Friday, August 25, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Patrice Pike - Ninth Rocker Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Patrice Pike has a voice. Patrice Pike really has a voice. And, unfortunately, for Patrice Pike that voice could not keep her out of the Bottom Three on Rockstar Supernova, Mark Burnett′s reality rocumentary.

After four adventures to the Bottom Three, the drama-less rocker from Austin, Texas got the hatchet from tattoo′d drummer, singer, pornstar Tommy Lee.

Earlier yesterday, Rock Star Go Home caught up with Patrice Pike to learn a little more about her past and her future.

ReX: Wassup Patrice?

Patrice Pike: Hey there!

ReX: You ready for this?

Patrice Pike: Ahh-huh.

ReX: Cool. How ya doing right now?

Patrice Pike: Well. My brain is a blur right now. I′m out of the show and it′s really hitting me right now. I′m decompressing and trying to make sense of this whole thing. Adjusting back to life. Talking with my family. I′m just really starting to get how cool this thing really was. It′s great.

ReX: So, how ′cool′ was it?

Patrice Pike: Hmmmmm. [Silence] My whole life has been about music. I′m overwhelmed by this feeling that this is the start of something really... [Silence] Really big. I′m psyched.

Yesterday, my best friend jumped on a plane and met me here last night after he read the news on the Internet that I was voted off. We drank a great bottle of wine and just chilled out.

ReX: Sounds great.

Patrice Pike: It really was. I just feel like there is some propulsion going on here.

ReX: And what about the mansion... Do you miss it yet?

Patrice Pike: It.... Feels.... Good. Not to say that tentatively. I didn′t mean to say it like that. It′s just very transitional right now. I did my best to maintain myself in the house. The last few weeks I had my own room. I went on walks. Sat underneath the trees. I stayed in touch and just chilled.

ReX: Gotcha. Looking back, do you think you fit Supernova?

Patrice Pike: You know, there was never a moment that I didn′t think I could not be in that band. I figured we could push the envelope with a female on lead, with strong vocals, strong range, it would be difficult but I think the sound would have been amazing.

ReX: So, were you surprised to go home?

Patrice Pike: Ya know, I really was.

ReX: Really, cause it kind of seemed like Beautiful Thing may have been a personal plug that you know the writing was on the wall... Patrice Pike: Hmmmm. Well, I choose Beautiful Thing because that is a song of mine that shows who I am. I could have played a track that I wrote for Supernova but I chose not to. Yes Beautiful Thing will be on my new cd but it just has a great energy, I wanted to show that intensity.

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