Monday, September 25, 2006

A New Book About THE AMAZING RACE Is Released - MY OX IS BROKEN!

The excitement of THE AMAZING RACE, one of the best reality television programs around, is now the subject of one amazing book.

MY OX IS BROKEN!: Detours, Roadblocks, Fast Forwards and Other Great Moments from TV′s THE AMAZING RACE

THE AMAZING RACE is a reality show like no other, and arguably, it has the best set around.

Best-selling novelist, Adam-Troy Castro dissects this television phenomenon - good reality TV - in MY OX IS BROKEN! one of the first books ever published about THE AMAZING RACE.

From Thailand to Greenland, this show has consistently gone where no other show has gone before and Castro continues the adventure of the Race in a book that is funny, entertaining and unique - just like the show itself.

With synopses covering each Race through Race 9 and one-on-one interviews with some of the most popular participants in THE AMAZING RACE history, MY OX IS BROKEN! is the best reading companion for any fan of this hit show or for any fan of reality television at its best.

Chapters include...

* "The Single Best Racer in the Show′s History," and here′s a hint: it′s NOT Boston Rob!

* Brennan Swain, part of the first team to ever cross the finish line and win a million dollars in The Amazing Race, "makes his case" in an entertaining interview found within

* "The Most Jaw-Dropping Errors Ever Made by Racers." And, you′ll cringe in reliving a few of these!

* During Race 6, it was the shove felt ′round the world. Jonathan Baker finally explains

* Race 9! The latest season of The Amazing Race is explored! This makes MY OX IS BROKEN! the most complete and concise book possible

MY OX IS BROKEN! is available now at bookstores for a suggested retail price of $17.95