Saturday, September 16, 2006

ROAD TO PRICE Announced - Reality Show To See THE PRICE IS RIGHT

ROAD TO PRICE, A Six-Part Reality Series Chronicling Nine Teenagers′ Cross-Country Bus Trip To THE PRICE IS RIGHT, To Stream On CBS′s Broadband Channel Innertube

Series To Start Streaming On Innertube September 20

New Episodes Will Post Every Weekday Through September 27

THE PRICE IS RIGHT Episode Featuring the Boys Will Be Broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 27 on the CBS Television Network

ROAD TO PRICE, a six-part reality series chronicling five teenage boys′ drive across the country to realize their dream of seeing THE PRICE IS RIGHT and meeting Bob Barker, will stream on CBS′s broadband channel innertube starting September 20.

A new episode will post each weekday through September 27. The episode of THE PRICE IS RIGHT featuring the boys will be broadcast Wednesday, Sept. 27 on the CBS Television Network.

ROAD TO PRICE follows the adventures of the boys as they leave their home in Merrimack, N.H., and make their way across the country in a refurbished mini school bus on their final summer together before they go their separate ways after high school. Along the way, we hear their stories and the origins of their friendships, and we root for them to make it all the way to California when it looks like mechanical difficulties are going to leave them stranded halfway there.

The boys included in the piece are:

Peter Cataldi, 18
Alden Finver, 18
Russ MacDougall, 19
Logan Moore, 18
Joey Peterson, 18
Jason Roark, 19
Kyle Roy, 19
Kyle Smith, 18
Shaun Sullivan, 18