Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Hometown And Family Visits For Final Four On The Next THE BACHELOR ROME

Lorenzo Is Put Through The Wringer Visiting The Final Four Women′s Hometowns When Their Family And Friends Put Him On The Hot Seat, On THE BACHELOR: ROME Monday, October 30

* Jennifer′s Overprotective Father Ominously Introduces Lorenzo to His Gun Collection;

* Lisa Terrifies Lorenzo by Donning a Wedding Dress and Her Mother Twists The Bachelor into a Pretzel During a Pilates Lesson;

* The First European Hometown Date in Series History is Marred by A Serious Communication Breakdown

Lorenzo is feeling the mounting pressure as he leaves to visit each of the final four women′s hometowns and receives some rude and unexpected awakenings, on THE BACHELOR: ROME, Monday, October 30 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network.

Traveling to Miami, Lorenzo spends a spectacular day shark fishing with Jennifer, but when he meets her high school football coach father, it′s obvious the man is extremely overprotective of his only daughter and is not impressed by the Bachelor′s title of Prince. After an awkward dinner, Jennifer′s father shows off his other pride and joy to Lorenzo - his gun collection. And to make sure he gets the message, he tells Lorenzo he′d have no problem using the weapon if anyone hurt his daughter!

In San Diego, Lorenzo discovers that Sadie′s moral fortitude and her sexual abstinence stems from her devout Christian family, who welcome him with open arms. The couple share an intimate moment at the end of the day on a moonlit beach in front of a bonfire.

There are more surprises in store for Lorenzo when he meets up with Lisa in Portland, Oregon. Lisa′s friend pays a visit, carrying a wedding gown for the marriage-obsessed Lisa to wear, stunning the panicked Bachelor. Lorenzo learns that Lisa has a definite timeline to wed and have children. As his potential future with Lisa flashes before his eyes, he is treated to an uncomfortable impromptu Pilates session led by Lisa′s mother.

Back in Italy - for the first time ever - there is a European hometown date with Agnese′s family in Venice. The beauty of the city, however, is overwhelmed by the difficulty Lorenzo has in communicating with her family when he discovers they speak absolutely no English.

An emotional Lorenzo must dispatch one broken-hearted Bachelorette home in tears as he prepares to take the final three women on fantastic overnight dates.

The four remaining women are:

* Agnese, 24, student, who currently resides in Venice, Italy
* Jennifer, 24, teacher, who currently resides in Pembroke Pines, FL
* Lisa, 25, marketing manager, who currently resides in Portland, OR
* Sadie, 23, publicist, who currently resides in Carlsbad, CA