Monday, October 16, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Jacob And Joshua From NEMESIS And Their Premiere Of Their New Reality Show

Tonight′s premiere of JACOB & JOSHUA: NEMESIS RISING follows identical twins who could not be more different. Joshua is a free spirit, a party boy and exceedingly single while Jacob is focused, driven and involved in a long-term relationship. As singers the duo harmonize perfectly with Jacob leaning more toward pop and Joshua a little more toward rock n′ roll.

But this is not your typical boy band reality show. The catch here is the show chronicles the twins as they attempt to make it in the cutthroat music industry and, at the same time, come out publicly about their sexual orientation. Both boys are gay (and we mean gay).

Our own Elaine James caught up with Jacob and Joshua last week in this exclusive interview.

Elaine James: Explain more what you meant that you are "mirror twins".

Joshua: It means that we are identical twins that are exactly opposite. Our personalities are completely opposite.

Jacob: I looked it up yesterday and it is an actual term that you can look up. Mirror twins are identical twins that exhibit characteristics that are opposite of each other rather than identical.

Elaine James: How long have you both know that you were gay and how did you come out to each other?

Joshua: After we moved to Nashville, I was working for an airline and I was working around my very first friend that was gay and it was a cute kid that had a crush on me. It eventually turned into a relationship. One night after going out he kissed me, which totally freaked me out because at the time I was dating a girl and considered myself straight. So I pushed him away and was like "what are you doing?" But after that I couldn′t stop thinking about the kiss, so after that I called him and we got together to talk and from there we ended up having a relationship. I broke up with my girl friend and ended up spending a lot of time with him and Joshua stated to notice that I wasn′t coming home at night and that I had started spending a lot of time with him.

Joshua: I just knew that he had kind of disappeared and that we weren′t communicated the same. I know something was wrong so I started searching and spying and finding condoms in his bag and he was lying about going on trips. So I confronted him one day and he ended up telling me. So then I cried and freaked out and wanted to take him to the elders in the fellowship. So then after all that I started examining myself a little bit and then it wasn′t very long after that, that I started having sex with a guy myself.

Jacob: It was about three months after that I caught him in bed with one of my best friends!

Elaine James: What did you tell your parents as the reason you were moving to Nashville to start your music career and leave the Jehovah′s Witness lifestyle?

Joshua: That was the whole reason for moving to Nashville as opposed to Los Angeles or New York, that are more sinful cities. That was supposed to be the compromise. We were going there under the premise that we were still going to be Jehovah′s Witnesses and we would still go to all the meeting and do everything right and pursue a music career at the same time.

Elaine James: Do they know that you are no longer practicing your religion?

Joshua: No, they knew that we weren′t going to meetings anymore.

Elaine James: What would you be doing if you weren′t singing?

Jacob: I can′t imagine doing anything but singing, but if I didn′t have a voice, I would be in politics.

Joshua: I can′t even imagine that. Even if I weren′t successful, I would probably be in a subway station in New York with a guitar.

Elaine James: Where are you hoping your career will go in the next 5 years?

Joshua: I want to be traveling the world, selling lots of music that people like and hopefully making an impact.

Jacob: I hope that 5 years from now we are very successful entertainers and that we are making people happy. That is why we do this.

Elaine James: Do you ever think that you will sing as individuals or do you like the duo act better?

Joshua: I could probably go by myself and have a career, but Jacob - I don′t think so. So, it′s probably better that I stick with him.

Jacob: By the way, that′s a funny comment because it′s the exact opposite.

JACOB & JOSHUA: NEMESIS RISING premieres tonight on Logo at 10:00 PM ET and October 17th on