Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Fox Reality Announces SOLITARY REUNION Special - Nine Contestants Share Their Stories

Fox Reality Creates Another Reality-TV-First With an Unprecedented Meeting for the Cast of the Original Series SOLITARY; Participants United ... for the First Time

SOLITARY REUNION Special Premieres Monday, July 31st, at 6 and 9 PM Eastern and Pacific

On Monday, July 31st, Fox Reality, the only all reality, all the time channel, will break the boundaries of reality television history yet again during the SOLITARY REUNION Original special, a "reunion" of the participants who have never met.

Fox Reality′s Original series SOLITARY challenged nine contestants to their mental and physical limits while dealing with the universal fear of isolation -- the subjects never met or had any interaction with any other human while competing against each other during the show. Now, in a completely unique reality programming event, the contestants will come face-to-face for the first time ever and share their experiences.

The show put a twist on the traditional methods of reality show eliminations. In contrast to the way players vote each other off, or are eliminated by an authority figure, in SOLITARY it was the individual′s choice if they wanted to continue to play on. Leaving was as simple as hitting a red "Quit" button, and the winner was the individual who ultimately endured the longest.

After competing in the ultimate mind game, the contestants will finally have the opportunity during the SOLITARY REUNION to compare stories and experiences and meet the winner of the $50,000 cash prize.

Fox Reality′s Original series SOLITARY was executive produced and co-created by Andrew Golder ("Win Ben Stein′s Money," Emmy(R)-Award Recipient) and Lincoln Hiatt ("Unan1mous").