Thursday, October 05, 2006

TV Land′s I PITY THE FOOL Featuring Mr. T To Premiere on

Mr. T Puts the ′T′ in Mul-T-Platform as Digital Content for TV Land′s Original Series I PITY THE FOOL Launches on Yahoo! TV and

TV Land and Yahoo! TV announced that the premiere installment of the network′s original series I PITY THE FOOL, starring Mr. T, will debut exclusively on Yahoo! TV ( on Thursday, October 5, a week before its on-air debut on TV Land. The show will be available in its entirety on Yahoo! for six days. I PITY THE FOOL, produced by Lionsgate, in association with Left/Right Films and Remag Guerilla, premieres on TV Land on October 11 at 10pm (ET/PT).

Additionally, Yahoo! TV will feature exclusive clips from the series including a lost scene from the first episode as well as two "Rules for Fools" -- video clips of Mr. T dispensing advice on finding success and public speaking. More "Rules For Fools" regarding hygiene, dating, finances and listening are available on as well as highlights of upcoming episodes.

Beginning October 11, users will be able to send a Mr. T-Mail -- enabling fans to send video e-cards for birthdays and other special occasions. In addition, users will be able to view an exclusive interview with the icon himself, see bonus material from the series including behind-the-scenes footage that can′t be seen anywhere else and watch previews of the next episode of I PITY THE FOOL. Also on October 11, viewers will be treated to a live video chat at 10:30pm (ET) in which Mr. T will be able to talk and interact with fans online immediately after they′ve watched the show on-air.

I PITY THE FOOL features this classic TV icon in a role that he is very comfortable with -- #1 Jibba Jabba Attacka. Whether he′s teaching fools some basic rules or being a motivator for procrastinators, Mr. T becomes immersed in the situation at-hand and becomes a catalyst for change. Upcoming episodes include Mr. T at a car dealership in New York seeking to motivate the employees and improve the relationship between a father and son-in-law working together, as well as Mr. T visiting a dance school to help the students ensure that they will be able to participate in their recital despite their instructor′s lack of organizational skills.