Friday, September 29, 2006

Exclusive Interview With Megan Morris - Second Model Voted Off On AMERICAS NEXT TOP MODEL

On Wednesday night, Megan Morris, a bartender from San Francisco, CA, was the second girl eliminated during hit reality TV series, AMERICA′S NEXT TOP MODEL. During judging, Nigel commented that Megan had a great body and bone structure, but that she didn′t bring that to her photograph, as it was the weakest of the bunch.

Our own Elaine James caught up with Megan in this exclusive one-on-one interview.

Elaine James: During the makeovers, what did you think when Tyra revealed that you would be going Pixie Blond during your makeover?

Megan Morris: I wasn′t really surprised, but on the same note, I was really excited because I really loved the icy blond hair. I thought that they really did a great job stepping it up.

Elaine James: Have you kept your new look?

Megan Morris: I′ve kept it exactly the same except for the white eyebrows. I went back to brown because I liked that better.

Elaine James: So, as a short-haired girl, did you feel as if Jaeda was over-reacting when she was told that she would get all of her hair chopped off?

Megan Morris: I think that probably anybody from the outside that was watching the show would say that she was over-reacting. But your hair is a representation of your personality and it was a part of her. Having your hair all chopped off could be a little nerve racking, especially when she has no choice in the matter, unless she wants to get kicked off right them, which she got pretty close.

Elaine James: So tell me about how crazy the elevator challenge was.

Megan Morris: Oh! That was so much fun! It was crazy and I was so nervous. Before we started, I was like, how am I going to do this? Starting out, I don′t even hardly wear makeup and I was trying to throw makeup on in 12 seconds and run to the elevator. I was laughing the whole time and some of the other girls were very, very serious about it. They were pushing and shoving. It was hard, but it was really fun.

Elaine James: You said that you were laughing the whole time. Throughout the whole show, that is what we liked about you is that you always seemed to have a smile on your face.

Megan Morris: I don′t like to be completely serious all the time. Depending on the situation, it can be really damaging too. So I try to have a good time; what ever happens, happens. I′m kind of a risk taker and I think that goes along with taking things lightheartedly.

Elaine James: So tell me what it was like to meet Queen Latifa.

Megan Morris: I loved her! It was such a pleasant surprise. Her personality just shines so much. There are not a lot of celebrities that I look up to. She is one of those few people that are just so warm, friendly and intelligent and funny, all wrapped up into one person. I felt very fortunate that I got to meet her.

Elaine James: After the elevator challenge, everyone went back to the house and we watched as the drama unfolded as Monique spent 3.5 hours on the phone. Was she a continuous source of drama or was the show just edited to appear that way?

Megan Morris: There were other girls that were involved in drama. I thought Eugenia was somewhat of an instigator of drama. Monique was in the situation that she really didn′t want to talk with anyone in the house, but maybe Eugenia or Jaeda. She really isolated herself. Melrose kind of caused some of the drama, but still less as much as Monique. They really showed everything that she did. I was surprised that she started causing this drama, because before we got into the house, we were actually getting along pretty well and talking about being room mates once we got in and then once we were in the house, everything changed and she just had this everybody is my enemy mentality and I′m gonna make hell. It was really disappointing to see her character go down like that.

Elaine James: Tell me about what happened at the final shoot. How distracting was it to work with your spinning Princess Leiya buns in your hair?

Megan Morris: I was so upset at the shoot. I wasn′t sad at all, I was mad and I was disappointed. I knew what I was doing and I was taking too much direction from the photographer to the point to where I couldn′t give off the model quality that I knew was necessary. I felt constrained that when I would try to do what I wanted to do, she would point me in the opposite direction. I think that is why everyone was disappointed. I learned that I have to have a good balance. That is what I learned the most is to listen to my instincts. The time that I was on the show, I learned so much and it was an excellent learning experience.

Elaine James: When it came down to you a Jaeda in the bottom two, who did you think would be going home?

Megan Morris: I was surprised that it was Jaeda standing next to me. I thought it was going to be Monique. I wasn′t surprised that I was one of the two after hearing what the judges had to say about my photo, I was surprised that I was the one sent home. I know that I have so much more potential. I was disappointed though because you only have that one shot and that is what you are judged on and I struck out. That goes to show you that you just have to hit it every time.

Elaine James: So what is next for you?

Megan Morris: I′m definitely on my way to pursuing more modeling. I′ve had some calls from people that are interested in me. On top of that, I′ve also started a medical animation production company called Love and Splendor. So besides running my business, I′ll also be modeling on the side. Those are the 2 things that I love in life.

Elaine James: Who will you be rooting for to win?

Megan Morris: I′ll be rooting for Michelle. She was my buddy on the show and I see so much potential in her. She photographs so well and on top of that she has a killer personality. She′s got it all in my eyes.