Saturday, May 06, 2006

TV Land Announces URBAN MYTHS AND LEGENDS About The Entertainment Industry

TV Land has announced a special called URBAN MYTHS AND LEGENDS to premiere later this year.

This one-hour special sets the record straight regarding some of the most talked about stories that TV viewers swear they′ve seen or heard.

Did Mikey from the Life cereal commercials really die from eating Pop Rocks and drinking soda?

Did Greg Brady exhibit odd behavior in the episode LAW & DISORDER because Williams was under the influence?

Did Carly Simon write YOU′RE SO VAIN about ex-boyfriend Warren Beatty or did she write it about her ex-husband James Taylor...or someone else all together?

URBAN MYTHS AND LEGENDS talks to the stars, producers and other television trivia sleuths to explore these entertaining and intriguing figments of our collective imaginations.

URBAN MYTHS AND LEGENDS is slated to premiere December 2006.