will see Nevada in a new way," Hunt said. "Most programs focus on Las Vegas and its fabulous hotels and entertainment, but this program also will capture athletes in action on Nevada´s beautiful high desert and let viewers see what's out there beyond the dazzling city lights."

THE NEVADA PASSAGE begins with rock climbing in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area and riding personal watercraft on Lake Mead, both near Las Vegas; four-wheel driving in the high desert near Ely, bicycling in Lamoille Canyon near Elko, sandboarding at Sand Mountain near Fallon and kayaking on the Truckee River Whitewater Park in downtown Reno. After each day of competition, the teams will travel to the site of the next day´s event.

"Nevada offers the unexpected, a rugged, mountainous landscape with great scenic beauty that is wide open for sports activities to suit many interests," Bruce Bommarito, NCOT executive director, said. "We expect that THE NEVADA PASSAGE will expose millions of viewers to parts of Nevada they have never seen and inspire them to come and experience an outdoor adventure for themselves."

Three Nevada residents are among the athletes that TEAM Unlimited, the Hawaii-based company that is producing THE NEVADA PASSAGE, selected for the competition: Tom Lyons and Kent Robison, both lifelong residents of Reno, and Susan Hughes of Incline Village. Other states represented in THE NEVADA PASSAGE are Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

To emphasize that Nevada´s adventures are accessible to people of all skill levels, TEAM Unlimited selected athletes age 25 to 57 representing a variety of professions, including bartending, finance, law, aviation, medicine, news media, firefighting, and business.

"These athletes have full-time careers and lives that involve activities TV viewers can relate to, like balancing parenting, playing in bands, household chores and sports," Hunt said. "Pairing a man and woman by profession is an unusual twist and adds special interest. Viewers might find themselves rooting for the team that shares their profession."

The roster of confirmed athletes, which is subject to change, are listed, women first, by name, age, profession and city of residence:

Randi Grush, 38, chief financial officer of a post-production facility in Los Angeles, Calif.
Ashley Burt, 37, bank president from Gunnison, Colo.

Ashley Brooks, 30, in-house counsel for a marketing/promotions agency in Richmond, Va.
Kent Robison, 57, attorney from Reno, Nev. (Note: Kent will turn 58 on May 22.)

Susan Hughes, 39, commercial pilot from Incline Village, Nev.
Todd Borke, 35, express mail pilot from Anchorage, Alaska. (Note: Todd will turn 36 April 15.)

Sage Grossi, 27, geography and meteorology professor from Tempe, Ariz.
Andy Feeney, 27, middle school science teacher in Boulder, Colo.

Lara Usinowicz, 34, bartender from Evergreen, Colo. (Note. Lara will turn 35 on May 22.)
Anthony Snoble, 29, bartender and martial arts instructor from East Islip, N.Y. (Note: Anthony will turn 30 on April 22.)

Kathleen Coutinho, 34, sports chiropractor from Springfield, Va.
Audie Smith, 51, anesthesiologist and assistant professor of medicine from Knoxville, Tenn.

Independent Business Owners:
Megan Melgaard, 25, swimwear company co-owner from Atlanta, Ga.
Tom Lyons, 43, real estate investor from Reno, Nev.

Melanie Kim, 38, freelance television reporter from Sacramento, Calif.
Scott Schumaker, 34, freelance journalist from Boulder, Colo.

Sheri Jackson, 34, firefighter from Greensboro, N.C.
Brian Rothell, 41, firefighter from Richmond, Va.

Veterinary Medicine:
Kylie Kavanagh, 30, veterinarian from Winston-Salem, N.C.
Rory Carolan, 48, a veterinarian from Bethesda, Md.

Adventure-seekers interested in watching THE NEVADA PASSAGE on TV can find the syndication schedule at beginning in May.

Exclusively Online - Free Missing Episodes Of MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS BOSS

Fox has announced that they are showing exclusively online and for free, the final five epsiodes that MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS BOSS.

These five episodes were never shown on TV, when FOX cancelled the series earlier this year because of poor ratings.

Episode six is available for immediate viewing, while episode seven will be available on Friday, March 11. The last three episodes will be available shortly thereafter.

