Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fox Reality Announces THE ACADEMY - Follows Recruits In Los Angeles Sheriff′s Department

New Fox Reality Original Series THE ACADEMY (Working Title) Follows Grueling Training in the Los Angeles Sheriff′s Department Where Recruits Are Pushed to Their Limits

The Los Angeles Sheriff′s Department is tough, and making it as a recruit is even tougher. Fox Reality, the all-reality, all-the-time cable network, presents a new original series from Scott Sternberg Productions, THE ACADEMY (working title), which documents the intense process of breaking down and building up raw recruits, turning them into ready-for-duty Deputy Sheriffs.

Filming begins on October 30, otherwise known as "Black Monday," the recruits′ first full day of training at The Academy. This is the first time the recruits will experience the many physical and mental training challenges they must overcome in the next 18 weeks. Self-defense and weapon use training, dealing with aggressive assailants, and learning the intricacies of gang warfare are just some of the exercises. There is also a series of detailed written and oral tests, which recruits must pass or they wash out.

"Fox Reality was chosen over a variety of networks to produce this series with Scott Sternberg," said David Lyle, General Manager of Fox Reality. "We are honored to showcase one of the premier Sheriff′s Departments in the U.S." The original production, THE ACADEMY (working title), will feature ten initial hour-long episodes. This edgy, riveting series will premiere in May 2007 on Fox Reality.

Executive Producer Scott Sternberg notes, "It will be a real privilege to be the first to chronicle the extraordinary stories of the men and women who dream of becoming deputy sheriffs in the largest agency in the United States. This training process is one of the most intense in the world and we have been given an unprecedented opportunity to show viewers firsthand what it takes to become a member of the Los Angeles County Sheriff′s Department."

Recruits will train at the Los Angeles County Sheriff′s Department Training Academy. THE ACADEMY (working title) will follow the rigorous 18-week course as the training process raises stress levels, sometimes beyond endurance. Not all the recruits have what it takes to become a Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff, but all will have their lives changed by the experience. The recruits realize earning a badge comes at a personal cost - but it′s the only way to train.

"The Los Angeles County Sheriff′s Department is excited about the joint venture with Fox Reality in featuring our training academy," said Assistant Sheriff Doyle Campbell. "It will allow viewers and prospective candidates to have an inside view of the day-to-day rigors that the SheriffÕs Academy provides its recruits over the span of 18 weeks. It will show the commitment necessary to succeed in THE ACADEMY."

Scott Sternberg and Scott Weinberger will serve as executive producers on THE ACADEMY (working title). Weinberger has ten years of experience in law enforcement. He has produced and created several shows that tackle the issues of policing, including the ABC drama series "The Marshall."

The Los Angeles Sheriff′s Department has given the producers of THE ACADEMY (working title) unparalleled access into this rarely seen area of law enforcement training. The LASD is a full service law enforcement agency responsible for patrolling 3,154 square miles. LASD duties include apprehending dangerous most-wanted suspects; custody and correctional facilities duties with the world′s largest jail system; inmate information; providing court services and security, and more. The LASD Homicide Bureau is staffed by 100 detectives who investigate over 400 murders per year.

The Sheriff′s Department is a modern arm of law enforcement that trains a diverse group of recruits. Every six weeks, a class starts where 20-25% of the recruits are female.

For more information on the Los Angeles Sheriff′s Department recruitment opportunities, contact: 1-800 233-7889 or visit www.lasd.org.