Friday, October 20, 2006

Erica Rose, "The Spoiled Brat" From THE BACHELOR ROME Speaks Out

She has been called a "Spoiled Brat", an unrepentant "princess" who is proudly high-maintenance and someone who always seems to talk down to people who does not have alot money or does not have a college education.

All in all Erica Rose, the 23 year old socialite from Houston Texas was one of the most colorful and controversial Bachelorettes to ever appear in the hit reality series THE BACHELOR ROME on ABC.

This past Wednesday, reporter Angela Cooper sat in on a 35+ minute "Question and Answer Session" with Erica and here are some of the main highlights of what was discussed with the eliminated Bachelorette.

Question: Coming from a similar background, what would you consider the biggest challenge the remaining girls would face in fitting into Lorenzo′s lifestyle?

Erica Rose: I can see some of the girls left fitting into a nice charity. I could Sadie fitting into those circles. She is beautiful, always elegantly put together, and has great manners. The Italian girl Agnese barely speaks English. She would need apparel and manners grooming to fit into those circles.

Question: How soon after your departure did you find out that they wanted you to return?

Erica Rose: The producer in the limo with me said we have to go back to Lorenzo′s house. I didn′t want to back and see him again. They told me they wanted me to come back in a few days and surprise the girls.

Question: Did you like any of the other girls?

Erica Rose: I got along really well with Lisa. She comes from a similar background, but she played up the simpler side of her personality. I really liked Sadie, I would be happy if she winds up with Lorenzo. I was really impressed with the 12 finalists that Lorenzo picked.

Question: Were there any of the girls you didn′t particularly like?

Erica Rose: I didn′t really get along well with Agnese. She thought she was the most beautiful girl in the house, and Jamie thought that I was a spoiled brat. I think Jamie is a nice girl with a good heart. She′s pretty and has beautiful skin and eyes. But my pointing out her lack of education and tattoos was no different than her judging me, and calling me a spoiled brat.

I think that anyone can attend college now, even if it′s just community college. My housekeeper′s children are attending college.

Question: What did you think about the way your departure was edited?

Erica Rose: It really was exactly like that. I didn′t like his reasoning for letting me go at all. I was really upset, and I′m glad I let him know what I was thinking.

Question: Did you feel any connection with him, other than financially?

Erica Rose: We had good conversations, especially when I rode on the back with him. We were both English majors in college. We both do alot of charity work. After watching the show I don′t think there was much of a connection, but at the time I did feel there was a connection.

Question: What did you think of the opportunity to return?

Erica Rose: I really loved it. I felt like alot of the girls were dishonest with each other. I would call them on it when they were fake to each other. When I came back I got to pick who had individual dates with him. I think it was significant who I picked.

Question: What surprised you most about the editing?

Erica Rose: I didn′t want it to seem like I was crying all the time. I hung out with the other girls at the pool, and they made it look like I was always off by myself crying. I don′t want to be remembered as the whining, crying one.

Question: What surprised you the most about Lorenzo?

Erica Rose: I was surprised that the only qualities that he wanted in a girl was that she be kindhearted and fun. I think all of the girls qualified as kind hearted and fun. I have a huge list of requirements that I want in a boyfriend. I was surprised that he didn′t care about education and upbringing. That was when I knew that I didn′t have an advantage over the other girls.

Question: Prior to being on the show, were you a fan of THE BACHELOR?

Erica Rose: Yes, I liked some seasons better than others. I liked Andrew Firestone, he′s cool and I liked the Bachelor Bob one, because he was so sleazy. I think this season is better than its been in a longtime.

Question: Do you see yourself doing TV or film?

Erica Rose: I was working in Houston on Channel 55 on a show called WILD ABOUT HOUSTON. I talked about movies every week, and I really see myself doing that.

Question: Would contemplate a move to Los Angeles?

Erica Rose: As a matter of fact, I′m in Los Angeles now looking at apartments.

Question: You said you think that many well off men want to be a prince charming to a girl with a less privileged background. Do you think you would ever be interested in a man with a less privileged background than you?

Erica Rose: No. I′ve had bad experiences in the past with ex-boyfriends. They expected my family to pay for everything, take them on vacations with us. My Dad felt like they were just after his money. I think I have alot more to offer someone than just my money. I feel like I′m smart, I think I′m pretty and I think I′m a good person. I was hoping to find someone in Lorenzo who could look beyond my finances, and see the kind of person that I am.

Question: How does Lorenzo compare to other well known bachelors such as Brandon Davis?

Erica Rose: I think Brandon Davis is cooler. He owns up more to who he is. I think he would be more discriminate. I think he would require more traits than being good hearted and fun.

Question: Other than being on Mondays episode, will you be on any other episodes?

Erica Rose: I can′t answer that, but there will be a Women Tell All episode. There will probably be some drama.