Thursday, July 20, 2006

ROCK STAR Contestant Storm Large Featured In Almost Nude Photo Session

On Tuesday night′s episode OF ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, Tommy Lee told rocker contestant Storm Large that he would like to see more of her. Storm immediately indicated that she has a six letter word for Tommy - "Google".

Oh and the boys sure found a nice surprise when they did Google her.

Storm Large is featured in her own pictorial book from photographer Laura Domela. And when we mean featured, we mean with very little clothing to say the least.

As sample of these sexy photos can be seen at:

On her website, photographer Laura Domela provided some details about working with Storm.

"This monograph is a selection of photos from a session with Storm Large in July 2005. My motivation for photographing Storm came from watching her perform onstage. Beyond her incredible vocal talent, her musicality, and her obvious physical beauty, she is a passionate artist who visually exudes an enormous power and range of emotion. I was inspired to capture this emotion and passion photographically. Storm delivered the same emotional energy and professionalism as a model that I had seen when she performed with her band. We developed a great rapport in the studio, speeding through some of the most productive sessions I′ve ever experienced as a photographer. Storm was creative, dynamic, and playful in front of the camera, and I was thrilled with our results."