Friday, May 12, 2006

Casting Call For HGTV′s MY HOUSE IS WORTH WHAT? - Realtors And Homeowners

Attention: Realtors & Homeowners - HGTV′s MY HOUSE IS WORTH WHAT? is coming to your town!

Owning a home is a great investment and with the current real estate market booming, it is worth your while to find out what your home is worth! Appear on our Television show MY HOUSE IS WORTH WHAT? and get a free evaluation of your home by the experts.


Are you a homeowner in one of our locations: Austin, Phoenix, Seattle, or Washington, D.C. ?

Looking for a professional evaluation of your home′s worth (comparing original purchase, any renovations made and be told current sales price)

You have to be at least 18 years old to submit a picture of yourself and home. They will ask that you Email them a picture of you/your family, the exterior and interiors of your home.

Thinking of moving? Downsizing or even upgrading into a new home?

Want to know what a recent upgrade or renovation has done to your overall home′s worth?

Want to take advantage of the equity in your home for a vacation around the world, your child′s college or wedding? Tell them your story.

Thinking of doing a renovation and need to know if it will increase your home′s value and by how much?

If you meet all these requirements, then apply to be on their show by completing the application at:

Are you a Realtor working in one of our major cities (listed above)?

Are you able to assess a property on site, give price evaluations, explain how certain renovations add or decrease value in a home, as well as be able to evaluate various neighborhoods, tell us why your city is great to live (population, compare school districts, then let us know.

They are looking for overall experts in their field for potential homeowners looking to sell, about to renovate or to pull out the equity of their current home. If this sounds like you then please apply ASAP by completing the application below and begin to take pictures of your self/family and the interior and exterior of you home to later email/mail them:

You may also e-mail Holly with specific questions at

Please Apply No Later Than May 26, 2006!