Monday, May 15, 2006

New Reality Series Announced Staring John Force In DRIVING FORCE - High Speed Drag Racing

The New A&E Network Real-Life Series Starring Racing Legend John Force And His Drag Racing Daughters Driving Force Premieres Monday, July 17th at 9:00 pm EST and PST / 8:00 pm CST

Start your engines! A&E Network′s new, high-speed real-life series DRIVING FORCE, starring racing legend John Force and his three drag-racing daughters, premieres on Monday, July 17th, 2006 at 9:00 pm EST and PST / 8:00 pm CST.

Like golf′s Tiger Woods and basketball′s Michael Jordan, John Force is easily the most accomplished and dominant figure in his sport - Drag Racing. With 119 career victories, an unprecedented 14 team championships in 16 years, membership on ten straight Auto Racing All-American teams, and the World Record for consecutive Funny Car championships, Force has shattered every major record on the drag strip and then some.

In addition to his legendary racing feats, Force has exhibited extraordinary skill as a team owner and businessman, raising himself up from poverty to become the head of his own multi-million dollar company that currently employs over 60 race team members and office staff.

John Force is also one of the most outrageous personalities in the history of American sports, combining the dangerous charisma and charm of Gary Busey and Elvis with the down home likeability of Andy Griffith. But here′s the real hook of the show: John is also the father of four beautiful daughters: 36-year old Adria (from a previous marriage), 23-year old Ashley; 19-year old Brittany; and 17-year old Courtney. While Adria (Force) Hight has managed the finances for John Force Racing corporate headquarters since she was 20 years old, the other three Force girls are now following in their father′s tracks, competing in the male-dominated field of high-speed drag racing. Ashley has already proven herself to be an accomplished driver, having been named Rookie of the Year in her car class. She′s also one of the only professional athletes to have her own Barbie Doll and Hot Wheels die cast car.

Despite being a championship drag racing team on the track, the Forces have plenty of issues on the home front. John′s career kept him on the road for most of the girls'′ childhoods, leaving parental responsibilities mainly in the hands of his wife Laurie.

Although at the outset she was directly involved in her husband′s career, writing contracts, mixing fuel and even packing the parachutes that slowed the car from its breakneck speeds, Laurie believed it was important to provide the couple′s children with a more traditional upbringing. So, once they started a family, she and the girls stayed home, went to cheerleading tryouts, took dancing lessons, interacted with pet dogs and cats, went to the gym and shopped. When John was home, it was difficult for him to make the transition to doing the usual things that families do. When he finally looked up, the kids were almost grown. He had missed all the recitals, the picnics, the tryouts, the ball games and the proms. But now, John hopes that by bringing the girls into his profession, he can bring the family closer together and become the kind of father that he always wanted to be.

Racing is the backdrop for this true-life comedy as each half hour episode takes a look at dad trying to bring the family together, while also preparing for the next championship run. It′s 8 SIMPLE RULES FOR DATING MY TEENAGE DAUGHTER meets the bone-rattling thrills of the drag strip. Gentleman and ladies ... start your engines.