Monday, October 09, 2006

Hit Reality Series MADE Returns To MTV This Evening With MADE: CHEERLEADER

MTV′s Hit Series MADE Returns To The ′Ten Spot′ With Brand New Episodes On Monday, October 9th At 10:00 PM (ET/PT)

Check Out "Made In The Making" On Made.MTV.Com To See More Of The Emotional Journeys MADE Kids Undergo During The Filming Of The Show

MTV: Music Television announced the premiere of brand new episodes of the hit lifestyle makeover series MADE starting tonight (Monday, October 9th) at its new time 10:00PM (ET/PT). MTV′s MADE is the weekly series that documents the lives of young adults who want to change some aspect of their lives. The show follows them as they try to transform themselves socially, physically, mentally, and emotionally over time to reach their respective goals. MTV even provides each of them with a coach to help make their dreams become a reality. Along the way they often encounter various obstacles, but ultimately, they find resolution. Watch some of your favorite episodes from past seasons when MTV airs a MADE marathon on Monday, October 9th from 1:30PM to 5:30PM (ET/PT).

The premiere episode MADE: CHEERLEADER follows Morgan, a misunderstood freshman who longs to climb her school′s social ladder, and believes the way to achieve this is by being transformed into a preppy cheerleader. Other episodes will include: MADE: MS. LEDYARD FAIR, featuring Katherine, a shy bookworm who wants to overcome her social awkwardness by becoming a beauty queen; MADE: MALE MODEL, featuring Chris, a metal rocker who wants to change his appearance by losing weight along with his slovenly ways; MADE: SOCCER, featuring Katrina, a wimpy girly girl who wants to prove she can become an athletic soccer sensation; MADE: BALLROOM DANCER, featuring Keith, a burly outdoorsman who wants to show off his sensitive side by becoming a graceful ballroom dancer; MADE: VOLLEYBALL, featuring Julie, an unmotivated couch potato who wants to prove to her classmates that she can overcome her lazy ways and her bad attitude and make the varsity volleyball team; and MADE: HOMECOMING KING, featuring Brandon, an eccentric loner who wants to make friends and spark a romance by trying to win the title of Homecoming King.

You can also see more of the emotional journeys MADE kids undergo during the filming of the show by checking out "Made In The Making" on