Tuesday, May 09, 2006

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER Returns With A New Episode In June

What a mess! Dog and Beth′s former housekeeper, Lisa, has just jumped bond, and Dog hates having to capture friends.

And they′ve got to move fast on this one because Tim could be called away at any moment - his wife Davina is about to give birth to their second child.

This catch will be trickier than usual because Lisa knows Dog, Beth and the family. So it will be impossible for any of them to go to her door without her immediately knowing that the jig is up.

Luckily, Beth′s nephew, Jason, a computer major from Texas A&M, is visiting and is put to work as the bait

As Jason approaches Lisa′s second floor apartment, the team surrounds the building. She tries to escape over the back balcony, but ultimately surrenders to Beth.

It′s a bittersweet victory as Dog and Beth comfort Lisa while she cries in their arms before going into jail.

The next day, Tim gets a new addition to his family. Dog, Beth, Leland and Duane Lee all visit the hospital to adore the new baby girl, Autumn Sky. Davina, overcome by the beauty of her daughter, breaks down and cries.

DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: ROCK-A-BYE BOUNTY Premieres at June 5 at 9:00 pm/1:00 am ET on A&E.