Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Second Season Finale For DEADLIEST CATCH Tonight on Discovery Channel

On the Discovery Channel this evening (Tuesday, June 13th), the season finale of DEADLIEST CATCH will premiere.

Facing the end of the season, the fleet is scrambling to the deep and pushing the fishing into overdrive. But when the job is over, a new challenge awaits - getting back to port in one piece.

DEADLIEST CATCH follows the captains and crew of five ships on this dramatic voyage as they struggle against treacherous conditions to earn a living and, in many cases, to uphold family tradition that has lasted for generations. Viewers will once again voyage to the frigid Alaskan waters where crab fishermen collide with Mother Nature performing the most dangerous job in the world - where there is a nearly 100% injury rate and an average of one fisherman is lost every week.

This season, crewmembers faced sub-zero temperatures, 40-foot waves (almost three times the size of last year′s 15 foot waves) and 50-knot winds (compared with last year′s 30-knot winds) that knock the crew off their feet and drag them across the decks. But it′s not just the weather that forces the crew to pull 20-hour shifts. They must also meet demanding seafood processor deadlines and minimize rising fuel costs. For many of these men, often second and third generation fishermen, working to the brink of exhaustion to haul in their quota of crab as quickly as possible is also simply a matter of pride. Derby style or not, captains continue to forge into the Bering Sea to compete not only against Mother Nature, but also against each other.

The second season finale of DEADLIEST CATCH will be shown at 9:00 pm EST on the Discovery Channel.