Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Cast Of New Reality Adventure TREASURE HUNTERS Revealed

RealityTVWebsite.com has learned of the identities of the ten teams of three for the new reality adventure TREASURE HUNTERS.

NBC′s new TREASURE HUNTERS, an unscripted "quest" series that will feature teams of treasure-hunting competitors who will use folklore, fantasy and actual history as clues to solve a complex puzzle.

In TREASURE HUNTERS, multi-player teams try to stay one step ahead of each other as they face intellectual and physical challenges in their quest of a promised hidden treasure. The teams must avoid elimination as they travel to historically significant locations where the must decipher cryptic codes and puzzles, each with a clue leading them closer to solving the ultimate puzzle and obtaining the coveted grand prize.

From the producers of THE DA VINCI CODE, PROJECT RUNWAY AND TOP CHEF, TREASURE HUNTERS will premiere with a two hour special on Sunday, June 18th.

The ten teams of three are as followed:

Team Air Force
Brooke Rillos, 28, joins Team Air Force with her husband Matthew Rillos. Originally from Thornton, CO, Brooke currently resides in Highlands Ranch, CO with Matt and their two sons. Brooke graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Psychology and served in the Air Force from May 2000 to May 2005. A volleyball player, Brooke credits herself with being very athletic and competitive and knows her military training will help her win this challenge!

Matt Rillos, 28, is married to fellow team Air Force member Brooke, with whom he has two sons. Matt met Brooke during their first year of Air Force basic training and immediately fell in love. Matt is originally from Golden, CO and graduated from the United States Air Force Academy with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Matt also served in the Air Force from May 2000 to May 2005 and is currently a system engineer and financial planner. Matt shares the same competitive and determined personality as the rest of his team and is confident of their ability to win.

Matt Zitzlsperger, 28, has known Brooke and Matt Rillos since basic training and they all quickly became best friends. Matt is also godfather to the Rillos′ oldest son. Originally from Wayzata, MN, Matt graduated from the United States Air Force Academy having studied Operations Research. He also recently obtained his M.B.A. from UCLA′s Anderson School of Management in June 2005. Matt credits athletic abilities, determination and persistence as team Air Force′s strengths and cites one of his goals for the show as being in it until the end!

Team Brown Family
Keith Brown, 43, is originally from Midland, TX, but now resides in Corvallis, OR. Keith attended Oklahoma State University and now works as an Operations Manager in the contact center industry. Keith's background makes him well suited for TREASURE HUNTERS, Keith has over 15 years experience in the contact center industry. Keith insists that TREASURE HUNTERS was made for him - he loves to solve puzzles and riddles and provide solutions to problems. Keith wants an adventure and says that his close-knit team has the discipline and cooperative nature necessary to win. Keith and his brothers - Kenneth, Terry, and Tonny along with famed illustrators Kez Wilson, Kerry Gammil and Brian Fabian have a comic book in development called Jurassic Knights which will be released in June 2006. Keith′s little sister, Katrina, believes that he has lost his mind given his huge size, however, knowing of her brother′s tenacity and wit has made her a devoted fan. Keith′s current treasure is his wife and children, however, a house on the beach, an Alaskan cruise with his wife, Chelle, and a fully loaded Hummer would be a nice add! An avid beach-goer, Keith says that he and his wife would like to take six months to devote to themselves and their health.

Tonny Brown, 38, resides in Garland, Texas and works at Bank of America as an EBS Senior Specialist. Tonny admits that others may discount the Brown Family because of their weight, but they plan on using their intelligence and analytical thinking as their secret weapon. Tonny says that TREASURE HUNTERS will be a great learning experience and that each member of his team has distinct skills and diverse personalities to bring to the table. A football player in high school, Tonny says that people would be most surprised to learn that he loves to write and greatly enjoys any time he gets to spend by himself.

