Sunday, June 18, 2006

NBC Announces The $10,000 Contest For Viewers Watching THE TREASURE HUNTERS

NBC has announced The Play-at-Home Treasure Hunt Game which is available during the THE TREASURE HUNTERS broadcast.

Viewers at home will get the chance to win $10,000 in cash by playing the Game either via Text Message or by playing online at

How to Play the Game: - On the following currently scheduled dates (6/18/06, 6/19/06, 6/26/06, 7/03/06, 7/10/06) ("Entry Nights") at approximately 9:10 P.M. EST-9:50 P.M. EST"First Entry Period" AND AGAIN AT 9:10 PST-9:50 P.M. PST ("Second Entry Period") ("Entry Periods") entrants will have the opportunity to enter the Promotion. [Note - for the 6/18/06 airing only, the First Entry Period will be at approximately 8:10 P.M. ET - 9:50 P.M. ET, and the Second Entry Period will be at approximately 9:10 P.M. PT - 10:50 P.M. PT.]

To enter, each entrant must correctly answer a multiple-choice trivia question ("Entry Night Question"). The question will have a number of possible answers. Each answer will be associated with a Treasure Chest number which viewers can either send as a text message from their cell phone or answer online as detailed below. There are two ways to view the Entry Night Question. Viewers in the Eastern, Central and Pacific Time Zones, may watch TREASURE HUNTERS on NBC (check local listings for dates and times when TREASURE HUNTERS is aired) during each Entry Night during the Promotion.

During the broadcast, an announcer will invite home viewers to participate in the Promotion by choosing the correct answer to the Entry Night Question. To learn the Entry Night Question via the Internet, viewers in the Mountain Time Zone (as well as any other eligible potential entrants) can go to go during one or both of the Entry Periods on each Entry Night.

For the official contest rules go to: