Friday, July 21, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Jenny Glat - Third Person Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Jenny Galt had a look and sound that appealed to the casting crew and producers of the reality TV, rockumentary ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

The look of Jenny Galt? Blonde hair, tight body, a Barbie-doll rocker if you will.

The sound of Jenny Galt? Soft, kind, a tad twangy and yes... Lilith Fair girlie.

Ultimately, that look / sound combo did not fit what Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted, and Gilby Clark were looking for. The lack of horsepower in the throat may have been the clincher.

Wednesday night, Jenny Galt became the third ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA Contestant eliminated from David Goffin′s rock odyssey. (Fyi, Jenny was the first contestant with a vagina to exit the competition.)

We were lucky to meet up with Jenny Galt earlier yesterday. It was great to connect with the Canadian singer. Especially considering that Jenny Galt got such little airplay (AKA DRRRAAAHHHH-MAAH) on ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

ReX: So let′s start with a really, really tough question!!!!!

Jenny Galt: Okay.

ReX: Peanut or Chocolate M&Ms?

Jenny Galt: Hmmm. It really depends. But, I'd say chocolate. Yah. Chocolate.

ReX: Gotcha.

Jenny Galt: I also like Reese′s Peanut Butter Cups and Nutella.

ReX: Let me guess you eat Nutella on a spoon with no bread or anything right?

Jenny Galt: You know it!

ReX: Ha-hahhhhh. I don′t know anyone who eats Nutella via the spread method.

Jenny Galt: Yah, me neither.

ReX: Oh yah, back to the interview... Where are you right now?

Jenny Galt: I′m sequestered for the press in a Hollywood Hotel. It′s kinda weird. I′m in limbo actually. I′m off ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA but they won′t give me back me wallet, phone and stuff.

Tomorrow will be a good day. Well.... Today is a good day too. I get some added exposure to the press and I get to say what I really want to say!

ReX: Okay. What do you want to say?

Jenny Galt: [3 seconds of silence] I want to say that this experience has made me into a new person. I learned a shitload over the past few weeks - about music, about me. I′ve got lots to share.

I′m a free agent now, a solo artist and it′s time to take the world by storm.

ReX: Huh. Quite the transformation, right?

Jenny Galt: Yah. I never knew how much fear controls me. I′ve been so scared for so long - with my work, my music. Shit. I′ve even held off on getting a tattoo because of things like work.

ReX: When did all this hit you?

Jenny Galt: It was during the last performance. I could see the others rockin′ it. I knew I was gonna get burned with my track. Gilby was right. It was a step in the wrong direction.

I played it way to safe. Now, I′m like "Screw It!"

I have a new motto. It goes ′Living in fear makes the world small′. I′m stoked!

ReX: Right on momma. Hey. Gotta ask. Did you ever go swimming in that pool at the mansion? It looks soooooooo delicious?

Jenny Galt: Yah man. The pool was right outside my room. We went in it all the time! It was great for the parties and stuff.

ReX: Parties? Hmmmmmm. Tell me about those? Lots of drinking, yah?

Jenny Galt: Ummmm. Yah, I′d say it depended on the night. But, if we didn′t have an early shoot, you could bet that someone was partying at the Mansion.

One night, we had a great party with the press, Tommy, Jason... It was beyond fun. And, really nice to talk with other people.

As for the booze, it never hurts to have a little drink to ease the stress. I mean this is a pretty crazy experience.

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