Tuesday, June 06, 2006


A&E Networks has announced BIOGRAPHY: ANNA NICOLE SMITH premiering later this summer.

BIOGRAPHY: ANNA NICOLE SMITH, is as quirky and fun as Anna Nicole herself. The program is filled with humorous clips, interviews, and stories. It′s both informative and entertaining, bringing to life one of the country′s most controversial personalities. From her cable TV reality show, to her gig as a weight-loss supplement spokesperson, to her marriage to the 89-year old billionaire J. Howard Marshall II, controversy has followed Anna Nicole Smith like a shadow on a sunny day.

BIOGRAPHY: ANNA NICOLE SMITH reports that more than anything it′s her classic story of stripper turned heiress to the Marshall fortune that is Anna′s enduring claim to fame. The buxom blonde and former Guess model is best known for her bizarre marriage to the Texas oil tycoon. Late night talk shows took pot shots at the marriage, portraying Anna Nicole as the gold-digging younger woman. But when Marshall died in 1995, Anna got the shock of her life - her husband had left her out of his will. Anna never signed a pre-nuptial agreement, so she took Marshall′s family to court, demanding half of her husband's $1.6 billion estate. The case has found its way up to the U.S. Supreme Court that only recently handed down its long awaited ruling.

BIOGRAPHY: ANNA NICOLE SMITH Premieres July 21 at 9pm/1am ET and PT