Wednesday, June 28, 2006

SPEED TV Brings PAYBACK - Custom Celebrity Cars Reality TV Show

SPEED Debuts Payback; New Original Series by Producer Bud Brutsman; Celebrities Payback the Unheralded People behind Their Rise to Fame - with a Trick New Custom Ride

Bud Brutsman, creator of hit reality shows OVERHAULIN' and RIDES, brings his talents to SPEED, with original series, PAYBACK. Debuting July 12 at 10 p.m. ET., Brutsman′s latest production taps the creativity of A-list celebrities, and their passion for the ′behind-the-scenes′ people who helped change their lives.

Through the genius of a who′s who from the custom car universe, these unheralded heroes will receive the ultimate PAYBACK - a trick new custom ride.

"This show promises to deliver a blast of fresh air ... with a steady whiff of newly refined high octane fuel mixed in," said Robert Ecker, VP of Programming for SPEED. "It blends diverse elements from the worlds of automotive customization and celebrity lifestyle with innovative storytelling techniques and honest human emotion. It′s a completely new spin on the entire notion of what the word ′payback′ means - and we mean it in a good way."

Payback will tell intriguing stories covering all walks of celebrity life, from the silver screen and network television, to professional sports and magazine covers. The inaugural episodes will include separate shows with late-night host and car nut Jay Leno and The Passion of the Christ lead, Jim Caviezel, sharing a little bit of their personal journeys. Future episodes include appearances by model and television host Brooke Burke and NBA superstar Tim Duncan. According to Brutsman, his goal is to create a show touching people′s lives on many different levels.

"Among all the great storylines in Payback, there′s an important message as well," said Brutsman, who began his production career in 1992. "This show is about the celebrities and their unknown heroes. Each custom car is really just a vehicle for them to say ′thank you′ in a public forum.

"You can′t believe how much fun these celebrities are having with each show," Brutsman continued. "The car - and half-hour television show - is basically a white canvas piece of creativity for them. It′s simply amazing to see how honored and blown away each recipient has been when a celebrity the stature of a Jay Leno or Jim Caviezel takes that much time and thought in doing something this unbelievable - for them. I want this to be an environment where it′s okay - and cool - to see well-heeled adults cry."