Thursday, October 19, 2006

In An Interview - PROJECT RUNWAY Winner Jeffrey Criticizes And Backstabs Almost Everyone

In an interview posted today at, Jeffrey Sebelia, the winner of third season of PROJECT RUNWAY lets it all hang out in telling his thoughts about the contestants on PROJECT RUNWAY.

Excerpts from the interview include the following:

* I think Laura was genuinely threatened, and I don′t think she knew what she was looking at. I think that if Laura spent less time on the blogs, and more time reading over the rules and googling pleating services and finishing, she might not feel like somebody had one up on her.

* Thing is, Laura would call me. Four times in two and a half months. Almost on a schedule. The first three times she called me, it was to tell me about the blogs she was reading and about how the bloggers hate me. "How you doing?" "Good." "Good, good. Man, those bloggers hate you." A week later, "Man those bloggers hate you. Another week later...

* And so, I was really surprised when I saw last week′s episode. That Laura seemed to be obsessed with me. Obsessed.

* I made a point to go to her house with Jay McCarroll and Malan and Uli -- to watch the reunion show at her house, and you know, I don′t trust her. I don′t know...Not that she could do anything to me ever, but the way she attacked me was so petty and weird and unfounded."

* I tried to stay in touch with Vincent because he′s in LA. And he came to visit me a few times, and it got too wacky and I had to decide never to call him again. He said some things that scared me. I thought on the show he was really entertaining. I don′t think he′s dangerous at all. I don′t think he′s going to harm anybody. And to me it was a lot of comedic relief, to have him around. He was so crazy. But then, when I′m back at home and back to business, and he′s bringing the crazy. I just... "Oh my God, please stop bringing the crazy.

Jeffrey′s comments didn′t stop there as he he provided his two cents on the other designers final collection:

On Uli
I think Uli just needs some more experience in the industry. She′s a stylist who makes one thing and makes it well. I think if Uli learns about clothing construction, because she kind of made up everything she knows. It′s pretty basic construction -- I think if she just learns some more about her craft, I think she′ll do great things. And if she learns more about manufacturing and distribution. She′s doing it the hard way, she doesn′t make patterns, she sells her pieces as these one of a kind pieces, which is how I got started. But eventually you have to figure out how to make a whole line."

On Michael
I don′t know. I don′t see what other people see in his design ability. I think that what comes out...he needs a lot more experience.

On Laura
The judges said to Laura, "You′ve convinced yourself that you can only do one thing." And to me, the greatest piece she made was that silk jersey wrap dress for the jetsetter outfit. I thought, "If she can do a line that′s more like that, that has this evening wear aspect toward the end, she′ll probably win." And that′s what I thought she was going to bring. You know?

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