Wednesday, October 04, 2006

MTV Announces Two New Reality Series - ENGAGED & UNDERAGE and MTV SHOW CHOIR

MTV Announces Greenlight of Two New Shows From Critically Acclaimed News & Docs Department


MTV: Music Television announced it has given the greenlight to two new series, ENGAGED & UNDERAGE and MTV SHOW CHOIR from its News & Docs department.

The MTV News & Docs department is devoted to serious and in-depth coverage of issues relevant to MTV viewers and prides itself on being a voice for youth all over the world, producing critically-acclaimed and award-winning programs that have been watched by millions including, "True Life: I′m Living in Iraq," "True Life: Gay & Getting Married," and "True Life: I′m On Adderall."

ENGAGED & UNDERAGE, a half-hour documentary series, will follow young couples between the ages of 18 and 21, during the final weeks of their engagement, leading up to and including the big day. In addition to showing the drama, the tension, and the humor inherent in the days before a big event, ENGAGED & UNDERAGE will also portray a young couple as they take their first steps towards adulthood, and begin to define themselves as people outside the confines of their parents and home life. ENGAGED & UNDERAGE will have 8 episodes and is currently scheduled to premiere during Winter 2007. Executive Producers for ENGAGED & UNDERAGE are Dave Sirulnick, Amy Bailey, Stuart Cohn and Lauren Eskelin.

MTV SHOW CHOIR follows the Morgantown, West Virginia Show Choir, who perform songs in four part harmony, complete with elaborate costumes and choreography, throughout one competitive season. The choir is the pride of the town and has won local raves for their performances of Broadway show tunes. Unfortunately, when it comes to competition against other schools, they seem to always come in second. So this year, they′ve decided to switch things up a bit and perform modernized versions of current pop hits, something other show choirs have already been doing, complete with new hip choreography. During the eight episodes of this half-hour series, the cameras follow the choir through this transformation and watch as they struggle to balance schoolwork, relationships and competition to hopefully become Show Choir champions. MTV SHOW CHOIR is currently scheduled to premiere in Spring 2007. Executive Producers for MTV SHOW CHOIR are Dave Sirulnick, Amy Bailey and Lauren Lazin; for World of Wonder, Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, Executive Producers; Todd Radnitz, Co-Executive Producer.