Thursday, September 07, 2006

Discovery Channel Announces New Documentary ASSAULT ON WACO - With Exclusive Footage

Discovery Channel goes in-depth with the ATF undercover agent who infiltrated the Branch Davidians, the FBI Lead Negotiator at Mount Carmel, federal officials and surviving Davidians for ASSAULT ON WACO, a brand-new documentary premiering Sunday, September 17 at 9 PM ET/PT on the Discovery Channel, revealing exactly how David Koresh was tipped off to an impending raid on his compound. Exclusive footage of Koresh with his children and dramatizations based on extensive interviews and research bring viewers inside the Waco compound to experience life with the influential leader and recreate the FBI′s psychological intimidation techniques and aggressive efforts before and during the 51-day siege.

"Events in our world today such as the arrest of Warren Jeffs and increased terrorist threats remind us how important it is to reflect, examine and understand what really happened during previous landmark news events in our lifetime," said Jane Root, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Discovery Channel, The Science Channel, Military Channel and Discovery Times Channel, U.S. "In a post-9/11 world, this examination of the actions in Waco reminds us how a minority group of religious people were perceived as a form of home-grown terrorism in the U.S."

Featured in ASSAULT ON WACO: ATF undercover agent Robert Rodriguez returns to the site of Mount Carmel and reveals in an exclusive new interview how the whole raid could have been aborted; FBI Lead Negotiator Byron Sage questions the use of tanks in the high planes of Texas; and Branch Davidian Kathy Schroeder recalls the terrifying days she spent surrounded by fellow believers inside and threatened by the law officials outside.

Despite the time that′s passed since the siege in 1993, questions still remain regarding how it happened in the first place, and how similar results can be prevented in the future.

ASSAULT ON WACO probes those questions and reveals the disturbing images that still haunt witnesses and survivors to this day.