Saturday, September 23, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Christian Evans - The First AMERICA′S NEXT TOP MODEL Eliminated

In the premiere episode of AMERICA′S NEXT TOP MODEL Wednesday night, Christian Evans, a bank teller from Columbia, SC, was the first girl eliminated from the hit reality TV series. Christian had an especially difficult time with her photo shoot as she attempted to portray a "Model turned Actress" and the judges felt that Christian needed to be the first to go.

Our own Elaine James caught up with Christian in this exclusive one-on-one interview.

Elaine James: During the interviews, we picked you as a judges favorite based on the perfected Tyra poses and thought that you would be a frontrunner in the competition to make it far. How did you feel when it was ultimately those Tyra poses that got you sent home?

Christian Evans: It was very contradicting to me, because first off, I am not a Tyra wannabee. When I came into the interview, they asked me what models I looked up to. Of course, one of my answers was Tyra, so they asked if I could do Tyra′s poses. I did not come in trying to be Tyra Banks; I was only doing what they asked me to do. They told us to be studying other models in the industry and follow what they do. I did a lot of research ahead of time and thought that this would give me a competitive advantage and I wanted them to know how hard I have worked for it and how much I wanted it. For then to then say that I need to get my own individuality and not try to be someone else, it was completely misunderstood.

Elaine James: You said that you had hoped that they would give you a second chance because you thought that you could make it far. Do you think that you′ll try out again for the next cycle?

Christian Evans: If given the chance I most definitely would come back. It only gives me more opportunity to improve myself and gives me more of a leg up. I believe I showed what I could do, but at the same time, I think they cut me short. We come here trying to become super models; we are not already professional models. It was kind of hard to have the experience cut off so early; we come here to learn and to grow. This whole experience is to learn how to make better pictures and learn about clothing. But everything happens for a reason. To me it can only get better from here.

Elaine James: What was the most important thing that you learned from the experience?

Christian Evans: To stay true to myself. When I walked into the judging I was very nervous.

When I go to casting calls, I usually where my hair pulled back and jeans and a nice tank top, but for this judging, I went opposite of what I usually do. I got really nervous thinking that what I usually do wasn′t go enough, but then that ended up not being what they wanted. That showed me that regardless of where you are going or what you are doing, you always need to be true to yourself because that is what got you that far.

Elaine James: We all saw the conflict between Monique and Eugena over the beds in the house. Did the rest of the girls get along or was there always tension in the house?

Christian Evans: I think Monique was wrong in doing what she did. Everyone was getting along fine before we got in the house, but that is when it got real and people started to get nervous. I never had any problems with anyone while I was there. I think that girls just start to fight for the spotlight.

Elaine James: So who will you be rooting for to win?

Christian Evans: Anchel is one of the girls in the house that I was really close with and I think she is very beautiful. She just needs have more self confidence. I think that they are looking for a high fashion model, which might work against here because she doesn′t exactly have the high fashion body. I′m still rooting for here though. I also like Brooke who is the All-American, blond hair, blue eyes, apple pie kind of girl next door. I′m not sure that the industry is looking for that right now, but she is a very beautiful girl. The twins are also interesting because even though they seem kind of bland at times, but they have they high fashion, editorial look that is hot right now. So I would be happy if it was one of those four.

Elaine James: So what will be next for you?

Christian Evans: I′m just going to try to work my butt off to save some money to move to L.A. or New York. I′m diving totally into modeling and want everyone to be looking out for me on the runway as I make a name for myself.