Wednesday, September 20, 2006

THE BIGGEST LOSER Returns Tonight With Contestants From All 50 States

THE BIGGEST LOSER is back with a two-hour season premiere this evening on NBC.

The show that inspired the nation to get healthy is back with 50 contestants, one from each state in the country. New surprises await the contestants including the addition of fitness veteran, Kim Lyons as the new red team trainer.

The contestants will quickly learn that only 14 of them will stay and train at the ranch while 36 will go home to compete on their own with a chance to make it back to the ranch and win $250,000. In the first challenge, the teams will square off in a wall scaling competition for the power to switch one team member′s weight-loss with someone on the opposing team.

THE BIGGEST LOSER can be at 8:00 pm EST.