Monday, October 30, 2006

Desiree Valentin From THE BACHELOR ROME In A Question And Answer Session

Desiree Valentin, the 22 year old Realtor from Salt Lake City, UT, who tossed back a couple of tequila shots in last week′s episode and discussed how hot Lorenzo looked in the white blazer he wore for his date with Jennifer. That leads to a brilliant idea: Jumping in the pool naked!

And that Desiree who did not hold back on things told reporters "Did you see the previews for next weeks show with Lisa? I always knew she was psycho!"

This past Thursday, reporter Angela Cooper sat in on a 15+ minute "Question and Answer Session" with Erica and here are some of the main highlights of what was discussed with the eliminated Bachelorette.

Question: Why did other girls react so poorly towards Lisa?

Desiree Valentin: When she first got the earrings and the rose, I think it built her confidence a little bit to high, and she would walk around the house being very catty. She was very self-confident. All the other girls started making connections with each other and building friendships. She never really reached out to any of us or tried to build friendships. Ultimately none of us really liked her.

Question: Do you think Lorenzo picked up on this?

Desiree Valentin: No, that′s the thing, I′ve been watching the show, and I′m wondering how could he have not seen the cattiness about her. She knew every little thing about The Bachelor. When the date box would come, she knew exactly how many people would go on it, and what the date would be like. She was like a guru. I thought Lorenzo would totally pick up on that. Watching them on a date now, I see that they did have a genuine connection.

Question: Were you shocked that Lisa made it to the final four?

Desiree Valentin: I thought that Lisa was going home. When we went on our group dates, I thought they acted more like brother and sister. I didn′t see any chemistry or romance. I thought she was going home for sure. I thought Agnese was going home for sure, also didn′t know that they had a genuine connection either. He couldn′t hardly communicate with her when we were all together. I thought he might have been intimidated to meet her family because they are Italian.

Question: Are you broken hearted after this experience?

Desiree Valentin: The entire experience was absolutely incredible. The production and crew took such good care of us. Lorenzo was absolutely just a doll, extremely charming and just a cute guy. When I came home from the romantic fairy tale story where I could′ve fallen in love with a prince. I′m back in the dating scene. I′m very happy I did it. I have no regrets.

Question: Of the final four women left, who did you get along the best with?

Desiree Valentin: I would have to say Sadie. Sadie was always cute and just a sweetheart. I would have to call her a politicianer′s wife. She was always perfect in everything she did.

Question: Did Lorenzo discuss the duties that would be expected of his future wife?

Desiree Valentin: We actually did, and I asked him what kind of woman he wanted. I thought he just wanted a woman to raise his kids, but he actually wants a woman who is ambitious has her own career. He wants a goal oriented woman and he wants her to fulfill her own dreams.

I fully respected him for that. I thought he would just want a "hot mama."

Question: Do you think Sadie is the best match of the final four?

Desiree Valentin: I have great hopes for Sadie, just in terms of their personalities. She would be the more safe choice. If he wants to find his other frisky side, then I think Agnes would be the girl who is a better match.

Question: Was Lorenzo to conservative for you?

Desiree Valentin: I think I might have been a little too much woman for him. Right off the bat I noticed that he′s a little shy. I love to laugh and have a really good time with everything. I think he was more intrigued by me. I was a little bit of a wild card to him.

Question: What′s been the reaction in Salt Lake City?

Desiree Valentin: I′ve had a lot of supporters who′ve been thanking me for showing the fun side of Salt Lake, and I′ve definitely gotten slack from other people, who expected the bachelorette from Salt Lake City to be conservative.

Question: What were your hopes and expectations from doing this show?

Desiree Valentin: The fantasy of falling in love with a prince. I′d been single for about 7 or 8 months, and I′m getting to that point where I′m totally ready to fall in love. It′s hard to meet good guys. I′ve always had a thing for Italian men, so when I had the chance - I jumped at it.

Question: What′s next for you?

Desiree Valentin: It′s opened up doors for me. I just enrolled at the University of Utah, to take classes in broadcasting. I′m young, and I′ve got opportunities, so I′m going for it.

Question: How has this experience changed your expectations in men?

Desiree Valentin: It absolutely ruined me. Lorenzo was so charming, that he totally raised my expectations. How do you top my last boyfriend, being a prince?