Terrance Brown, 40, was born in Midland, TX and shares the same competitive drive as his brothers, having played high school football and participating in basketball games twice a week. Terrance has worked for Office Depot for fourteen years and enjoys solving mysteries and treasure-hunting in his real life, as well. Terrance echoes his brother′s sentiments in saying that their competition may disregard the Brown Family because of their weight, but Terrance knows that their wit and sharp intelligence is enough to win this challenge. Terrance, who is known as "Terry" by his family, and has a wife and two boys.

Team Ex-CIA

Todd More, 32, is a self-professed "computer geek" who bonded with his teammates during an internship with the CIA. Todd graduated from Old Dominion University with a B.S. in Computer Science and now works as the chief software architect of a cyber-forensics product. He has one patented invention and one pending in the field of network security. For fun, he works on creating systems that predict and trade the stock market. Todd cites his teams′ problem solving skills and ability to analyze situations as their greatest strength.

Jacob Porter, 34, first met his teammates when they were all working as CIA interns (a fantastic opportunity every college student should shoot for!). Originally from Talladega, AL, Jacob is the youngest of ten children and says that he is on the show for his 80+ year-old parents, and his 20 year old nephew, James, who has been battling cancer since he was 17. Jacob graduated from the University of Alabama as the world′s biggest Alabama football fan (ROLL TIDE!!!), but he also picked up an Electrical Engineering degree while he was there. In his career he has worked for NASA, the CIA, and XM Radio, but he is also a successful entrepreneur founding companies in government consulting, board game design (with Mark), and event promotion. Besides football Jacob enjoys traveling the world, playing tennis, strategy games, laughing it up with his friends and family, and spending time with his girlfriend, Donna. His life goals are to conquer the world, cure cancer, and to figure out women.

Mark West, 36,was born in New Orleans (The Big Easy), LA on January 9, 1970. Mark has a BS degree in Electrical Engineering (93′) from Louisiana State University and a Masters of Business Administration (01′) from Tulane University. He has worked in the mobile telecommunications industry for eight years, both as a RF Network Design Engineer and Financial Analyst. Prior to working in the telecommunications arena, Mark worked for the CIA and the U.S. State Department. While at the State Department Mark had the privilege of traveling through Africa and Europe as part of a team providing satellite communications services to our embassies abroad. Recently, Mark and his family moved to Pensacola, Florida to enjoy life along the Gulf Coast. Mark enjoys fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and spear fishing. Pensacola is a wonderful location for Mark and his family to pursue these activities. Like most New Orleanians, Mark is quite comfortable in the kitchen cooking seafood such as alligator, crabs, crawfish, and shrimp. He also has a certificate in ′mixology′ (bartending). Louisiana′s notoriety as the "Sportsman′s Paradise" has definitely influenced him. Since an early age Mark has enjoyed communing with nature. During his childhood he once ate a raw crawfish and used to enjoy swimming with his aunt Aline′s pet alligator "lli". More recently, Mark was swarmed by a variety of animals at a petting zoo in Little Rock, Arkansas. Mark is a free thinker that craves adventure, foreign travel, and college football. Mark dreams of sailing the globe with his wife and any friends that dare partake in the journey.

Team Fogal Family
Brad Fogal, 48, of Team Fogal Family lives in Orange County, CA, has four grown children, and works as a pastor. He has been married to Margie for twenty-six years. After graduating from college, he obtained masters′ degrees in both education and theology. Busy with life as an ordained minister, Brad loves people and enjoys serving his church. He likes preaching, reading, and various sports. He also likes to travel, although he prefers a more relaxed, conventional style than allowed for on the show. His original motivation for joining TREASURE HUNTERS was to be with his wife and daughter and help them stay safe throughout the experience.

Margie Fogal, 47, of Team Fogal Family lives in Orange County, CA, has four grown children, and works as a high school guidance tech. She has been married to Brad for twenty-six years. Born in the mountains of Honduras to adventurous parents, Margie lived on three continents before the age of twelve and still carries with her an inborn sense of daring, adventure and fun. Margie is known for her nutty stunts and thinks it's funny when folks refer to her as a "crazy pastor′s wife." When she looks back on TREASURE HUNTERS, she thinks of it as the greatest scavenger hunt ever and can′t wait for more adventures to come her way.

