Tuesday, June 27, 2006

BIG SPENDER - Financial Rescue Series Coming To A&E - With Larry Winget As Host

Spend A Little Time With A&E Network Series Premiere BIG SPENDER

BIG SPENDER is a financial rescue series. Host, Larry Winget - a behavioral change expert who has personally traveled the road from rags to riches - uses a combination of strategies to help couples and families move from financial wreckage to responsible spending habits. Over the course of this half hour series, we peer into the lives of families with mountains of debt, no savings, no assets and disastrous spending habits. They had no hope at all...until now.

Every Sunday starting July 9th at 5:30 pm ET Larry ambushes our BIG SPENDER, catching them in the act. After confronting them with their problem, he gets them to agree to three weeks of financial boot camp.

During the three weeks, Larry has the people cutting their expenses, lessening their debt or increasing their income and taking responsibility for their actions with a myriad of activities customized to alleviate their particular situation. With his "tough love" people skills, Larry digs into the heart of the problem and gives them the stepping-stones they need to start implementing strategies and life altering spending habits that will lead them to financial health.

Larry Winget′s big message is "take responsibility." As speaker/author/consultant, he has traveled the country delivering his quirky brand of tough-love. As the author of "Money is Easy" and "Shut Up, Stop Whining and Get a Life," he has earned his financial reputation by experience --- he′s built a multi-million dollar business, went bankrupt, then built another fortune. He′s in-your-face, caustic, caring and funny as hell.