Monday, June 05, 2006

THREE OF HEARTS To Premiere on Bravo - Two Bisexual Men And A Heterosexual Woman

Bravo And Hibiscus Films Produce Documentary Film THREE OF HEARTS: A POST-MODERN FAMILY Chronicling The Lives Of Three Twenty-Somethings In An Unusual ′Trinogamous′ Relationship

After Successful Showings At Film Festivals Nationwide, Bravo Will Host A Special Outzonetv.Com Presentation Of THREE OF HEARTS With Premiere On Monday, June 12 AT 9 PM ET/PT (New Date)

Bravo will host a special presentation of THREE OF HEARTS: A POST-MODERN FAMILY, a two-hour full-length feature documentary film special chronicling an untraditional "trinogamous" relationship. Produced by Bravo and Hibiscus Films′ director Susan Kaplan, THREE OF HEARTS is the real-life story of an extraordinary connection between two bisexual men and a heterosexual woman that transcends all relationship boundaries. THREE OF HEARTS will make its national television debut on Monday, June 12 at 9 p.m. ET/PT (new date) only on Bravo.

"Bravo is proud to be a part of a film that shakes up what society perceives as ′normal′ and gives the viewer a discussion and thought provoking experience," said Frances Berwick, Senior Vice President, Programming and Production, Bravo. "This film is raw and honest and perfectly captures the hearts and souls of three people who chose to experience a very different type of long-term loving relationship."

Director Kaplan approached Sam Cagnina, Steven Margolin, and Samantha Singh nine years into their relationship and expressed her interest in following them through their trials and tribulations to give a real feel to a unique trend in dating. Intrigued by the possibility that true love could exist between two men and a woman, Kaplan raises the question of loving a sex or a person in this powerful documentary film that would take eight years to make.

This atypical love story begins when Sam Cagnina, the oldest son of a mafia hit man, falls in love with Steven while in his early twenties, a handsome 19-year old college student. Soon the charismatic Sam gets the idea to bring a woman into the relationship and when easygoing Steven agrees, they spend the next seven years dating and looking for a woman they could both fall in love with who would agree to live in a "trio" relationship. They know they have found that special someone else when they meet Samantha, a Toronto ex-pat struggling as an actress in New York City. Sam meets Samantha, and they fall in love. Samantha meets Steven and they fall in love too. The "trio," as they are affectionately called, begin their journey.

THREE OF HEARTS catches up with Sam, Samantha and Steven after they are together for nine years and they find out that they are going to have a baby. The film explores this unique union as they negotiate their living arrangements, have children, and open one of the hottest wellness centers in New York City. It′s character development at its best, and the viewer will ultimately learn about their families, friends and, of course, the sex. It′s a remarkable voyage of self-discovery for this threesome and for the audience with whom they′ve shared their lives.

THREE OF HEARTS is produced by Bravo and Hibiscus Films director/producer Susan Kaplan and executive producer David Friedson.