Monday, May 08, 2006

Oxygen Network Announces Three New Reality TV Shows For 2007

Three new reality TV projects have been announced by the Oxygen Network for the 2007 Season.

The three shows are:

CAPITOL HILL GIRLS (half hour reality, docu-soap)
A docu-soap following the frenzied lives and political work of a diverse group of women on Capitol Hill, both Democrats and Republicans, as they come together to promote a bipartisan cause.

Produced by Dave Noll, Stephanie Steele and Vivian Sorensen by City Lights Television.

TEASE (half hour reality)
A team of four world-renowned hair stylists compete against talented challengers in the world of hair.

Produced by Michael Yuden for My Entertainment (KING OF VEGAS, PROS VS. JOES) and Brian Gadinsky for The G Group (EP AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 1, AMERICAN GLADIATORS, AMERICA′S MOST WANTED).

ONCE MORE WITH FEELING (half hour, reality)
Broadway is taken to the streets in this reality show that takes someone with an announcement (like a proposal or pregnancy) and follows that person as they learn to sing, dance and ultimately surprise an unsuspecting person with a big announcement in a public place- just like a real life musical.

Produced by September Films.