Tuesday, June 20, 2006

SHARK WEEK Returns With A Bite This Summer To Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel′s annual summer must-see event, SHARK WEEK, is back with a week of premiere programs that spotlight the sea′s apex predator. Airing July 30 through August 4 at 9PM (ET/PT), and produced in conjunction with leading shark researchers around the globe, SHARK WEEK provides viewers with valuable knowledge about the behavior and characteristics of this diverse and majestic species.

SHARK WEEK 2006 will kick off on Sunday, July 30 at 9PM (ET/PT) with a one-hour special DIRTY JOBS: JOBS THAT BITE, hosted by Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel′s popular Dirty Jobs series. For this world premiere special, Mike travels around the globe to go behind the scenes with the men and women who work with the ocean′s most efficient and deadly predator -- including great whites to bull, reef and tiger sharks.

In addition to DIRTY JOBS: JOBS THAT BITE, additional premiere specials airing in SHARK WEEK 2006 will provide viewers with fascinating facts about the diversity of sharks, and feature breathtaking images filmed by the world′s leading underwater cinematographers. Specials include:

* SHARK ATTACK SURVIVORS, a one-hour special premiering Monday, July 31 at 9PM (ET/PT), that investigates the secrets about the most deadly and misunderstood marine predator in the world. Discovery Channel explores the mysteries behind why these creatures of the deep can bite humans, as well as the best ways to survive an attack.

* PERFECT SHARK: Is there such a thing as a perfect shark? After all, sharks have been evolving for 400 million years - surely these formidable animals must be at the pinnacle of perfection? In PERFECT SHARK, premiering Tuesday, August 1 at 9PM (ET/PT), underwater filmmaker and shark expert Mike deGruy heads out into the world′s oceans in search of perfection in its top predators. He swims with a pair of gigantic whale sharks, meets several hundred hammerheads, joins a pack of ultra-fierce bull sharks, teases a pair of feisty bonnetheads, is chased by great whites, and carries out speed trials with ultra-fast makos.

* SHARKS: ARE THEY HUNTING US?: Nothing captures headlines like a shark attack. Each account clouds the waters with information that fuels our fear, but may not provide all the facts. This program, premiering Wednesday, August 2 at 9PM (ET/PT), examines the questions -- Are sharks really pack hunters like lions or wolves? Are they acquiring a taste for human flesh? Are attacks on the rise? Sometimes it′s hard to tell if the monster is just a myth. So what′s the truth about man-eating sharks? In this one-hour documentary hosted by animal behaviorist Dave Salmoni, who is a relative "newbie" around sharks, the Discovery Channel will expose the line between what′s real and what′s not.

* SHARK REBELLION: The Brazilian city of Recife is under siege. It appears as if its sharks have suddenly become man-eaters. Until a decade ago, surfers flocked there to ride the Atlantic rollers. Then, shark attacks began, with dozens of surfers and swimmers maimed or killed. To unravel the mystery of this shark rebellion, an international team of scientists, including the University of Florida′s Dan Huber, hunt for clues along Recife′s golden coastline. Using the evidence left by the sharks′ jaws, they′ll try to identify the culprits. The special premieres Thursday, August 3 at 9PM (ET/PT).

* SCIENCE OF SHARK SEX caps off SHARK WEEK on Friday, August 4 at 9PM (ET/PT). This world premiere special travels to the pass of Tiputa, in the atoll of Rangiroa in French Polynesia, to study one of the worldÕs greatest concentrations of grey reef sharks, and the deadly risks these sharks must take to give life. Cable television's longest-running programming event, SHARK WEEK first premiered in 1988 and remains a viewer favorite. Last year, SHARK WEEK was watched by 20.6 million people with eight million people tuning in to the premiere special, MythBusters: Jaws Special. The week also posted its highest household ratings since 2001, and its highest target demo ratings (persons 25-54) since 1996.