The episodes may be viewed at MY BIG FAT OBNOXIOUS BOSS´s offical website at

Friday, March 04, 2005

SURVIVOR Castoff Ashlee Ashby Wanted To Be Voted Off Show

THE GREENVILLE NEWS is reporting that SURVIVOR Castoff Ashlee Ashby who was voted off last week on SURVIVOR PALAU says she never wanted to be branded with the reality TV label. In fact, she says, it´s a big reason why she asked to be voted off the island.

The show´s editing, Ashby says, made it seem her aloofness was her demise, but not shared with the audience was her explicitly asking fellow tribe members to boot her off the island. She wanted off both because she couldn´t stomach the conniving nature of "the game" and because she feared the label might hinder her aspirations to be an actress.

Reality shows are all about typecasting, and if you´re on the show long enough, you risk becoming known professionally as little more than "That Girl From SURVIVOR" says Ashby.

The show, she says, gave her just the exposure she was looking for.


ABC has announced a casting call for EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEDDING EDITION - Helping couples say "I do" one wedding at a time.

If you like what EXTREME MAKEOVER: HOME EDITION does for families - you´ll love what WEDDING EDITION is going to do for deserving couples.

Getting married is a serious business both financially and emotionally. EXTREME MAKEOVER: WEDDING EDITION will fulfill the wedding dreams of one worthy couple that desperately wants to get married, but just simply doesn´t have the money, good health or support system to go through with it.

If your story tugs at heartstrings like the stories you hear on HOME EDITION and you´re ready to get married NOW, call the 24 hour info-line:

866-5939-WED (or 866-593-9933)

You can also email them at:

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Brother Of THE CONTENDER Contestant Who Committed Suicide Speaks About Death

In an interview with ACCESS HOLLYWOOD, Diediera Turpin, brother of Najai "Nitro" Turpin, the CONTENDER contestant who committed suicide, says "the show was never the problem" in regards to what might have influenced his brother´s actions. The interview aired on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD on Tuesday, March 1, 2005.

Turpin says he feels that it was the lifelong personal struggles that Najai endured and not his participation in THE CONTENDER that propelled him to turn a gun on himself in a parked car in front of his girlfriend of six years this past Valentine´s Day. "He strived," says Turpin. "He came from nothing to do something because it´s hard out here. The show was never the problem, boxing and all of that was never the problem. It was a personal problem."

According to Turpin, Najai´s girlfriend hasn´t spoken to any member of their family since she witnessed the former CONTENDER hopeful take his own life, so they are all left wondering what exactly happened on Valentine´s Day. When ACCESS HOLLYWOOD called Najai´s girlfriend for a response, she said that no altercation occurred between she and Najai the day he ended his own life.

Whatever the case, Turpin says that he, Najai´s four other brothers, his sister and his daughter are still looking for answers. "We don´t have any knowledge of what happened," he says. "We just know that we don´t have a brother anymore, he is gone."


MTV: Music Television announced the launch of THE REAL WORLD/ROAD RULES CHALLENGE THE INFERNO II The on Monday, March 7 at 10:00PM (ET/PT).

The series features 20 legendary veterans of MTV´s THE REAL WORLD and ROAD RULES divided into two teams: the Good Guys and the Bad Asses. The teams will compete for more than $300,000 dollars worth of cash and prizes.

BMX bad boy Dave Mirra shakes up the peaceful resort town of Manzanillo, Mexico as he hosts what promises to be one of the wildest challenges ever with 15 team missions, 8 Inferno face offs, and one grand prize competition. After the first team competition is completed, each team votes for someone from the opposing team to compete in the upcoming Inferno challenge. In the next day´s team competition, the elected Inferno warriors try to win the "Lifeshield," which would allow them to send someone else to the Inferno in their place. However, if they are not the top finisher in the team mission, they will proceed to compete in the head to head endurance challenge: the infamous Inferno.

