Thursday, October 05, 2006

MTV Announces ROB & BIG - Life Of Skateboard Pro Rob Dyrdek And Bodyguard Christopher "Big Black" Boykin

From The Creator Of JACKASS

Meet MTV′s Modern-Day Odd Couple - ROB & BIG

Premiering Thursday, November 2nd At 10:30pm (ER/PT)

Discover The Unpredictable Lives Of Skateboard Pro Rob Dyrdek & Best Friend/Bodyguard Christopher "Big Black" Boykin

Meet MTV′s modern-day odd couple as the network premieres ROB & BIG, a new reality comedy series starring professional street skateboarder, Rob Dyrdek and his bodyguard and best friend, Christopher "Big Black" Boykin. Premiering Thursday, November 2nd at 10:30PM (ET/PT), MTV showcases the unpredictable daily lives of this unlikely duo living together in Rob′s Hollywood Hills home where they experience the craziness of domestic life. ROB & BIG is created by Jeff Tremaine, one of the creators of MTV′s "Jackass" and "Wildboyz" series, as well as both "Jackass" movies. Fans can get a sneak peek of ROB & BIG beginning October 26th as MTV, and MTV Mobile services debut ROB & BIG: THE PREQUEL - a five-minute look inside how this dynamic duo came to be.

Reaching fans and viewers through every channel, platform and screen, MTV will showcase ROB & BIG with a variety of partners, methods and means. As part of the premiere of ROB & BIG, MTV will debut the first episode of the series on iTunes, allowing viewers to download the episode for free beginning October 31st Ð two days before fans can see it on-air. Each subsequent episode of ROB & BIG will also be available to download on iTunes on the Tuesday following its on-air debut. On, fans will be able to watch each episode of the series immediately following its on-air debut. There, fans will also experience exclusive footage of Rob and Big Black as they give an inside perspective on each week′s episode, along with their own demonstrations on the skateboarding and security skills that made each of them famous, plus see photos, and beginning October 26th, get the chance to win an autographed Dyrdek skate deck from Rob. Also beginning that day, visitors to will also have the exclusive chance to play ROB & BIG′s video game, where they too can face off against unruly security guards and fans. For fans on the go, MTV Mobile will offer weekly clips of ROB & BIG and through, visitors will be able to purchase show ringtones and wallpapers. The story of ROB & BIG is simple: After years of being hassled by cops for street skateboarding, Rob hired Big Black as his own personal bodyguard with one goal in mind -- to ride whenever and wherever he wanted. From that point on, this unusual twosome became instant buddies who were always by each other′s side. From adopting their lovable bulldog Meaty, and throwing their first house party, to getting in shape and even joining a dating service, this dynamic duo leads a very strange, unexpected life together.

Born outside of Dayton in Kettering, Ohio, Rob is a rare and talented breed in pro skateboarding. At 12, Rob bought his first skateboard, and by 16, he had already turned pro. Soon after he became the first street skateboarder for the DC Shoes Team. His charisma and drive are as well-known as his abilities on a board. From designing innovative shoes for DC to building legal skateboarding plazas around the world through his foundation, Rob has continued to shape the modern skateboarding world and give back to the sport that made him a star.

At 6′6" and 416 pounds, Christopher Boykin, is known as "Big Black"-- to state the obvious, he says. Born in Chicago, IL, Big Black has over 10 years of Executive Protection experience and has been embraced by the skateboarding community since teaming up with Rob and DC Shoes. Much like Rob, Big Black also has an entrepreneurial spirit, creating his own clothing line as well as currently working on a rap album.

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