Sunday, October 22, 2006

THE MONASTERY Where Five Men Live with Monks For 30 Days Premieres Tonight

A new groundbreaking series, where five men will leave their families for 40 days and 40 nights to embark on a spiritual quest led by 30 Benedictine monks premieres tonight on TLC

A former gang member, a recovering alcoholic and an aspiring Episcopal priest are among those who make a leap of faith and join a Benedictine monastery, hoping to change their lives. Can these lost souls handle the monks′ discipline of humility, obedience and silence for 40 days and nights?

THE MONASTERY follows a group of five men from diverse walks of life and faiths as they struggle with the monastery′s strict regimen of study, prayer, reflection and manual labor. In this documentary series, TLC′s cameras have unprecedented access to the sacred world of life inside the monastery, where the men and monks will go head to head and heart to heart to bridge the divide between the ancient values of monastic life and the modern struggles of secular life.

THE MONASTERY premieres tonight (Sunday, October 22nd) at 10:00 pm EST on TLC.