Kayte Andersen, 25, of Team Fogal Family lives in Orange County, CA, with her husband, Ross, and Plato, their three-year-old boxer. She is a school teacher who graduated from college with a degree in Child Development. The oldest of four children, Kayte joined TREASURE HUNTERS to spend time with her parents and to help her mother′s life-long dream of adventure travel come true. Kayte credits her upbringing as a pastor's kid for her own passion and determination. She sees unity and commitment as two of her family′s greatest strengths.

Team Geniuses
Francis Goldshmid, 20, is currently a pre-med student at Southern Methodist University. He hails from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship to SMU, the University′s highest honor. Francis doesn′t see the drastic religious and political differences within his team as a handicap, but loves engaging in debates with his teammates, knowing that their friendship will never be compromised by their beliefs. Francis is excited to see the world and live life to its fullest by being on TREASURE HUNTERS and is ready for the challenge.

Charles Taylor, 22, currently attends Southern Methodist University on a full scholarship. Charles is a Teaching Assistant in the Organic Chemistry Lab, which is where he met his two teammates. Charles is currently a senior and is studying Electrical Engineering, Biology, Physics, and Math. In high school he had near perfect SAT scores and his dream is to conduct Stem Cell Research in his own lab. Originally from Paris, TX, Charles is proud of his intelligence and knows that the Geniuses, three guys each with multiple majors, should be able to successfully solve almost any puzzle.

Sam Khurana, 21, met his teammates in his Organic Chemistry Lab, Charles being his TA, and Francis a classmate. Sam, a student at Southern Methodist University, is working towards his B.S. in Biology, a B.A. in Chemistry, and a B.S. in Economics with Finance. Sam says that the Geniuses may be their own worst enemy - their biggest weakness being their egos. But Sam credits their intelligence and work ethic as the qualities that will help their team to succeed. Sam′s main incentive for winning TREASURE HUNTERS, is that he wants to establish a college fund for his best friend′s newborn son. Sam wishes one day to become a doctor and open a free geriatric clinic.

Team Wild Hanlons

Josh Hanlon, 19, is a recent high school graduate from a suburb of Austin, TX. Josh works for his father at the family-owned carpet cleaning business and enjoys writing and playing music. Josh joins TREASURE HUNTERS with his father, Pat, and Uncle Ben. Compared to these two, Josh is the soft-spoken member of his team, but Josh says that he is not easily intimidated and can hold his own with his boisterous and fun-loving relatives. These strong personalities can sometimes get the Hanlon Brothers into trouble, however, but Josh says that the team′s determination to win will overcome these potential conflicts.

Ben Hanlon, 50, is an entrepreneur and successful businessman. He has his doctorate in medical administration and works as a C.E.O. / Executive Director in Health Care Administration. Ben also owns a limousine company and a travel agency. He graduated from Texas Christian University where he studied speech communication before getting his masters and doctorate from Hamilton University. Ben, who served as an Honorable in the Air Force, says he is joining TREASURE HUNTERS not only for the fame and fortune, but to become closer to his family. Ben recognizes the vast differences of opinion and independent personalities within his team that might be the cause of some weakness for the Hanlon Brothers, but he also cites their adventurous spirit and inability to be intimidated as his team′s secret to victory.

Pat Hanlon, 39, is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. In business since 1987, Pat owns a restoration company that now utilizes several branches. PatÕs teammates say that his strong opinionated spirit contributes to the team′s inability to always agree on the best course of action to take, but Pat cites this as part of his team′s ability to get people′s attention, which he believes will help them immensely. Pat is excited to complete this task and show that he can be as successful at TREASURE HUNTERS as he is in his personal and professional life.

