Monday, May 29, 2006

iTunes Lands NBC News Specials And Documentary Video Programming

NBC News To Offer News And Documentary Video Programming On The iTunes Music Store

NBC News Becomes the First News Organization to Offer Programs for Purchase at iTunes

NBC News has announced that America′s number one news organization is offering a collection of video news and documentary programming for purchase and download from the iTunes Music Store. Programming will include not only some of the best news and documentary programs and great television moments from NBC News, but also new programs produced especially for iTunes.

"Partnering with iTunes on the news side - in addition to what we′ve already done on the entertainment side - makes perfect sense," said Jeff Zucker, Chief Executive Officer, NBC Universal Television Group. "Partnering the leading brand in video downloads with the undisputed leader of news and information is a winning combination, and we are thrilled to be further extending our relationship with iTunes in this unique way."

"We′re thrilled to have NBC News video programming available for purchase on iTunes," said Eddy Cue, Apple′s vice president of iTunes. "Customers now have the ability to download a wide selection of current and historical news and documentary programming from NBC News, MSNBC and CNBC."

Programming from NBC News will be priced at $1.99 per download, and includes a wide selection of current and historical programming from NBC News, CNBC and MSNBC. The initial list of titles follows in this release, and additional offerings will be available on a regular basis.

"By being the first news organization to offer programs for purchase at iTunes, we are once again demonstrating NBC News′ commitment to reaching our audience where and when they want us," said Steve Capus, President, NBC News. "Giving Americans access to some of the great programming and history of NBC News makes this even more exciting. From the legendary 1962 Jacqueline Kennedy White House Tour to a rare 1987 interview with the band U2, offered in its entirety for the first time, there is something here for everyone."

NBC News is also showcasing some unique "Time Capsule" programs produced in a digital-only format available only on iTunes. Hosted by "NBC Nightly News" Anchor and Managing Editor Brian Williams, initial offerings include "In His Own Words" programs on both John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon, featuring rare and exclusive interviews from the NBC News Archives.

"As the leading news organization on the planet, we have an incredible reach, a massive archive and a unique ability to package our material together in an iPod-friendly format," said Williams. "We cover the world every day -- this is an opportunity for our viewers to carry it around in the palm of their hand." Other highlights from NBC News on iTunes include Williams′ first-person account of covering Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath; Tom Brokaw′s "Greatest Generation" reports -- three programs that served as companions to his best-selling books; and "Meet the Press" moderator Tim Russert′s "Meet the Presidents" series: complete episodes of "Meet the Press," available for the first time and including special new introductions from Russert.

NBC News programming has already found a successful home on iTunes with its many podcasts. Over the past eleven months, an average of 500,000 customers per month have downloaded NBC News audio podcasts, a number that continues to increase each month. This newest video offering at iTunes continues NBC News′ leadership in digital media. NBC News content is featured prominently on its joint venture website MSNBC.COM, on the industry-leading NBC Mobile service and on NBC News Radio.

Following is a complete list of NBC News titles currently available on iTunes:

Secrets to the Code - a look at the controversy surrounding The DaVinci Code
In His Own Words: Brian Williams on Hurricane Katrina
Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator
America′s Astronauts: From Mercury to Apollo to Today
Outbreak: Could It Happen Here?
On Borrowed Time: The Great American Earthquake

John F. Kennedy: In His Own Words (new program, with Brian Williams)
Richard M. Nixon: In His Own Words (new program, with Brian Williams)
Jacqueline Kennedy: The White House Tour -- one of the most-watched programs in television history, from February 1962.
Martin Luther King Jr.: Look Here -- a rare and in-depth interview from 1957.
U2: The Rona Elliott Interview -- an extended 1987 conversation with the entire band, seen here in its entirety for the first time. And as a bonus feature, Tom Snyder′s interview with U2′s Bono and The Edge in 1981 - their first appearance on American television.

The Greatest Generation
D-Day: A Leap into History
The Greatest Generation Speaks
The Long War -- a look at the global war on terror
Inside the Real West Wing
Sudden Impact: Drunk Driving

(complete episodes of Meet the Press, with introductions by Tim Russert)
John F. Kennedy: January 3, 1960
Lyndon Johnson: October 9, 1960
Richard Nixon: April 10, 1988
Gerald Ford: November 9, 1975
Jimmy Carter: January 20, 1980
Ronald Reagan: January 9, 1966

Vegas Homicide: Death in the Desert
Vegas Homicide: A Killer′s Confession
Inside Evil: Jeffrey Dahmer
Inside Evil: Son of Sam
Tattoos: Skin Deep
Cops Caught on Tape
Extreme Fighting

Inside San Quentin
Return to Rikers
Inside Riverbend

The Age of Wal-Mart
Mad Money: Know Thyself
Mad Money: Making Moves
Mad Money: Road Rules