Barbed wire, steel bars, and a ring of fire isolate the Inferno competitors as they battle to outlast and outdo each other in order to remain on their team-the losers leave the post-apocalyptic styled coliseum empty handed. From an air-suspended game of chicken to a grueling vertical wall climb and a disorienting spin on a torturous wheel, the Inferno´s challenges are bound to get out of control. Watch as the Good Guys and the Bad Asses agonize over which players from the opposing team to send to the Inferno without knowing which of their own teammates will be going as well. In this survival of the strongest, it takes both team performance and individual endurance to win the ultimate prize.

In conjunction with the INFERNO II, is presenting The After Show, the ultimate online after-party and MTV´s first ever online series. The After Show is hosted by former ROAD RULES(The Quest) personality, Blair and features intimate cast interviews, an interactive "truth or dare," an "ADD Recap" of each episode, as well as a special "Beat Blair" segment where Blair challenges his guests to participate in outrageous stunts like "What will Tonya put in her mouth," "The Drama Dice" or a "Whore-Off." The After Show will air directly after INFERNO II on beginning on March 7 with Mike "The Miz" as the first guest.


The Good Guys team members include: Shavonda (REAL WORLD Philadelphia), Jamie (REAL WORLD San Diego), Jon (REAL WORLD Los Angeles), Landon (REAL WORLD Philadelphia), Julie (REAL WORLD SAN DIEGO), Brad (REAL WORLD SAN DIEGO), Jodi (ROAD RULES XTREME), Robin (REAL WORLD SAN DIEGO), Mike the Miz (REAL WORLD BACK TO NEW YORK), and Darrell (ROAD RULES CAMPUS CRAWL).

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

ABC Announces An Actor As The New BACHELOR

ABC´s hit romantic reality series, THE BACHELOR, will kick off a new season with Charlie O´Connell in his hometown of New York, New York. The seventh edition of THE BACHELOR will premiere with a two-hour special MONDAY, MARCH 28 (9:00-11:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Charlie O´Connell is a financially secure 29-year-old jack of all trades who enjoys a fantastic lifestyle and a love for life that is contagious. Charlie, a self-described fun loving "good guy," has long cherished his carefree bachelor lifestyle. However, amongst 25 beautiful bachelorettes, is there one girl who can stop Charlie in his tracks and inspire him to settle down?

While he grew up in New York City, Charlie currently splits his time between both coasts. For the last eight years Los Angeles has been his main residence, where he lives with his older brother, actor Jerry O´Connell. He also spends much of his time at his family´s home in Montauk, Long Island with his parents, whose marriage of over 30 years serves as the model relationship Charlie so desires.

This season will be unlike any other on THE BACHELOR, as we strip down some of the formalities and offer viewers a less structured version of the program. On the first day there will be no limos, no gowns and no traditional rose ceremony. This time there are no rules and anything can happen, as we give Charlie the opportunity of a lifetime to discover if love is out there waiting for him

TBS Announces Two New Reality TV Series And The Return Of THE REAL GILLIGANS ISLAND

TBS has announced that the second installment of THE REAL GILLIGAN´S ISLAND will premiere June 8.

The show that ranked as cable´s number one new reality series of 2004 returns for a second outing as two teams of castaways who personify the original GILLIGAN´S ISLAND characters are stranded on an island and challenged to find a way off. This new installment of the series includes a love triangle in which one of the Professors and one of the Gilligans vie for the affections of one of the Mary Anns. It also includes one of the Gingers being rushed to the hospital after an accident.

Also, the network is working with Whoopi Goldberg on a reality TV pilot and signed Cedric the Entertainer to a first-look development deal.

SKETCH is a reality TV series pilot project from Goldberg. The series involves a search for the best comedy troupe in the United States.

And finally, TBS has signed a first-look development deal with Bird and a Bear, the production company for Cedric the Entertainer and his production partner, Eric Rhone. TBS will have first rights to any reality show the company creates over the next year.

Former BIG BROTHER Star Selling His Belongings On EBAY

George Boswell, former contestant on the first season of the BIG BROTHER reality show, is auctioning off some of the items he obtained from the show on eBay.

According to, George, whose antics endeared him to many, is putting up for sale BIG BROTHER contract and pay stub, his BIG BROTHER hat and t-shirt, and his official BIG BROTHER suitcase/briefcase - one of only 10 made.

When asked why he was parting with these items, he told that "I need the cash the car is dead."