Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Comedy Reality Series GUY WALKS INTO A BAR Is Announced - Co-Hosted By George Wendt (Cheers)

In this A&E SPECIAL PRESENTATION: GUY WALKS INTO A BAR two guys named George team up to deliver all the best jokes ever heard. Co-hosts George Wendt (Cheers) and George Gray (Junkyard Wars, Todd TV, $25 Million Hoax) put on a new comedy sketch show that′s different from all the rest. The show opens in a bar. George Gray is the bartender and George Wendt is on his familiar bar stool, havin′ a cold one. Other patrons in the bar complete the comedy ensemble. The scene begins with one of the Georges telling a joke. As viewers listen the camera finds the big-screen TV behind the bar where the joke plays out in a sketch. That′s followed by the other George, or a patron, one-upping the first George.

This A&E SPECIAL PRESENTATION: GUY WALKS INTO A BAR moves from sketch to sketch as the ensemble of comedians recount their favorite jokes with fast paced flipping between the bar and the sketches as the two Georges continue their bantering. It′s a solid hour of comedy with some of the world′s funniest jokes.

GUY WALKS INTO A BAR premieres on A&E September 5th at 10:00 pm ET and PT.