Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cast See Tawny Snap On Next SURREAL LIFE 6 On VH1 Tonight

The final morning finds the guests packing and reminiscing about their time at the Surreal Life Motel.

Tawny spends most of the day sleeping and ignoring the rest of her cast mates.

Later, tensions begin to bubble in the house as Tawny breaks up with her fiance on the phone.

In complete disbelief, the cast watches as Tawny throws her clothes off, and jumps into the pool naked.

CC is left scratching his head and wondering what has happened to Tawny in the last few days. She has become completely erratic.

Once reclusive and closed-off from the rest of the cast, Tawny is now skinny-dipping, and sensually kissing the other women on the lips.

Better order some room service, it′s going to be a very bumpy final night at the Surreal Life Motel.

This episode of SURREAL LIFE premieres tonight at 9:00 pm EST on VH1.

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