Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Heather Wins The Second Season Of HELL′S KITCHEN - Casting Begins For Season Three

By Elaine James

Gordon Ramsey started his second installment of HELL′S KITCHEN by igniting a battle of the sexes. 12 contestants were split into a men′s team and a women′s team to find out if who had the chance to become the next great chef. One by one they were eliminated until it came down to two 25-year-old ladies: Heather, the Sous Chef from New York and Virginia, the Salad Chef from California.

Through this season, Heather shined and took charge in the kitchen. Virginia, though not as strong as Heather in the kitchen, won all but 1 challenge because of her extraordinary pallet.

The finale started with the ladies having to face the media during a press conference to prepare them what lies ahead in their future. Chef Ramsey then informs them that HELL′S KITCHEN will be divided in to two restaurants, one run by Heather and one run by Virginia. The women must create their dream space and design everything from the look, to the menu, to the staff uniforms and environment.

Heather chose to form her restaurant into a modern family-style bistro, while Virginia designed her side as an upscale desert oasis. Over the course of the show, both ran into problems with their designs and had to make on-the-ball decisions designed to test them.

Chef Ramsey then whisked the ladies to Las Vegas to try to tempt gamblers on the casino floor with their signature dishes. While the scoring remained close, Virginia′s Chicken Roulade won over Heather′s Chilean Sea Bass.

After arriving back at HELL′S KITCHEN, it is time to pick teams from the former contestants. While Heather chose a strong team Rachel, Sara, & Garrett; Virginia decided to chose Tom, Giacomo, & Keith, hoping that she would be able to show strong leadership to Chef Ramsey.

Heather′s smart choices pay off and she is able to quickly and efficiently get food out to the diners. While Virginia′s crew doesn′t move as fast as Heather′s she tries her hardest to motivate them. Virginia slows down herself while paying plenty of attention to quality control. This impresses Chef Ramsey, as Heather has had several dishes sent back because they had been cooked incorrectly.

After a rough night, both ladies are able to complete dinner service. Unknowing to them, Scott Krieger, President of Red Rock Casino sampled both menus to give his recommendations. Krieger stated that Heather′s Sea Bass was exquisite and that Virginia′s Short Ribs were the best he′s ever had.

While the ladies went back to the dorms to clean up Chef Ramsey made his decision. Calling both girls to the top of the stairs. They are both placed in front of a door and given a key. Only one key will open the door and that will be the winner.

Chef Ramsey stated that this was one of the toughest decisions he ever had to make, but based on custom comment cards, there was a slight advantage to one of the chefs.

Cut to the restaurants which is tense with anticipation, the family and friends of the girls are waiting below to find out who has won...and in walks Heather. Because of her determination and control in the kitchen, she will now be placed as the Executive Chef of a $14 million restaurant in the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

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