Friday, September 08, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Storm Large - The Nude Rocker Voted Off On ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA

By ReX, Rock Star Go Home Founder (RSGH)

I will be the first to admit it... I was not a Storm Large fan at the beginning of ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA.

I am a man. So... Yes, I was in admiration of her ass-ets. But, I just didn′t get why soooo many people were going gah-gah over the Portland-native and The Balls frontman.

Then... About five weeks into Mark Burnett′s reality rockumentary, ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA, I started to get Storm Large. I think it was after her performance of "Changes" that I made a public apology to the Storm fans out there. I could feel the momentum building for the larger-than-life singer.

For me, the momentum peaked this past week as Storm lit up Studio 36 on the CBS lot with an original, "Lady Like", that showed exactly who and what Storm Large was all about.

Needless to say, I dug it.

Athough I had Storm a lock for the final four, Tommy, Jason and Gilby chose otherwise. Storm was eliminated from ROCK STAR SUPERNOVA Wednesday night as Magni, Dilana, Toby and Lukas moved on to the finale week.

That said, I was fired up to interview Storm Larget earlier today and ask her the questions you, the Rock Star Go Home community, posted and emailed to me. So, without further ado, I bring you Storm Large.

ReX: Hey Storm. How goes it?

Storm Large: It's going great man. How you doing?

ReX: Great? Hmmm. Tell me why you are ′Great′. I would think you might be a little bummed.

Storm Large: Really?

ReX: Yah.

Storm Large: No man. I mean... Yes, I wanted to win the gig but I have to tell you that I gave it my all. I put out 1000% and I know I did everything I could. Those guys are in a tough spot, looking for their singer. It′s not easy. It′s personal. It′s like searching for your wife or husband. Ya know?

I made it to the final five... That′s pretty great. And, look who is left standing. There is some amazing talent on that show. Right now, it′s not about who′s the best singer, the best looking, the best this or that... It′s now up to Supernova to figure out what′s right... what′s best.... for them.

But, I put it all out there man. I leave this experience with my head high.

ReX: Right on! Very evolved of you.

Storm Large: Thanks.

ReX: But, I gotta ask....

Storm Large: Yah.

ReX: Why don′t you think you′re in the final four? Your fan base is huge!

Storm Large: It′s a chemistry thing. Those guys - Tommy, Jason, Gilby are looking for a vibe that works best for them. I wasn′t that vibe. I′m cool with that. They want a certain representation that I am not. But, it didn′t stop me from growing personally during the experience.

I learned a ton about myself. I learned different levels of patience, tolerance.... I always knew I was strong physically but to survive that stressful experience with my sanity is wonderful.

ReX: Huh. Let′s talk about growth. Gilby kind of dinged you a little bit for not growing on the show. What did you make of that?

Storm Large: Honestly, I didn′t agree with what Gilby said. But, I think he was trying to say something besides the words that exited his mouth. I think Gilby was trying to say that he wanted to see Storm Large be a little more Supernova than Storm Large. I think he was looking for something that I wasn′t.

These guys had very, very high expectations for me. I′m an independent, professional singer of 15 years. In the end, all I could really be was myself. It′s a great feeling and understanding to leave the show with.

ReX: Cool thought. Hey.... Is there anything you would change about the past 11 weeks?

Storm Large: Nah man. I was just always in the moment on the show. I accomplished a lot during the show. I feel like I hit a homerun... Plus, there was nothing but love on that show... I loved them all... the cast... the crew... they are all stuck with me from here on out.

ReX: You mentioned the stress of the show earlier. What did you mean by that?

Storm Large: Well. I′ve been separated from my family for a long time. It′s hard to deal with the isolation from them - to know what′s going in their lives, are they okay, am i doing okay, etc.

It was pretty frustrating. It′s great reconnecting with them now that it′s over. I′m gonna do press for a few days in L.A., hang out with some friends, and then head back to Portland.

ReX: What about the Rock Star Supernova Tour? Are you going to be on it?

Storm Large: No official word on that yet but I'd love to be on it.

ReX: Tell me about performing your original, "Lady Like" in front of 8 million people on Tuesday night.

Storm Large: Ha-Hahhhhhhh.... That was the single best night of my life. Not to mention that Dave Navarro played with me on "Suffragette City".

I kid you not... I pee′d on myself... just a little... when I learned that Dave and I would be jamming together. Seriously, it was just a little bit of pee [Laughing].

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