Thursday, July 20, 2006

Casting Call Has Been Extended For Reality Series SABOTAGE

SABOTAGE Producer L. M. Beasley Announces Casting Call Schedule Will Continue

SABOTAGE producer L. M. Beasley will continue the process of finding Americans interested in being secret agents on the new reality game show of espionage. Reality show fans (of such shows as Survivor, The Amazing Race, Treasure Hunters and The Mole or mystery adventure television/theatre such as Lost, Mission Impossible or the James Bond series) will have the chance to apply for the adventure of a lifetime during the completion of a nationwide casting tour to choose finalists for the new unscripted series by the production company BERGS, LLC. The mail-in submission deadline has been extended to September 8, 2006 to accommodate the live audition schedule. Shooting will begin this winter and a 2007 airdate is planned.

"There has been a tremendous response from mail-in applications across the country! The time involved in reviewing the high volume of applications and to allow time to complete the live audition tour in the remaining cities as planned provides the need for extending the deadline for applicants... we are also adding new locations based on popular demand of the show!" says Beasley.

In SABOTAGE, potential agents from all walks of life will endure a rigorous selection process as they are tested for their skills, intelligence, and deceptive abilities. If selected as finalists, they will face the challenges of living together on teams with strangers in undisclosed locations, required to complete difficult mission assignments and need to muster all of their deceptive forces to overcome the team of unknown saboteur in their midst known as ′Operation Dark.′

Prospective applicants should be in excellent mental and physical health, able to cope with extreme environments, adapt to unusual living conditions, display complex problem solving skills, lead interesting personal or professional lives, and prominently possess one or more of the following traits: perceptiveness, guile, cunning, adventurous, outgoing, adaptability, willpower, stamina, charisma, persuasiveness, excitability, and self-awareness.

Cities hosting the remaining open casting calls include:

- New York
- St. Louis
- Las Vegas

Check SABOTAGE News for live audition locations and times. Other casting call cities may be soon added to the schedule through September to accommodate the popularity of the show in other areas around the country.

Interested candidates should mail completed applications by the deadline of September 8, or attend one of the open calls listed above. If attending the live audition, candidates should bring a photo I.D. and a completed application form available at the SABOTAGE Official Website .

Once finalists have been selected for the show, they will be divided into ten teams of agents. Each team will have an unknown double agent whose objective is to sabotage their team′s success. Teams that perform the weakest during each mission will be ejected from the game. The double agent responsible for their team′s demise will remain in the game as an exposed member of ′Operation Dark.′ In the season′s final episode, the last remaining team of agents will compete against Operation Dark for the grand prize of up to $1 Million.