Friday, August 04, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Dana Andrews - Fifth Person Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

Need I share the story of Dana Andrews?

Small city girl... Big city dreams.

Unfortunately, Dana Andrews might be on the way back to the small city of Beech Island, South Carolina now that the Hatchet Man (aka Tommy Lee), along with Jason Newsted and Gilby Clark sent her ass home Wednesday night.

However, you have to respect Dana. She really did her best to show off the ′Rawwwwck′ but it just didn′t work now did it? Or, did it?

To get her take on ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, we met up with Dana Andrews yesterday.

ReX: What′s up momma?

Dana Andrews: How′s it going baby?

ReX: You tell me. I mean, you′re the one I want to talk with. How are you doing?

Dana Andrews: Honestly?

ReX: No. Lie to me baby!

Dana Andrews: Honestly, I′m real sad. I wanted to win this thing so bad. And, now that the other contestants get a chance do some writing... I wish I just had a chance to show off my writing skills. I know that would have shown Supernova another side of me... What I had to offer the band.

But, I′m also kinda a glad it′s over. I′m not sure I was really ready to front a band of musical legends like Tommy, Jason and Gilby.

ReX: Hmmmm. Is that due to lack of experience of lack of confidence?

Dana Andrews: I don′t think it has to do with confidence. But, I think I′m seeing this in hindsight that I need more experience.

ReX: Gotcha. That makes sense.

Dana Andrews: Yah.

ReX: So, now that it's over... What do you miss about the Hollywood mansion?

Dana Andrews: The people! I can′t tell you how amazing living in that place was. At any time, day or night, you could walk down the halls and you′ll hear a joke, people swearing, talkin′ music... It was really comforting.

It′s kind of odd too. You′re in a contest. So, you′re kind of alone. But, at the same time you′re with people who are alone too so you end up bonding no matter what.

ReX: Who was your closest pal in the mansion?

Dana Andrews: I′d have to say Dilana. We just reasonated. Plus, she was overwhelmingly honest with me... Even if it hurt. She was willing to get through my filter and really help me out.

ReX: Now, let′s talk about last night?

Dana Andrews: Yah. I totally did not expect to be in the Bottom Three or to be sent home. I thought my cover of Baba O′Reily was good. I really lost myself in it. I was also shocked that Patrice Pike was in the Bottom Three. At first, I thought Jill Gioia was going home.

But, the guys took their time in making the decision and it was... me. I knew it was going to be me after we did the performances. I even went around and said my goodbyes. They were all like, "Don′t be so negative. You′re never negative like this!"

ReX: Hey, alot of people say you could′ve been great on AMERICAN IDOL. You′ve kind of got that edgie Carrie Underwood thing working for you. Did you ever want to give that a shot?

Dana Andrews: Oh yah, I auditioned for AMERICAN IDOL last year. Yep. The producers told me, "You are not ready for public performances yet."

ReX: Ouch!

Dana Andrews: Yah, please make sure to print that. But, ya know what ReX, they were probably right. At that time I wouldn′t make eye contact with the judges or anything.

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