Team Miss USA
Kaitlyn Christopher, 20, currently attends Indiana University-Purdue University in Indianapolis where she is studying pre-veterinary medicine and is a Community Service Scholar. Kaitlyn hails from Kokomo, IN, and she represented her home state in the 2005 Miss USA pageant where she received the Critical Beauty award. She is a vet tech at an animal hospital and is also a part-time model. Recently, she was the cover girl and featured swimsuit model in the February issue of Indy Men′s Magazine. In her spare time, Kaitlyn likes to volunteer for an animal rescue organization, work out, watch football, and shop! She and her teammates are all ready for action and they will do anything to win TREASURE HUNTERS! Kaitlyn is excited to embark on this quest with the new friends she made while sharing the Miss USA pageant experience; they plan to use their brains, charm, and competitive spirits to help them win this challenge.

Kristen Johnson, 24, represented her home state of Kentucky in the 2005 Miss USA pageant and finished second runner up to Miss USA. She graduated summa cum laude with a 3.9 GPA from the University of Kentucky with a B.A. in Journalism. Having recently graduated from college, Kristen says she is ready for a new challenge and to explore the world. She has worked on her family′s farm since the age of twelve, but is currently working as a Chicago-based model and sales representative for Upper Class Collectibles fine sports art. Kristen believes that her team′s ultra-competitive spirit, paired with brains and tenacity is sure to make team Miss USA unbeatable!

Melissa Witek, 25, is the Miss Florida USA of her team, having represented the Sunshine State in the 2005 Miss USA pageant, and finished as the fourth runner up to Miss USA. Melissa graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Public Relations and began her own business at the age of 22. She was the owner and President of a thriving company, Ampex Granite, Inc. Melissa has since left the granite world and now works as a senior sales executive for UCC Galleries, which is the exclusive representative of world-renowned sports artist Bill Lopa. An accomplished pianist, Melissa has also volunteered over 1500 hours with local Florida charities and was named one of Florida′s "Top 100 Power Players" by Florida International Magazine. Melissa is excited to travel the world and take risks with two of her Miss USA pageant friends and sees this as a great adventure and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Team Southie Boys
John Collins, 33, still resides in South Boston where he grew up with his best friends and teammates the Mullen twins. John graduated from the University of Massachusetts at Boston and now works as a Mortgage Consultant. John says that he regrets not moving to Los Angeles with the Mullen′s back in the mid 90′s. Their friendship as kids was more of a brotherhood and he hopes that the TREASURE HUNTERS experience will give him a chance to experience that brotherhood again. Having grown up with six older sisters, the Mullen twins meant the world to him. They became his brothers growing up, and that brotherhood continues, having grown stronger from the intensity of being a part of TREASURE HUNTERS. John is very athletic and ultra-competitive. Both he and the Mullen twins are driven, smart and focused. They know their intensity will be their edge in leading them to victory. He sends a big shout out to his daughter Isabella Mari and his son John Jr.

Matthew Mullen, 37, joins TREASURE HUNTERS with his twin brother Martin and best friend. Originally from Boston, Matthew currently lives in Westchester, CA. Matthew graduated from North Adams State College with a B.A. in Sociology and now works as a firefighter for the LAFD. Matthew and his twin brother are inseparable, but admits that teammate John is often referee to their fights. The Southie Boys travel together constantly and are always looking for a new adventure, TREASURE HUNTERS being their latest quest. Matthew cites his team′s cleverness and eloquence as their greatest strengths, saying that they can easily "talk a hungry dog off a meat wagon."

Martin Mullen, 37, moved with his twin brother Matthew from Boston to Marina del Ray, CA eleven years ago. Martin, currently a LAFD firefighter, graduated from North Adams State College where he studied Sociology and Business. The Mullens and their teammate John are as close as brothers and are always boisterous and hilarious when they get together. Martin and his teammates travel together often and he knows that their personalities will make a big impact on the show. The Southie Boys are representing their native Boston and Martin vows that they will give 100% to win TREASURE HUNTERS.

Team Young Professionals
Drew J. Brown IV, 26, was born in Plano, TX and grew up as a navy brat moving numerous times before finally settling in Memphis, TN for junior high all the way through high school. Playing basketball, baseball and running track for the school took up most of his time and energy, but he was also involved in many student council and leadership programs around the city. Next, he was off to Austin, TX to play basketball for the Longhorns of the University of Texas. This is where his competitive nature and understanding of a teamwork approach to accomplishing a goal was sharpened. He graduated with a B.S. in Biology in 2001. Before beginning medical school, he lived with his sister, Taryn, in New York City for the summer where their relationship as best friends was solidified. He currently lives in Boston, MA, where he just graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine with an M.D. After graduation he plans to travel this upcoming year to Australia, where he will be working with a team of Orthopaedic surgeons conducting spinal research. During his free time he will be traveling with a team of ichthyologists studying the elusive Great White Shark′s feeding and breeding patterns. After returning to the states, he will pursue a career in Orthopaedic surgery. Drew is also an avid scuba diver and has always had a vested interest in herpetology. He lives with a nine-foot Burmese Python, Wally, which he has cared for over the past 8 years. In his spare time he loves riding dirt bikes and motorcycles, weight training, reading novels, and learning about various cultures and religions. Drew′s teammates for this competition are his sister, Taryn, and their life long family friend Chandra. Their families met on a cruise sixteen years prior and have remained close ever since.

Taryn Brown, 28, is competing on TREASURE HUNTERS with her brother, Drew, and friend, Chandra. Originally a southern girl, Taryn currently resides in New York City. She graduated from the University of Texas with a B.A. in Government and is preparing to attend law school in September 2006. She has done political and non-profit fundraising for the past two years and spent a year studying and living in Japan right out of college. Taryn played basketball at the University of Texas and was named Athlete of the Year in high school. Taryn says that it′s her team′s drastic differences in personality and thought that will give them the diversified edge above the competition.

Chandra Lewis, 26, met her teammates on a cruise many years ago and their families have been close ever since. Chandra graduated from the University of Houston with a B.A. in Advertising. Since graduating, she has had a career in Public Relations and Fashion. Chandra was a competitive swimmer for 13 years, until being diagnosed with tendonitis forced her to give up the sport. Chandra says that her team′s intelligence and inquisitive nature is their biggest strength, whereas their stubbornness may be their downfall. She currently lives with her fiance in Edgewater, New Jersey, although she is originally from Austin, TX. They are expecting twins in August.

Team Grad Students
Kathleen Krapfl, 26, also works as a bartender and has been best friends with her teammates, the Schilling girls, for five years. Kat graduated from San Diego State University with a B.A. in Communications and is currently pursuing her Masters degree in History at SDSU. She is skilled in many different types of sports and is a marathon runner along with the rest of her team. Kathleen says that her team′s greatest strength is their ability to work well together and their effervescent charm and glowing personalities.

Jessica Schilling, 27, joins TREASURE HUNTERS with her identical twin sister and best friend. Jessica holds down two jobs, working as an office manager at a realty company and as a bartender while she figures out her exact career path. Jessica graduated from San Diego State University with a Masters degree in Psychology. Jessica knows that their competition will judge her team and underestimate their intelligence, but the girls plan on using this as their secret weapon.

Melissa Schilling, 27, is a graduate of San Diego State University, where she earned a B.S. in Criminal Justice and Psychology. Melissa now lives in San Diego, but is originally from Lemoore, CA with her twin sister and teammate Jessica. Melissa currently works as a bartender is also pursuing her Masters degree in Religious Studies at the University of California, San Diego. Melissa cites her love of adventure books and films as a driving force for her interest in TREASURE HUNTERS and welcomes the challenges it may bring, even if it means taming snakes or mastering a can of self-tanner. She also believes what distinguishes her from her sister is her gift laughs and being a natural joker, as Jessica is the serious one.